Is Eureka preparing for an all out war against homeless people?

homeless bust 1

Asked whether City Councilwoman Kim Bergel was ready to deploy police to clear out the area, she took a long sigh and said, “Yes … BUT.”…….The “BUT” is that they want to create as much political cover for each other as possible, claiming that having social workers in the camp everyday is somehow the equivalent for supplying a safe shelter.

It’s no secret that police Chief Mills is “chomping at the bit” to unleash a military style assault on the estimated 250 to 300 people camping at the Palco Marsh. This will be a very unproductive and potentially very dangerous move. We here at the Examiner can see how this plan will go wrong on every level. Running these folks out of the Palco Marsh is going to send them deep into Eureka’s neighborhood greenbelts. We hear there will be organized resistance to this military style police action and no can be sure that people won’t be injured.

homeless bust 2

Unfortunately, with Mayor Frank Jager teasing the idea of an actual sanctioned shelter everyone’s hopes were raised, but don’t be fooled; they will never willing allow a real sanctuary homeless camp. Their plan is just to move them out of the way of the trail construction; they don’t give a damn if these human beings with no place to live end up in our neighborhoods.  In fact it’s clear to us that the City does not value these people’s lives at all.

If you care at all about this crisis the time to act is now! Demand sanctioned camps in Eureka for these unsheltered human beings!




12 thoughts on “Is Eureka preparing for an all out war against homeless people?

  1. …..”organized resistance” must mean they’re loading up their bb guns!


    • As we’ve seen in this town that would be a fatal mistake, even with a unloaded BB gun

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      • couldn’t help but think of the people shot by police vs the woman ‘shot’ by a secret video camera in her room taking nekkid pictures of her and posting them on the internet ( and seriously cruel and humiliating, but not as cruel and humiliating as having your brain matter displayed on a sidewalk for all to see.).
        Her ‘award’ from the lawsuit was if I recall $77 million…typical wrongful shooting settlement and the $1-5 million dollars.
        And she is alive to spend it.

        Lots of something wrong there….what could it be…



    I think the answer is No. The City Government of Eureka isn’t “preparing” for a war, their actions clearly show that they are currently in the midst of war on the houseless and poor..

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  3. This situation has developed over thirty years. We have had shelters in churches, in the Muni, and at the old Eureka Boiler plant. A better attempt at helping the homeless population is overdue. I hope it does not hurt other priorities too much, but local government could find the funding and set up a tent city on the Balloon Tract property. The property would generate some income and provide a place for triage central to the necessary medical and social services.

    The Supervisors got a 7% raise the other day. I would rather see that money go toward a lease on the Balloon Tract. From a purely financial point of view, it would be an expense, no doubt.

    Why tents instead of tiny houses?

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  4. What a complete load of crap!

    Keep up your “poor” propaganda.

    The real question is how long do you think the city should allow a temporary homeless camp?


  5. Eureka’s city council needs to get on the ball and direct staff to begin writing grants and issuing a bond measure for the funds needed to build/refurbish modest apartments for their 1% homeless population, the county needs to do the same.

    It has already been proven cheaper than police, emergency services, mental health and ER admissions.

    How did they get the funding for the $40 million Martin Slough Interceptor sewer project serving all those big-home subdivisions in Cutten and South Eureka?

    If the public retirees on Eureka’s city council can secure tens of millions of dollars to shore up their own retirement fund, they can shore up some GD shelter for the most vulnerable residents in our community.

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  6. Kohl’s at the Bayshore Mall specifically targets homeless when hunting shoplifters. Why? They are easy targets and Kohl’s bills all the people they catch to make money on “restitution.” The “loss prevention manager” and his goons can be seen hurling themselves out doorways and pursuing these wretches into the parking lot, something no other retailer does anymore. He has a rep for his “catches” and gets bonuses for it.


    • So, retailers shouldn’t take any action against thieves just because of their housing status? A thief is still a thief!


  7. Make money on “restitution” ? These are people with no income. Roll that one around in your head for a minute….


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