Let’s subsidize the growers and close or sell off our Parks! WTF?

freshwater park

The information below was taken from today’s Times-Standard and shows how the county plans to subsidize the most lucrative part of or local economy (cannabis growing) but stick it to the not-for-profit parks. These farmers buy the latest pickups and earthmoving equipment, gigantic green houses, regular water deliveries. How dare we charge them upfront fees to cover the cost of the most high profit business around?

With more than 84 applications submitted for the county’s new medical cannabis commercial cultivation permits and at least another 300 more expected to follow in the year, the county Planning and Building Department is seeking approval to hire five new staff members to address the new workload.

The board is set to approve this request, granting the departments three new planners, an administrative analyst and an office assistant. As the new permitting system just took effect in February, the staff reports states that the permitting fees may not be enough to cover the costs of the new staff members in this beginning phase and could require some startup funding from the county’s General Fund.

The new positions are estimated to cost about $52,400 for the remainder of this fiscal year, which ends on June 30, and about $285,800 in subsequent years, according to the staff report.

Both Fennell and Lovelace said the additional staff is necessary to make the program successful, regardless of their potential cost to the General Fund.

According to the county Public Works Department, its annual Parks Division insurance costs have increased from about $6,000 to about $91,800 between 2013 and 2015, with insurance now making up 42 percent of the Parks Division’s services and supplies budget.

The elevated insurance rate will remain in effect for the next five years, with the county having to pay about $500,000 during this time, 3rd District Supervisor and board Chairman Mark Lovelace said. Lovelace said half of this amount has already been covered by an adjustment through the county’s insurance.

In response to its reduced budget, the Parks Division has used more volunteer work and jail work crews for maintenance, deferred vehicle and equipment upgrades, and stopped maintaining the Luffenholtz Beach access property.

But 2nd District Estelle Fennell said these are not long-term solutions.“That’s not going to be sustainable at all and I think we’re going to have more of a discussion on it when we get into the 20162017 budget, because that is when we’ll really start looking at for more extensive changes,” she said.

As part of the larger discussion, the Parks Division staff report lists several options that could cover the increased insurance costs in the coming years.

Such options include discontinuing the temporary dam for summer swimming at Freshwater Park, charging day-use fees at Clam Beach and Mad River beaches and cutting bathroom maintenance services at Moonstone Beach.

The most troubling proposal for county residents, Fennell said, is another option of selling or relinquishing county parks such as A.W. Way County Park, Crab Park, Centerville Beach, Table Bluff County Park and others.

Fennell said she agrees with her concerned constituents in that she does not want to close or sell any of the parks. “We have to figure out a better approach,” she said.



11 thoughts on “Let’s subsidize the growers and close or sell off our Parks! WTF?

  1. These Cities and Counties will do ANYTHING except to work on and balance their employee salaries, pensions and benefits. Seems to me they will jettison anything and every thing t heir salaries and automatic increases…. of course, to be fair, this is the same in every city and as reported by Citibank yesterday, also twenty listed Countries that are upside down.

    Thanks for continuing and keeping these budget oversights up to your viewers… Dennis


  2. They give themselves a raise and start talking about selling county parks. Disgraceful.

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  3. I find myself in a very uncomfortable position. I agree with Bernie’s idea of cutting the number of trucks on the roads and replacing them with trains. (read:EastWest Rail).
    I also agree with most of what The Examiner has written here.


  4. Unfortunately this is hardly surprising. Money talks…


  5. Both Fennell and Lovelace said the additional staff is necessary to make the program successful, regardless of their potential cost to the General Fund.


    2 people who spend money like it grows on a weed.

    Regardless is a too big to fail attitude.

    Regardless, wow, scary attitude.

    Marijuana, hands off policy, enforce existing environmental laws, no mj problem as recently advertised.


    • Fennell said she agrees with her concerned constituents in that she does not want to close or sell any of the parks. “We have to figure out a better approach,” she said.

       (NO SHIT!)

      The better approach admittedly is “REGARDLESS”.


  6. Tell me again what the county & state fees for growing are for? Tell me again what the 15% sales tax is for? Tell me again what the envirornmental “fines” are for?
    IOW, did the Businessmen from China or Russia made them an offer they (BOS) can’t refuse? They’ve already bought billions of acres, motels, busisnesses…


  7. I sat in a meeting as this ordnance was being discussed and someone asked, why would we take on this expensive bureaucracy when the state is already going to be regulating it? I have to agree. Its seems like a rash decision to have dived into this with out being prepared. I think they should have let the water board program have some time to be implemented, and in the mean time figure out how to budget licensing in later.

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    • Why you ask?


      If Bolithio was responsible for allowing a multitude of environmental damages due to marijuana agriculture,

      And Bolithio did not want to get caught,

      Then it makes all sense that Bolithio wants first crack at it to,

      Cover up the past crimes.

      Of course, just like laundering businesses, the county has to launder all proceeds, starting with a financial “dummy account” because money can’t appear out of thin air.

      Get it yet?


  8. I think it is imperative that we understand how one tragic accident leads us into the conversation about selling or closing parks. How does one accident cause premiums to go from $6K to over $91 K and is the parks insurance pool different from the rest of the county vehicles. From what I understand the settlement was for $1.5 mil.

    The problems associated with establishing day use fees for Clam or Moonstone Beach would be very complicated and not very well received by the community in my estimation.

    We would also need to know under what conditions were each park given to the county and what were the stipulations attached.

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    • Simple,

      Gubbamint employs pussies whowill not go against insurance companies, yet another example this article provides as to why insurance is a scam industry that must be outlawed.

      The courts, not insurance, should decide ones fate of responsibility.

      Americans lose so much wealth to insurance companies.

      America is a fucked up country with fucked up ideals.

      It is all about “forced economics” because there will never, ever be opportunities for everyone when the planet is overpopulated and economies fail because expansionism is less achievable.

      Enter the Space Programs, both public and private because earth is a finite place.


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