Was this a win or loss for Eureka?

Just a few weeks ago Anderson Police Department Chief Michael Johnson had accepted a conditional offer to be chief of police in Eureka. (Circa: July 2013)


This long time friend of David Tyson and member of the “old guard” of EPD was the leading contender to be the next police chief in fact our information is he was promised the job. It was only after a lot of local objection was raised that he backed out.

So has it been a win for our fair town? We think it’s been a wash. Same old shit different Chief.


ANDERSON, Calif. -Despite a recent statewide ban on concealed firearms at high school and college campuses, the Anderson Union High School District has other plans.

They have continued their policy to allow concealed firearms on the Anderson Union, Anderson New Technology, North Valley and West Valley high school campuses.

The new law, Senate Bill 707 prohibits “a person from possessing a firearm in a place that the person knows, or reasonably should know, is a school zone, unless with the written permission of certain school district officials,” according to the California Legislative Website.

With consent from district officials, teachers and staff can continue to carry their concealed firearms with a proper permit to carry a concealed weapon or CCW.

Students at Anderson High on Tuesday shared their opinion, many stated they feel more safe with teachers being armed.

Another person on board with the continued decision is Anderson Police Chief Mike Johnson.

“It is definitely a pro to have people armed, responsible people armed who have been vetted and can actually provide another layer of protection for the kids. That’s the bottom line, if it provides more protection for our children, how can you be against it?” Johnson asked.

He said he wasn’t part of the decision making process with the district, but he did give the district a recommendation.

“We need the help of the citizens, we need communities to participate. This is the same type of concept. The community is the school now and we need the help of the people and staff at the school to help protect the kids,” Johnson shared.

Chief Johnson said allowing someone to carry a concealed weapon on campus should be decided on a case by case basis.

“Just because someone is a CCW holder doesn’t make them the right person to be armed on campus,” Johnson added.

He said it’s important for CCW holders to know what to do if an active shooter situation was to happen.

“When there’s high stress scenarios going on, people who are in possession of firearms have a huge responsibility, and they have to know how to act and what laws and parameters they can act in and protect,” Johnson stated.

Overall, Chief Johnson believes more school districts should hop on board.

“Initially, I think it’s absolutely the step in the right direction. I’ve advocated for several years that a lot of these campuses, and college campuses, in particular should have armed people on campus and should have CCW holders at least with access to weapons if they need them,” Johnson stated.




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