Very Worst Anti-Science Bullshit of 2015

Here’s a Video Showing the Very Worst Anti-Science Bullshit of 2015


8 thoughts on “Very Worst Anti-Science Bullshit of 2015

  1. When it gets really hot and the green areas of the earth become sand, as the Sahara shows by it’s current expansion, there will be plenty of sand for the right wing to hide their heads in. Maybe they will also hunt the last of the mighty lions and gorillas and elephants and snow leopards, etc. etc.etc. It is really a site to behold, watching the blind leading the blind.

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  2. Morons, maybe, but they are attempting to change the national policies through the ballot box. If they gain the presidency and retain control of congress, hang on to your hats folks, it will be an ill wind they bring to us all. My first national vote was for JFK, bringing a very different view of the world than what is being bantered about now from the likes of Trump and Cruz.

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  3. Co2 levels at present are somewhere just under 2%, and experts claim if it goes up we are all in trouble.
    One thing that comes to mind is, we were taught in high school that co2 levels during the Jurassic period were around 7%.
    We were also taught that co2 levels much lower than 1.3% are lethal.
    Rational people have questions.


  4. Didn’t the “science” of the early 80s tout trans fats as the healthy choice?


  5. Very interesting article, they have seemed to come up with some “new studies” to prove their theory. They neglected to address the fact that present C02 levels are much closer to low lethal levels than that which would do great harm on the high side..


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