Frustration over Chiv’s inaccurate and incomplete court reporting rises

chiv and buds

Following his lame attack on the Northcoast Journal we submit this for your consideration

From DJonTheMoney:

So little time, so little room. Where do we start?

Mr. Chiv is a a very poor writer. He leaves the bulk of a story or it’s background to the reader’s imagination to figure out, frequently places things, places, or people out of context, and omits the proper use of personal pronouns leading to a confusion of who-did-what. Most of the time he fails to write a straightforward sentence, paragraph, or story coherently, much less grasp the importance of proofreading or understand the benefit of using his spellchecker when completed.

When Mr. Chiv cites law, which he claims to understand better than you or I, he ‘cuts and pastes’ from the Internet which hardly qualifies as an ‘understanding’ of anything. I wouldn’t remotely place him anywhere near a ‘journalist’ capability whatsoever. An amateurish hack at best, he writes a barely readable blog because he sits in court and can’t maintain any type of gainful employment elsewhere. He’s tried that, and failed. Many times.

Mr. Chiv feels he is smarter and better than everyone else. He is extremely narcissistic with a borderline personality disorder. An antisocial person, he borders between being delusional and pathological. Mr. Chiv vehemently negates anyone with a different point of view than his own, and in which case, he’ll often walk away in a prissy self-important huff of total hubris.

Mr. Chiv threatens to sue often when he hears things he doesn’t like about himself, although he is now the ‘public figure’ at hand. He, however, fails to understand how he leaves himself open to suit for the juvenile accusations, slander, libel, and unwarranted opinions he often makes of others who aren’t in his favor. Any sense of journalistic credibility and ethics were out the window a long time ago and he would be laughed out of any newsroom.

In short, Mr. Chiv has issues. Many of them. Identity issues, employment issues, self-worth issues, and delusions of grandeur are at the core of most of them. And this is the short list. Mr. Chiv doesn’t play well with others, either, and like Napoleon, has a complex of Little Man issues going on.

The most remarkable thing is, he doesn’t even have the faintest clue of it all. Hopefully he can buy a vowel and someday figure it out.


19 thoughts on “Frustration over Chiv’s inaccurate and incomplete court reporting rises

  1. He is entirely too biased to ever call himself a journalist….

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  2. Thank you TE for not backing down on this guy. He’s doing a lot of harm to Journalism and our system of justice.

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  3. My recommendation is to listen more carefully and write down more accurately what both sides are presenting and more precisely what judge is saying. You should wait till the end of your post, then express your opinion labeled as such.
    For God sake use spell check and proof what you post.


  4. What did Chiv do to bring all this on? I didn’t read his blog much until you guys began this smear job on him. All I see is a guy that reports what goes on in the court room. I believe it is call a reporter.
    I feel that these bulling tactics may have something to do with racism, or sexism, or both.


  5. Improper use of personal pronouns, sentence structure and spelling. OH THE HORROR !!!!!


  6. My favorite part about Chiv is the way he calls anyone who doesn’t buy into his particular brand of BS a Troll.

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  7. I understand ur frustration with grammatical errors,and perhaps hastiness. However, what Mr. Chiv has done, is care about victims whose perpetrators and friends are, “upstanding members of the community”..His commitment,validated my being a victim of a brutal crime. Publicly. I thank him in my heart everyday.
    Grateful Survivor

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    • I really can understand your sentiment. For the victim of any crime, it would be nice to feel supported by a blogger who is completely tilted toward the prosecution.

      The problem is Chiv claims he’s a journalist. He’s not. He’s a biased blogger.

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  8. I can’t help but think we’ve talked this particular subject to death here.

    Mr. Chiv is who he is and will not change for our benefit. And lord love’em for it. In that regard he shares this characteristic with many here.

    I would like to think that the Tuluwat Examiner and it’s readers have more important and pressing matters to discuss. It is time to move on…

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    • It may be tiresome, but Chiv is really doing the community a disservice with his posts. Imagine being accused of some horrible crime and being innocent of that crime while “journalists” smear your name. In our system everyone is entitled to be “presumed innocent” until the jury decides whether the State has met the burden of proof.

      Chiv opened himself up by attacking every paid journalist in Humboldt just a couple days ago. At least he uses his name, which is the mark of someone with integrity.

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      • I know this is “dead on the water” as a topic..but just needed to say,that no “real journalists” were interested in publicizing the brutal crimes against me…My assumption has always been,BC he had low friends in high places..


  9. He could start something like we look at the checkout stand. A local version of the National Enquirer would be great fun and we wouldn’t have to take it seriously. He could call it “Humboldt Over the Back Fence”, everything you never wanted to know about the neighborhood.


  10. Chiv is loving every moment of this attention MOLA. He so wants to be a player yet he has neither cards nor stake to speak of, just a keyboard and an attitude. It is noted that you are among those who have commented on his little bully pulpit with impunity. So be it.

    It’s just that he is so desperate for attention that he has the temerity to promote himself through silly notions of legitimacy. I make reference to his assertion that “The local mainstream media has awakened to providing more court coverage recently, seeing the success of my blog.” Really John? Really?

    Or how about “I was the only media in the courtroom.” Why MOLA is that of journalistic significance? No it’s all about Chiv – linguistic blunders, runaway self worth and a profound lack of context. Don’t you see? His distain for the ‘mainstream’ media is provoked by the reality that he will never be a part of it.

    “Been there” nailed it. If you take Chiv for the comedy show that he is, he’s easier to accept. And that my dear MOLA, is why we still talk about it.

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    • Chivalry is not yet dead:

      I never said give Mr. Chiv a free pass. But I do think we’ve exhausted the subject, that’s all.

      He has his faults and I’ve outlined them in painstaking detail ALREADY. And so has everyone else.

      So what is to be accomplished by going on and on and on and on about him? You think he’s going to quit because the Tuluwat Examiner doesn’t like him? Hardly.

      You think he’s going to change because the commenters on this blog don’t like him? Hardly.

      No more likely than the haters against this blog are likely to change the Tuluwat Examiner.

      As I have said to the haters who tear into the Tuluwat Examiner I now say it back… You don’t like Mr. Chiv. We get it. Move on.


      • Yeah…I don’t disagree Mola. But, perhaps there is some value in examining the integrity of the “word’s worth” I don’t support piling on so much as I think the Chiv should hear some of the same critique he so freely imposes on others.

        For me it is of no particular moment. But I do feel that if one is going about promoting himself as an editor, or a reporter or as a legitimate news gathering organization, there is a certain responsibility that is intrinsic. Thus, he should also be fully willing to accept the slings and arrows of outrageous opinion – however harsh. That, I think comes with the territory.

        Chiv is a self-appointed critic of all of the things that he would be…if he could but he is not. He hasn’t earned the right to be a pedant and that’s what chafes. Well that, and the regular beating he gives the English language. But what the hell. If that were to be a qualifier for an opinion, none of us would comment here.

        Point made. I’m done.

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  11. Chiv’d:
    One has to wonder why Chivd volunteered through the Catholic Church to go into the Humboldt County Jail as a ordain minister to give spiritual healing to the male inmates? Was he just trying to get information so he could be important and testify in court against these inmates? Bullock? You were correct when you say he’d biased and opinionated, I do not even read what he writes anymore, He gives journalism a bad name. I believe him to be a bad JOKE.
    If you ever watch him at the courthouse he will go into the men’s bathroom to overhear the attorneys talk why they’re are utilizing the mans restrooms. I even had a male friend go into the restroom to see what Chiv’d was up to, he was washing his hands after all that writing in the court room. After my friend entered the restroom, he immediately left. Heads up Humboldt Attorneys watch what your talking about with your cases or evidence in the restrooms.
    What’s up with Chiv’d always pressing on the middle of his eye glasses? It’s like he is pushing a button on them???


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