City of Eureka: the complete dysfunction continues

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Eureka Police Department’s complete failure to protect the citizens of Eureka is on display for everyone to see as daylight break-ins become a regular happening in Henderson Center. EPD under Mills has been effective at obfuscating the real crime stats by not responding to or not reporting crime in Eureka, but that doesn’t mean it’s not continuing!

BURGLARIES: There has been a trend of residential burglaries since the start of the week. The incidents have occurred in neighborhoods near Watson and D streets and Henderson and K streets.

Over the last two days, the Eureka Police Department has responded to numerous daytime residential burglary reports with trends in the in the neighborhoods near Watson and D Streets and Henderson and K Streets.

A witness reported seeing three white males, 20-30 years old, park a blue van near the 1600 block of D Street. The males walked out of sight then returned to the vehicle with a guitar and other property. A burglary report was taken soon after at a nearby residence describing the guitar and other similar property as being stolen. A BOLO (be on the lookout) has been issued for this vehicle and occupants.

Kathy Anderson

Eureka wants you to believe it’s all her fault: we call Bullshit!


Excerpts from Janelle Egger’s letter in Times Standard

In a special closed session call to discuss a “significant exposure to litigation” the City Council decided to disperse the Palco Marsh camp on May 2. This is sad. For years the city has allowed this situation.

For years there has been the same response: blame and periodically evict the poor trying to survive and are the greatest victims of every evil the city claims to be addressing. It’s sad the city feels the need to blame a woman who was injured in a fall. It was the cities and/or (REMIF) Redwood Empire Municipal Insurance Fund’s choice to reject her claim and force her to sue and settle for enough to cover the cost to sue. It is sad to think they are ignoring the Housing First implementation plan’s two year estimate to accomplish the task and its warning that dispersal of people “is not an appropriate solution or strategy, accomplishes nothing toward the goal of linking people to permanent housing opportunities, and can make it more difficult to provide such lasting solutions.” It is especially sad to see the mayor and Eureka Police Department chief backtrack on support of a legal place for the people. It is confusing and sad to see the city backtracking on offers of portable toilets, a Dumpster and land after Mayor Jager called for a camp days ago.

Sad indeed, pathetic is more like it.  Using REMIF’s freaking over the settlement with Kathy Anderson as an excuse is pretty weak, wait until the pay out for Tommy McClain and Daren Borges which could top 10 million dollars!


3 thoughts on “City of Eureka: the complete dysfunction continues

  1. The city continues to wander in the marshes and stagnate water of it’s own making. past decisions by inept officials threaten the fabric of this community. Very sad to witness, especially the lack of any willingness to do anything, and I mean “anything” from a city under siege by its self. Hard to watch. It is a microcosm of our national election, everyone going around shooting each other in the foot and slinging mud as fast as they can tweet it. The fabric is unraveling before our eyes.


  2. and as a society we are pretty sad…look at the ‘damages’ awarded in the recent sex video case, 100million and more…it will be appealed and often the awards shrunk, but a sex tape’s embarrassment is worth over $100million and a police shooting found to be less than 10million?

    there we are…

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