Tell Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter: Disavow endorsement of the TPP

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Tell members of the Internet Association:

“Publicly disavow the Internet Association’s endorsement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Stand up for the rights of your users and a free internet.”

Tell members of the Internet Association: Disavow endorsement of the TPP

The unprecedented corporate power grab known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal could be headed for a possible vote in Congress later this year. But thanks to the work of thousands of CREDO activists, whether it has enough support to pass is still an open question.

Unfortunately, the TPP just got a major boost from some of the largest and most well-known internet companies. A trade association representing companies including Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo just announced their full support of the TPP.1,2

This is outrageous. The TPP is antithetical to the interests of internet users. Furthermore, many of these companies pride themselves on putting the rights and interests of their users first and claim that principles such as free speech and privacy are at the core of their mission. TPP directly undermines those values in favor of corporate profit.

Tell members of the Internet Association: Disavow endorsement of the TPP.

Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo don’t have to go along with the Internet Association’s disastrously poor decision to endorse the TPP. One of its members, Reddit, has just come out and disavowed the endorsement.3 This is why we are joining with our friends from Fight for the Future to pressure other members to do the same.

The TPP was written and negotiated in absolute secrecy, and it’s easy to see why. It would eviscerate broad swaths of regulations that protect consumers, workers, the environment, and the soundness of our financial system. And it would set up a global system where corporate profits trump the policy priorities of sovereign governments.

Passage of the TPP could mean more American jobs offshored, developing countries losing access to lifesaving medications, and unsafe foods and products pouring into our country. The deal includes countries that are notorious for human rights violations without once mentioning “human rights” in its 5,600 pages.

The deal could also mean the end of internet freedom as we know it. It would expand corporate copyright enforcement at the expense of privacy and free speech. It would criminalize tinkering and modifying products under fair use purposes. And it would allow corporations to avoid the legal and democratic process by using secretive international tribunals to attack internet users’ rights – the same tribunals that could be used to undermine environmental and consumer protections.

The members of the Internet Association have no obligation to support this wrongheaded endorsement of the TPP. And, fortunately, many of these companies would be extremely sensitive to a backlash from their own users. After all, companies like Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t have a product if it weren’t for their users’ ability to freely express themselves and create content on a daily basis.

Tell members of the Internet Association: Disavow endorsement of the TPP.

With the media currently focused on the corrupt practices of corporations revealed in the release of the Panama Papers,4 we have the opportunity to shine the spotlight on how the TPP is just another attempt by corporations to skirt domestic and international law.

If we can get these major internet companies to publicly reject the TPP, as Reddit just did, we can turn this pathetic and self-defeating endorsement into exactly the opposite: A major public statement against the TPP and the corporate power grab it represents.

Tell members of the Internet Association: Disavow endorsement of the TPP.

Thank you for your activism.

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  4. Panama Papers: Leaks spur global investigations,” BBC, April 4, 2016.

8 thoughts on “Tell Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter: Disavow endorsement of the TPP

  1. “it isn’t a bull market and it isn’t a bear market, it’s a Pepto-Bismol market.” I have to say that the past few months have been filled with acid indigestion.

    So what’s in store going forward for stocks? Certainly, the Central banksters are left with less bullets today than they had in December, when the market was expecting 4 rate hikes for year. The “surprise” dovish move to do away with half of those cuts (along with endless manipulative moves from Draghi, Carney, and Kuroda) this year have likely only papered over the underlying issues from a fundamental economics perspective – we have “yuuuuge” debt loads in “developed” economies, an increasingly gutted real economy, and a deep society wide addiction to rising stock prices and free stuff. Investments, investment banking, and finance in general are simply too popular. There is increasingly “no there there.” While a service led economy is great, the risk to an entirely online economy is that eventually the deck will become stacked. Freedoms will be lost. Power will become completely centralized.

    Indeed, the merger of Keynesian economics and the corporate welfare state is nearly complete. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both present challenges to the “communism for the corporations” bailout culture of the current establishment. Bernie Sanders is another threat to the emergence of the corporate state and permanent elite.

    While I am not calling for any redistribution of wealth as it is akin to theft, I also note that most of the people pitching such an idea have accomplished this task mightily over the past decade – money from the savings class has certainly been recycled to the top .1% — the wealth effect propaganda is really a distortion of the true relationship between nation states and central bankers. The real relationship is somewhat like “Robin Hood in reverse.” Insiders are essentially stealing from those outside of the corporate, publicly traded oligarchy, while consolidating all industries into the hands of a few players — pretty much the name of the monopoly game. You can call that capitalism. I call it corporate fascism. Standard, really, and it’s not a conspiracy theory… it’s just life in a world of unfettered laissez “fair-ism.”

    If you look at all of the money given to AIG (NYSE:AIG), Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), Freddie (OTCQB:FMCC) and Fannie (OTCQB:FNMA) which are both now penny stocks (PENNY STOCKS!), etc… it is quite easy to see that corporate boardroom executives face far different standards of accountability than the rest of us do. That has to change. The ultimate entitlement is too big to fail. People have to go to jail. The people who didn’t jail the criminals also have to be fired and face investigation. None of that ever happened. Justice was never served. The people who got us into the mess were given promotions instead of prison terms. That’s just a fact.

    The problem with the corporate shell game going on at the FED is that there is no way to make a bubble permanent – bubbles pop. The Fed is almost out of bullets. Their corporate buffet Ponzi stimulus is running out of gas. Things so nefarious seldom end well. My suggestion is to stop listening to “long only” types and find someone who knows how to hedge risk.


    • You are wuved, point on!

      Will say penny stocks (over the counter) are a great deal when you can own tens of thousands of shares, a move of one penny is significant profit.

      As far as high priced stocks, fuck em all!


  2. Using an obama logo in the sign is a little deceptive, given that it’s his agreement. And I had to chuckle at your rant in support of free speech, given that you won’t post the majority of my comments that disagree with your positions. I’ll be surprised if this one gets posted.


  3. Great post TE!

    The post/article/reporting shows EXACTLY what so many people have said in the past,

    “That Americans do not live in a free market system” but that Americans have allowed themselves to be subjected to a “forced market system”,

    And that,

    The forced market system sets the laborer up by forcing a society into mainstreamed products in order to undercut the consumer again and again and again for the repurchase of the same model of something that is updated, in this case the update is a power grab to dilute free speech, no less the support by those corporate frauds and accomplices in gubbamint who already yield power and control over the very devices (mobile phones, internet) that consumers were lured to purchase.

    Talk about constant nait and switch tactics to accomplish ” Fait Accompli”.

    Does it not seem man made society is already predetermined by the establishment mother fuckers and their crony followers (including religious zealots).

    In fact, separation of church and state is impossible when religious zealots are allowed to run for public office, and actually serve (supposedly).


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