Smack down of the week: Verbena vs. John Chiv



“Chiv doesn’t actually know shit about law. He knows how to brown nose rich people and politicians as he forever tries to be in their nasty cliques. And, his public writing about court cases is done FOR THE PURPOSE of tainting the jury pool.” (John Chiv is )”A completely unethical person.”

“P.S. I know nothing about Kailan Meserve or the case being brought against him.”

“I do know that Chiv is unethical in his writing on cases (could not even be called “reporting”). Also, he’s unethical and lacking knowledge with regard to many other subjects about which he makes asinine comments. (I’ve heard him speak and talked to him; I don’t read much of his blog drivel). Chiv’s not too smart, but he follows around those he thinks have power, hanging on them, waiting for their praise (or next horrible idea). They’re not too smart (or ethical), either. But, enough about “smarts”; Chiv supports inhumane policies and oppressive ideas. Lacking humanity.”


Worth noting:

We received an email form one of our court watchers who describes Chiv as gleefully prancing around the court house now that that Bullock trial is in full swing.

WTF? We thought Father Eric was Chiv’d’s hero?  Maybe Chiv’d realized that the only reason people started paying attention to his blog and his “court reporting” was his self proclaimed closeness with Father Eric.  Trying to profit off of tragedy and enjoying every minute of it………now that really is the Chiv’d way!

Way to go for calling him out Verbena.

chiv and buds

John Chiv & Mentors


21 thoughts on “Smack down of the week: Verbena vs. John Chiv

  1. Verbena is truly a woman with a heart and ethics.

    Unfortunately, Chiv is not the only “local wannabee” person who deserves Verbena’s praise.

    Humboldt is and has been “one fucked up county”. Local mfers who can pull faces over a population of less and less principled types.


  2. It seems to be a county wide epidemic of brain sieve disease. Too much inbreeding. New blood needs to be introduced soon or the locals will become culturally like the isolated communities of Appalachia.


  3. I wonder if Matt appreciated Chiv’s publishing a map to his house.

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  4. When reading Chiv’s blog posts I find myself vacillating between spitting out my coffee with laughter or full on rage at his asinine assessments. I get a kick out of his attempt to use big legal words he does not understand and somehow weave into his posts how cool he thinks he is. His posts are like a train wreck…you have to look.

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  5. I have seen Chiv say many things I disagree with, however I’ve yet to see him say a single thing as blatantly idiotic as any of the articles I’ve ever read on this site. I’ve stopped bothering to even look at your articles, but I saw this one mentioned Chiv, so figured I would. My expectations were met.


    • Bushytails or John – which ever.
      Chiv prosecutes defendants on his blog with prejudice and bias. He’s like a one person lynch mob with a political agenda. I am glad the TE is shining a light into his dark little corner.

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  6. Bushytails, me thinks the tail is wagging the dog. An open mind has it’s advantages [that is the part at the other end of the dog]. Try to recognize at least the possibility that there is some truth to the story.

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  7. “I have seen Chiv say many things I disagree with, however I’ve yet to see him say a single thing as blatantly idiotic as any of the articles I’ve ever read on this site”

    Here’s the thing though – Chiv likes to think of himself as a journalist, but he most certainly is not. He makes such huge errors that he opens himself up to be sued, and I do not believe that is hyperbole –

    Case in point – Chiv covered the case of local businessperson Randy Cook’s molestation trial. In covering the case, Chiv published the name of the child that had been abused. NO JOURNALIST in the US would make such an enormous error. I was horrified.

    If he continues to do this sort of thing, he will pay sooner or later.

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  8. My thoughts on Mr. Chiv are not quite so black and white.

    On the one hand (and I have said this too many times, no doubt) he provides a valuable service to the community by covering the courts as no one else can or will do. Some of his insights are quite valuable.

    On the other hand, some of his practices are just plain wrong. Mr. Chiv claims what he does is no different from what others on the national scene do. I don’t know about that… I just think wrong is wrong no matter who does it.

    Mr. Chiv claims he was once a professionally employed news reporter in Pennsylvania. I tend to doubt that… His grasp of the courts may be good but he doesn’t write like someone who had to once please an editor on a daily basis.

    I’m not setting myself up as an expert on Journalistic practices… I’m not. But I do know enough to know when I read it if that person has ever spent time actually learning the craft of Journalism; and Mr. Chiv shows little evidence of that.

    All one needs to do to see that is to compare and contrast Mr. Chiv’s reporting to Ryan Burns of LoCO or the North Coast Journal writer (who’s name escapes me at the moment) when they do cover the same trials.

    I think Mr. Chiv is a well-meaning amateur who could do much better. And I hope he does. I’ve offered several suggestions to him, a few of which he has one way or another appeared to take to heart.

    By the way… it is really totally lacking in class to call anyone a “Dumb Ass.” Can’t we keep all of this on a less personal basis?

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    • The whole point of every TE story on Chiv is to make it “personal”. They really don’t seem to try and hide it.


  9. I don’t think anyone would argue that John Chiv (not even himself), is a reporter without bias.

    I also don’t think anyone would argue that he isn’t passionate and cares about what he does.

    I don’t pay attention to his nor, say Rose’s postings on crime and punishment. It is not my cup of tea. Is he a reporter? Well he does provide information on stuff he cares about. He is much more a reporter than you TE or I b/c he does type on stuff that he experiences first hand. I don’t have time to do that any more and you cannot b/c you cannot reveal your identity.

    I feel compelled to defend John in this thread b/c I think John is changing. I had a brief encounter with John outside of the H St. PO last week as I congratulated him on the comment below that he made on THC.

    Of course John is on his own path and he has made many enemies through his combative style and prose.

    I think, like M42 suggests if we focus on issues rather than personal invective and if we take the high ground when others don’t as reality is on our side we will slowly but surely change the tide of a city and county that has been set up to be run by the Chamber of Commerce and the ole boys network (and their approved nominees) for decades.

    If we can flip Eureka, I think Humboldt will follow.

    We can do this if we take the high ground, we only hurt ourselves when we don’t.

    Here is John’s quote from a recent THC post on expanding affordable homes by making life easier and cheaper for developers and land owners to build.

    I think he is getting it – I mean he still is his own contradictory self here calling out others on name calling as he calls people names, but he seems to have gotten a basic if concealed truth of Humboldt politics. Good job John.

    “Ron, you wouldn’t be one of those developers that wants to line your pockets with money, get government subsidies for your development yet create zero new jobs, unless its hiring incompetent friends and family.

    When someone retorts to name calling you have hit a nerve called truth. You don’t even have the guts to use your name. Mactowner who comments here regularly is just another disgruntled, clueless Humboldt native who thinks his money buys votes.

    When you Ron or MacTowner contribute to the prosperity of someone else besides yourselves, and don’t prevent a free market, that is development.

    Speaking of which I have not seen THC ever call out Lee Ulansey or Bob Morris for being on HumCPR, the Planning Commission and being quite involved in political decisions .


    • Wait till you’re a candidate LJ see how you feel when Chiv posts lies and distortions about you as facts.
      We’ll see how quickly you rise to his defense then.

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    • Jon, in your climb to high ground you must be more careful whose fingers you are stepping on.

      Your ‘high ground’ looks like desperate center ground to me, and your metaphors are going no where, not even up.

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  10. JON ,you need to do more research say back 35 years to know what is what.I would vote for you,that said I think your bike riding is a good anolgy of what you are up against. PIcture yourself riding up Kneeland road at dusk, lights on bike strobing away. BEhind you there are 3 cars that were going 45 to 50 now at a crawl waiting for a chance to pass, coming down the road another two say dozer trucks at 50,mind you the panted center line is a recent novelty put on the to the narrow road. But you have the right away the dozer truck hits you. To think you are going to flip Humboldt County may be a bit to ambitious


  11. This isn’t about personality, it is about issues and I copied and pasted a clip from John where he demonstrates that he gets that the powers that be in this county are getting housing and development exactly backward and lying about it in the process. This is critical to affordable housing, to our cumulative effects on the environment, and even to our common future with Weed Inc. In short this is strong evidence that John get’s it on this critical policy issue.

    What I’m saying is I am wishing that we would stay away from encouraging “smack down” politics and really, really focus on the droll, boring policy.

    If we do, maybe not over night or even in 5 or 10 years, but if we consistently fight for what is right while maintaining our composure and integrity even when political opponents may lie or distort, then we will may be able to address some of the critical problems we face in a way that addresses problems like living wages, homelessness and climate change honestly instead of skirting them or wishing them away.

    Right now, a large part of the ruling class in Humboldt are focused on their own narrow interests and I believe that is the heart of many of our problems. In that quote, John got that, and I hadn’t read that from him before. Again, kudos, John.

    This is not at all a rebuke on Verbena. I love what she does. She’s accountable, she is speaking her mind and expressing an absolutely necessary angst against parts of a broken society effectively. We need Verbena, without her we are lesser.

    We also need John. This is a democracy and we will have to win arguments against those we disagree with. How to we best square righteous anger at the state of things and helping people to perceive reality with more clarity?

    We can start by disentangling personal animus and public goals whenever possible.

    And yes, TE, you are absolutely right, that isn’t an easy task. We are all human after all.

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  12. So little time, so little room. Where do we start?

    Mr. Chiv is a a very poor writer. He leaves the bulk of a story or it’s background to the reader’s imagination to figure out, frequently places things, places, or people out of context, and omits the proper use of personal pronouns leading to a confusion of who-did-what. Most of the time he fails to write a straightforward sentence, paragraph, or story coherently, much less grasp the importance of proofreading or understand the benefit of using his spellchecker when completed.

    When Mr. Chiv cites law, which he claims to understand better than you or I, he ‘cuts and pastes’ from the Internet which hardly qualifies as an ‘understanding’ of anything. I wouldn’t remotely place him anywhere near a ‘journalist’ capability whatsoever. An amateurish hack at best, he writes a barely readable blog because he sits in court and can’t maintain any type of gainful employment elsewhere. He’s tried that, and failed. Many times.

    Mr. Chiv feels he is smarter and better than everyone else. He is extremely narcissistic with a borderline personality disorder. An antisocial person, he borders between being delusional and pathological. Mr. Chiv vehemently negates anyone with a different point of view than his own, and in which case, he’ll often walk away in a prissy self-important huff of total hubris.

    Mr. Chiv threatens to sue often when he hears things he doesn’t like about himself, although he is now the ‘public figure’ at hand. He, however, fails to understand how he leaves himself open to suit for the juvenile accusations, slander, libel, and unwarranted opinions he often makes of others who aren’t in his favor. Any sense of journalistic credibility and ethics were out the window a long time ago and he would be laughed out of any newsroom.

    In short, Mr. Chiv has issues. Many of them. Identity issues, employment issues, self-worth issues, and delusions of grandeur are at the core of most of them. And this is the short list. Mr. Chiv doesn’t play well with others, either, and like Napoleon, has a complex of Little Man issues going on.

    The most remarkable thing is, he doesn’t even have the faintest clue of it all. Hopefully he can buy a vowel and someday figure it out.

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  13. Wouldn’t it be grand if we could make substantial progress with social, environmental, economic, and political justice via, “compromise, reaching across the isle, being positive, bringing people together, making nice, offering solutions….etc”, coincidentally, all appealing to the sensibilities of plutocrats?

    I’m all for it, if not for the lack of historic precedence. None of our major advances were ever born of such nonsense.

    Power is never conceded without demands and Verbena is one of the few consistently willing to make them locally.

    If enough residents were regularly reminded how fear, favor and corruption are as toxic in Humboldt County as the water in Flint, (due to identical reasons: bureaucratic silence, denial, excuses, and intransigence like we’re seeing with the HCDHHS resisting an audit by our own California Attorney General), a few more people behind Verbena’s handful of effective supporters could flip the script in Humboldt County.


  14. Don’t hold your breath. When each side feels the other side’s proposals are radically right or left, the middle ground is called milk toast and so comprise becomes a dirty nasty thing. Just look at some of the posts you read here, spreading venom with the hope the other side is pronounced dead. In my book it looks like an intellectual civil war. I hope reason prevails. What an indictment on our body politic.

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  15. The “body politic” has only 30% of eligible voters behind it. Indict it all you want, it is completely illegitimate and media would say so…except for the billions of dollars in campaign ads.

    Scientists keep advancing the rate at which the Earth will tolerate human compromise before it shrugs us of off its back.

    Think of every right you have and then remember how you got it.


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