North Coast Environmental Groups say McClure has got to go!


Att: Governor Brown,

As representatives of the North Coast environmental community, with commitment to the preservation of the Coastal Act and maintaining an effective Coastal Commission, we now ask for the dismissal of Commissioner Martha McClure, the North Coast appointment by your office.

We find ourselves and the environmental organizations of the North Coast without representation, and without simple responsiveness and courtesy by Commissioner Martha McClure. Constructive avenues could have been taken to improve routine operating procedures. We find that the recent vote cast by Martha McClure was executed on unsubstantial grounds, without regard to the outstanding performance of Charles Lester, without regard to the great harm to the Coastal Commission that the dismissal of such an outstanding director will have, an action that jeopardizes the effectiveness of an important government agency.

The lack of responsibility and responsiveness to the environmental leaders of the North Coast by her failure to return our phone calls and emails throughout her service as a Coastal Commissioner is unacceptable. The environmental community is left with the sense that we are disregarded and without representation on the North Coast, which includes Del Norte, Humboldt, and Mendocino Counties.

We find the lack of transparency of the vote to dismiss Charles Lester was disrespectful to the hundreds of North Coast citizens and community leaders that commented or attended the meeting. The Commission’s legal staff informed the Coastal Commissioners that they were free to discuss their positions in public, but Commissioner McClure’s motion to retreat to closed session cloaked all justification for the vote in secrecy and seems to be a continuation of the disregard that Martha McClure has shown North Coast leaders of the environmental community during her service.

Some accusations that have surfaced are without basis.

Charles Lester’s best guess at his dismissal, that he was too independent, is not a fault, but should be regarded as a strength and a requirement. A separation between voting commissioners and the staff that is responsible for resource evaluations and legal determinations is necessary for California laws, including the Coastal Act, to be upheld. The Coastal Commission is founded on public access, resource protection, and giving the public a voice.

We therefore make this request to Governor Brown for reappointment of a North Coast Representative. Thank you for your consideration,

Friends of Del Norte, Eileen Cooper, Vice President, 707-465-8904,

North Coast Environmental Center, Larry Glass, President of the Board, Larry Glass <

Humboldt Baykeeper, Jennifer Kalt, Director,

Humboldt Surfrider, Delia Bense-Kang,

Coast Action Group, Alan Levine, Director, 126 Steiner Ct., Santa Rosa, CA 95404, 707 542-4408,

Sierra Club Mendocino Group, Albion, CA, Rixanne Wehren, Vice Chair, 937-2709



:Thanks to Joe6pac for the forward


3 thoughts on “North Coast Environmental Groups say McClure has got to go!

  1. Even though Supervisor McClure supposedly “represents” North Coast residents, it is REALLY the voters of Del Norte County that could begin a process to remove her tomorrow. It’s called RECALL.

    Del Norte, with its very small voter base, offers a small number of people to appeal to. Mrs. McClure’s incompetence and tone deafness speaks for itself.


  2. Has it ever occurred to anyone upset about Mr. Lester’s removal that he seems to have been utterly unresponsive to his board? As Stuart Titus learned down in Ferndale at the Fairgrounds – that’s often a reason to remove an employee, no matter how beloved by outsiders.

    Leave off the hate on the commissioners. You don’t know the whole story yet.


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