Dumb ass quote of the week: Chiv

peter martin

Attorney Peter Martin Eureka

On the national scene we have Egomaniac Trump bragging about his penis size. Locally we have our own out sized ego in John Chiv, who’s been bragging about his journalist prowess. That brings us to his Dumb ass quote of the week winner:

“Some criminal cases also have civil cases for the same defendant. I don’t need to prove my credibility to you, it is obvious from my coverage that I have more than a basic knowledge of the law. I use my name, why don’t you, or say it to my face? You have yet to leave a civil comment on anything I say. You work on your bias and condescending attitude, I am just fine with my credentials on journalism or the law and I only care about opinions from those who are respected.” You can rant about your proggie heroes Martin, Salzman et Al. Won’t change the fact that they are incapable of making a living through any skill, instead of burdening taxpayers.

And John would have us believe he is supporting himself with the big bucks generated from his blog? LOL


8 thoughts on “Dumb ass quote of the week: Chiv

  1. Is Chiv claiming that Peter Martin and Richard Salzman are on public assistance?? If he’s still claiming to be a “journalist”, he should start checking his facts before he goes to print.

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  2. It’s becoming obvious who’s holding a grudge…..


  3. Chiv is a scream. You are right about his ego…he likes to use big words he does not understand fully…I often cringe when reading his posts.

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  4. Egos are best kept at the door.

    We all have egos.


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