Planning Commission Dictator Ulansey is pissed; look out staff!

Bully boy cartoon

The January 7th meeting of the Humboldt Planning Commission proceeded routinely, up until the very end that is. Then the Planning Commission Chairman Morris brought up an item which was not on the agenda. That item was the staff report of the Planning Commission that had been delivered to the Supervisors on the proposed Humboldt County Commercial Medical Marijuana Ordinance at the last BOS meeting. At least three of the members expressed their “outrage”(Morris) over the “deliberate bias” (Ulansey) and “their agenda”(Bongio). Commission Chair Morris went even further and fumed that the report was “totally unacceptable”. Chair Morris tried several times to get a vote of “no trust” and “no confidence” in the planning staff to move forward.

What was stunning about this was the complete rewriting of history or amnesia sweeping over the Commission. We followed these hearings closely and one way or the other we watched on TV or were in attendance at all 10 meetings. What we can tell you is the first two meetings actually went fairly well with little or no grand standing. Meeting number three is where Ulansey took off the gloves and went after staff. He tried to humiliate them and bully them in front of the public. In our view was eventually successful in intimidating staff and legal counsel. What we saw was that staff tried to keep the Planning Commission from going completely off the rails, but that’s exactly where Commissioners Bongio, Morris and Ulansey wanted to go. After the withering diatribes of Ulansey one can hardly blame these staff members from becoming less vocal.

Bully Boy

Bongio, Morris and Ulansey seem to us, to represent Weed INC. on the planning commission. While Morris and Ulansey are reportedly not growers themselves they are directly reaping the financial benefit of the green rush through their investments. These guys want to create a second even bigger “Green Rush” so that they and their buddies can cash in. Well, we should say cash in EVEN MORE than they already have!

15 thoughts on “Planning Commission Dictator Ulansey is pissed; look out staff!

  1. This isn’t surprising we already know that 2 of the commissioners are confirmed growers with a mini storage unit designed and built to grow MJ with power meters and water spickets inside the mini-storage units. Where else in the country, could 2 of our leaders do something like that and not be jailed for the offense and abuse of power. Ulansey is a looser and better be careful who he’s bullying in his neighborhood. Word is the neighbors aren’t happy.

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    • Which mini storage unit business. Case it, cut the locks rip em off. Then, claim looters are fighting crime, call the feds IF looters get caught in the act of bud removal for profit.

      Funny how the connected land owners of TPZ are allowed to continue growing but not new grows.

      Racketeering – RICO statutes for high crimes by government officials using a sham process to broker business opportunities for local gambino family owned bigger parcels of land codified and zoned as TPZ.


  2. Ulansey owns shitloads of properties on Kneeland and beyond, and the value is based on the ability to grow pot, not timber

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  3. People with total personal agendas sitting on a planning commission. This group has been a pathetic joke from the beginning. Hum CPR and a contractor , nice open views there… Sad our county has fallen this low.

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    • Only the more pathetic supervisors appointed these pathetic commissioners who are involved in a sham public process only to commit racketeering for self determinate profit.

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  4. Ulansey has many acres in Kneeland, southwest facing. Great place to grow as Danny mentioned. I have been there a number of years ago and it has all been logged. What remains are old growth stumps with lots of expensive burl in them. He or his son turn them and make expensive big bowls, etc. Good money there already.


  5. For years it has been known that TPZ was the big issue for legalizing pot for commercial purposes. In fact, county staff are not immune from owning TPZ and in fact are using their public employment position to foster local laws that protect their decades long profitizations. These public employees are designing a “non conforming ordinance” after already hearing arguments during GPU process that non conforming properties are bad. So, in one hand, punish non conformers while in the other hand, write an ordinance that fosters and perpetuates non conformance with respect to brokered land use zonings.

    The GPU and all it is attached to is a product of a brokered sham process. No longer going to adhere to any of it as playing by the rules amounts to zero justice.


  6. “Ulansey is a looser and better be careful who he’s bullying in his neighborhood. Word is the neighbors aren’t happy.”

    um…Does this threat make anyone else particularly uncomfortable?

    What exactly do neighbors do to someone they consider a bully? Is there anything in the spirit of Bret Harte they can do other than inviting Lee over for tea for a spirited debate about land use? If so, why specifically neighbors?

    It’s creepy and chill-down-spine inducing.

    His neighbors should be working to un-elect the people who nominated and voted him in. If they don’t live in Estelle or Rex’s districts, they should be working to find someone to replace these to Supervisors.


  7. Liberal, right, creepy, you bet but you didn’t come up with a way to confront him and get him to back off. Do you think a lawsuit would do anything , especially if a number of neighbors signed on? Just a thought. I fear he is like Arkley, willing to go all the way and damn the opposition.


  8. What exactly would the neighbor’s complaints be? I guess that is what I’m missing.

    Commissioner Ulansey said something, proudly as we all would, about his life. I hesitate to write it here out of respect to him and to stop the devolution of this conversation. What he said changed immediately the way I write about him.

    As TE and many of it’s readers know, I stand against personalizing politics – left or right. It’s particularly concerning when we do this on the left. I believe, as someone left of center that we on this side of the divide know better. We stand with Bret Harte against, well, bullying, whether it’s bullying individuals or people.

    Lookit. Lee and others in the rural/property rights coalition * had a goal and they were able to achieve it. That goal was to let those with land do what they want as free as possible from government oversite. Kudos. They got one of their own elected to the Board of Supervisors, former HumCPR president Supervisor Fennell, and now have to other founding members on the Planning Commission – Ulansey and Morris.

    This coalition works well with Monte type conservatives (as opposed to Bob? Simpson conservatives), realtors, etc as all these powerful and/or agenda-driven groups have a common goal of reducing the influence of government (us) over their plans.

    So, what would be more effective and more in the spirit of Bret Harte? To threaten Lee like this “Ulansey is a looser and better be careful who he’s bullying in his neighborhood. Word is the neighbors aren’t happy.” Or to say, “job well done Lee, you were and are and will be completely wrong and now it’s on us to correct your obvious and frustrating bias”.

    We have to find candidates as Lee helped find. We then have to help elect these leaders that understand government should work to protect our commons including not only natural resources but ecosystem values.

    Threatening “bullies” isn’t going to help bring our message to the electorate. It’s not who they are, it’s not who we are.


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  9. Interesting comments obviously made by people with an agenda who don’t live in Kneeland. Ulansey IS one of MY neighbors and while I don’t necessarily agree with him all the time he has ALWAYS been a great neighbor. He is consistently among the first to help anyone in the neighborhood when they need a hand, he’s been a long time school volunteer, and countless other contributions to our area. Other than one person, who is a well known nut case with a long family history of mental illness, who Lee beat out for a School Board seat years ago I have NEVER heard anyone in Kneeland have anything but praise for Lee as a neighbor. I’ve argued with him about politics and that’s fair game but as a neighbor he’s fantastic.

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