John Chiv verses Kailan Meserve; grudge match

89b89-johnSince Kailan Meserve was first charged with serious crimes, John Chiv has been screaming for justice and trying to convict him on his bog.

If you don’t know who John Chiv is and his background, you would probably just assume him to be an overly zealot law and order supporter. Sorry folks, thats not who he is. It’s all about politics with Johnny boy. Kailan Meserve is the son of long time Arcata lefty and former City Councilperson Dave Meserve.

Chiv’s real target former Councilperson Dave Meserve

John Chiv, like his mentor Mathew Owen, hates people on the left and particularly people on the left that “WIN” elections. When they can’t beat them at the polls they start nefarious rumors about them in the community. One of Chiv’s favorites is that his enemies are child molesters and he always willing to pounce on the offspring of an adversary who might have step out of line. Chiv feels safe doing this because political people are considered “public figures” and all for practical purposes immune from slander and libel.

Here at the Examiner we have no idea whether Kailan Meserve is guilty as charged. Just because he has a rep in sohum of being a jerk doesn’t mean he’s guilty nor does having a father who’s a political activist mean he should be treated differently. Let have a fair trial let the evidence or lack of it speak for itself.


23 thoughts on “John Chiv verses Kailan Meserve; grudge match

  1. I think I recall another Political Offspring having problems with the law… A County Supervisor’s son if I remember correctly… Name begins with a “B”….

    It’s gone now. Mr. Chiv didn’t talk about that case very much so now I can’t remember.

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    • Well to be fair that case went through the court process. Mr. Trevor Bohn had a preliminary hearing and the court threw out the case against him. The charges were serious but I would say molestation is more serious. This case went to prelim. A judge said there was enough evidence to go to trial. Meserve even tried to get the Court of Appeals to stop it. They refused. Meserve is innocent until proven guilty. Having said that if you think molesters walk into court on even footing, they don’t. Most folks don’t believe children would ever lie about this ever. (Sometimes they do.) Occasionally cases have eyewitnesses, confessions, physical evidence or prior bad acts (no convictions necessary). Those cases are pretty strong.


    • MOLA, I was not covering the courts at that time. Besides your regular Chiv haters who have no clue about the law, and your posts and comments which seem to be dwindling fast, TE should pay me royalties, for all the posts this year. Your defunct blog seems to need to bash me and others they politically disagree with just to have posts.

      To you, anyone who does not think like you is to the right and worth putting down.

      Thanks as always for the free publicity.


      • Mr. Chiv: Tuluwat Examiner is not my blog nor ever has been.

        I find that you think me a capital fellow when I agree with you and a liberal fascist when I don’t.

        In truth, I have supported you when you were right… and respectfully indicated when you were wrong. There was a time when you could handle constructive criticism but I’m afraid that time has long passed.

        For the record… I don’t think in this case you were politically motivated. You have a problem with child molesters (most folks do) but letting your personal feelings color your reporting is just plain bad journalistic practice.

        You want to be a respected journalist? Be a journalist. You want to be a blogger? Be a blogger. It’s just you need to recognize you can’t do both well at the same time.

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      • For the record this case involves adults not children unless “District Attorney” Chiv is ready to file new charges

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      • Oh gosh Mr. Hart, you are right. My bad.


  2. I clicked the link, and all I found was a recap of various court proceedings.


  3. Or maybe they were never there to begin with.


  4. Chiv’d has been violating peoples civil rights and rights to a fair trial with his repeating of wild allegations as fact since he started. Just Watchin’ has always been a cheer leader for the right so no surprise here.

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  5. Chiv doesn’t actually know shit about law. He knows how to brown nose rich people and politicians as he forever tries to be in their nasty cliques. And, his public writing about court cases is done FOR THE PURPOSE of tainting the jury pool. A completely unethical person.


    • In a county of 100k plus people, there are plenty enough who shoulder rub as shills and minions. They could not achieve shit if government at the local level was not so interconnected by “the connected establishments”.

      Law, judges, attorneys, public agencies, private sector big wigs……avoid it and they attack versus include it they molest.

      Heads they win, tails you lose.


  6. P.S. I know nothing about Kailan Meserve or the case being brought against him.
    I do know that Chiv is unethical in his writing on cases (could not even be called “reporting”). Also, he’s unethical and lacking knowledge with regard to many other subjects about which he makes asinine comments. (I’ve heard him speak and talked to him; I don’t much read his blog drivel). Chiv’s not too smart, but he follows around those he thinks have power, hanging on them, waiting for their praise (or next horrible idea). They’re not too smart (or ethical), either. But, enough about “smarts”; Chiv supports inhumane policies and oppressive ideas. Lacking humanity.


  7. I hope you print an apology now that Meserve has been found guilty of 15 counts including rape of 2 women!


    • An apology for for demanding a fair trial for a guy we admitted was a asshole. Not gonna happen!
      He will receive a just outcome now after a fair trial in which he was found guilty, as opposed to being lynched.
      We’re fine with that.

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