Yet another subject dies while in Eureka Police custody

Looks like the City of Eureka is starting to learn from past mistakes. (Not) .  I wonder if the Borges Lawsuit has anything to do with the fact that EPD actually made sort of an attempt to get medical care for a person in such dire need.

The “10 Million Dollar” question here is: Why not call for an ambulance?  So now officers are supposedly giving EMT treatments in the back of rolling patrol cars? (Not likely)

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EPD statement: On April 2nd at approximately 1:27 p.m., Officers from the Eureka Police Department responded to the area of Spring and Vance Street on a report of a suspicious male subject rolling around on the ground.  Upon arrival officers contacted the male who was exhibiting signs of being under the influence of a controlled substance.  The male subject who was alert and responsive to the officer’s questions, told them he had ingested a substantial amount of methamphetamine.  Officer’s arrested the male for public intoxication and transported him to the St. Joseph Hospital for medical clearance prior to booking him at the Humboldt County Jail.

The male was responsive when he arrived at the hospital, placed on wheelchair and taken into the emergency room.  The male subject then suffered a medical emergency and CPR  was started.  Medical personnel performed life savings efforts on the subject for over an  hour.  Their efforts were unsuccessful and the subject was pronounced deceased.

Since the male subject died while in police custody the Humboldt County Critical Incident Response Team was called out to investigate the incident.

This story reminded us of the as yet unresolved 10 million dollar wrongful death case against the city around the death of Daren Borges

Well at least the officer connected to that case, Michael D. Stelzig Jr, is no longer employed an a Eureka Police Officer, or so we’ve been told.


Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit filed against Eureka and the County et al
Mystery surrounds Michael D. Stelzig Jr – the subject of $10,000,000 Legal Action against the City of Eureka???

22 thoughts on “Yet another subject dies while in Eureka Police custody

  1. Wasn’t the cops fault ya fucking ‘tard. The guy OD’d. What, you expect EPD to be EMTs too? Jesus christ you have a lot of deranged hate for EPD. Maybe better mood elevating drugs are in your future.


  2. Can’t blame the epd on this, the guy injested meth as reported, and the hospital had the guy in their care.


  3. Come on now, there is plenty of crap to blame EPD on , but try not to let your liberals slanted views cloud the things we can really lay blame on epd since Mills took over. Like padding stats to make himself look better while putting public at risk, by only releasing crime stats monthly so community cant be up to date about what they should protect oneself from. and the list goes on. The guy made it to hospital, he dies at hospital. That is the biggest problem with you liberals, your mis representation of facts like black lifes matters B.S just actually set america back and pulls away form issue that need dealing with. Never hear a liberal state FBI facts obama FBI facts that by a margin of 3 to1 whites are killed by police more then blacks, never hear the stats from a liberal that blacks kill each other more then cancer kills all americans, never hear a fact that in chicago the state with the strictest gun laws there is the most gun violence,never will hear from a liberal that the real unemployment has doubled in past 7 years, or that the militaization of police forces was done under obamas watch by obama. who do you think sold all these military trucks to the police forces?


  4. Seriously? Blaming the cops? This blog site has hit a new low.


  5. …huh? As far as I can tell, there was no sign he needed emergency medical treatment until after he was at the hospital. So of course they didn’t provide him treatment in the patrol car. Moral of the story: Meth is bad for you.


  6. Look, having been an EMT if this guy was perceived to be a threat, there is no telling how long it would have been before it would have been assessed to be safe enough for EMS to get close enough to care for the individual. In order to make your case that this was another example of dangerous policing we’ll have to see how long it took for the officers to get the individual to the hospital.

    I don’t think this is written fairly and if you can see my “like” comment in an email before I removed it, you will see the time it took me to realize that this wasn’t “custody” as a layperson (and casual reader) might imagine it. He was in the hospital getting the best care possible at the time of death. Should there be a fair and independent investigation of if we did all we could to get him to treatment timely once knowing the situation (to include body cam videos)? You bet. Can we do that with the system we have set up now? I don’t know, but I don’t think that this type of connecting dots helps our cause of a fair and accountable Eureka Police Department.


    • Exactly, how much more time would have elapsed to wait for EMT to even get their onsite, wait for a combative meth head to be deemed “safe for EMT assessment”, then drive to hospital after having been on scene for whatever time.

      Waiting for EMT, the meth head may have died in their care, and the cops still would be blamed, this scenario would focus on delays.

      EPD did good and got this inferior piece of shit meth head to the hospital before the “death effect took place”.


  7. Another unwarranted attack on EPD by TE. Anyone surprised?

    Will there ever be any truths to what you post?


  8. OK haters our point is:
    You’d think, after the huge award for the family of Martin Cotton and the pending Daren Borges case, that the City would have updated it’s procedures. This the same city that’s eradicating the waterfront homeless camp based on losing a law suit to Kathy Anderson. So i seems to us as soon as this human being informed the officers “he had ingested a substantial amount of methamphetamine” they should have called for outside help from HBF or an ambulance.
    That’s the responsible thing to do both for the victim and the tax payers.


    • Again, let’s not connect the dots too early. You may be right, but even if a medical emergency were dispatched it would have taken what 10/20/30 minutes to get the hospital under the best circumstances? If the person was dangerous then that time would have increased and I can imagine a scenario where it might be quicker to have the police take the patient/person in custody to the Hospital.

      My first question would be at what time did the officers get the now deceased to the Hospital? That would be the first clue if we were concerned first about his medical condition as we would all hope those responsible to “protect and serve” would be.

      Having spent time in City Council Chambers during the past winter, I find myself agreeing in general with you more and more TE regarding the power of the EPD over the City Council. So yes, situation bad and we are taking reactionary, inhumane and unfair measures to solve our shared problems.
      But still, I remember your wise post in the days or hours after Tommy McClain was killed unnecessarily. Let’s wait until we know more.

      Here is a quote on Methamphetamine OD treatments from the internet:

      “Patients with acute methamphetamine intoxication may be highly agitated and present a serious safety risk to themselves and prehospital personnel. Seek additional help from police or other emergency medical services (EMS) providers before the patient is transported, if possible.”

      The EMS would not have been cleared to treat the patient until the situation was safe for them to treat him. Perhaps a different standard for Fire medical responders, but even then the key is to get the patient to the best medical treatment possible as soon as possible. The hospital is a much better place to be than an ambulance, which I agree is a much better place than the back seat of a police vehicle.

      Let’s wait and see. It is possible with what we know that the EPD best they could for the deceased.

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      • I have to agree with LMOB on this one… too many essential details are still missing from the picture: First in my mind is the timeline. We don’t know if he got to the hospital in 15 minutes or 15 hours (or anywhere in-between).

        Was the arrested OD person too dangerous to allow trained medical personnel to take a look at him in a timely manner (as LMOB points out)?

        I’m sure there are other details I haven’t the wit to think of.

        I admired your initial restraint in the Tommy McClain shooting… You said lets get the facts straight first before hurling the accusations.

        Excellent advice… Please take it.

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      • John you are going to have to wear a blindfold. The coroner is the mayor, wait was wrong is the sherrif. Been this way for 30 years. Public pays the bills-is accountable. Government spends no accountability. I know lets do a feasability study what? That’s ok so you forgot a few things that a mistake will give you a title. I am not sure if this will post Tommy’s birthday april 9 RIP


    • So when readers disagree with you, they are haters?


      • So, when you disagree with other commenters, you call them Village idiots or John Boy lovers?


    • The responsible thing to do is “to report accurately” where TE’s “point” could have been focused on “better policy”, as opposed to making the headline perception it is the fault of epd that a guy died, not to mention the misperception TE lays that the guy died in ” the epd’s custody.”

      Nice try, but TE screwed the pooch on this one, then attempts to “wiggle waggle excuse reason out of the pooch rape”.


    • “Updated procedures”? EPD took the man to the hospital for evaluation after he admitted to ingesting meth. That is standard procedure in any PD. The man died in the hospital, due to his own actions. Yet, since EPD responded when called, just like any other PD, you go on the attack?

      If you want to remind the public about ongoing litigation vs. The City of Eureka, then do so by giving us updates.

      I suppose next you will blame EPD for recent accidents, like the airborne Camaro accident, because they were busy on other calls?


  9. The TE is defending tweekers!!! They’re jumping to conclusions just like with Tommy McClain!!!

    Ummm, am I reading this wrong? The TE raises the question of why no ambulance was called to the scene of a person complaining of overdosing on a drug which is classified under the controlled substance act. The police made a decision not to call for medical assistance on scene. After Martin Cotton, surely there must be a policy regarding this type of EXACT situation and the TE is pointing out that if that policy wasn’t followed, the city is on the hook, yet again.

    Now throw all of your tweeker hatin’, police defending, extensive EMT teaming vitriol my way. I don’t mind the criticism.

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    • “Okay haters our point is you’d think after the huge award for the family of Martin cotton in the pending Darren Borges case that the city would have updated its procedures.” ~ TE

      Now, that reads as if a “sarcastic position has been taken that epd did not follow a better procedure (is there a better way? – ya think insiders have not thunk of a better way?)” and the “headline lays faux blame on epd for this death” while in reality, this death was during hospital care (much better than EMT and epd) and was the fault of the inferior piece of shit junkie who did not have the common decency or self indignation to respect his own procurement of life.

      Oops, that isn’t TE hatin or lovin, just constructive critiquin.


  10. Do the officers carry the drug that quickly counteracts the Meth? I know many departments do and it saves lives. Cheap when potential lawsuits are always a possibility.

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