Come to Humboldt and grow as much Cannabis as you want!

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We know you haven’t seen this report in the local news, but huge quality of life decisions are being made by the HumCPR controlled county Planning Commission run by Kym Jung Un…. oops we mean Lee Ulansey. These decisions have the potential to effect every man, woman and child living in this county.

From all appearances even the organized growers like CCVH seemed to be shocked at how completely over the top this Planning Commission has gone with crafting these regulatory limits (or lack of).

The Planning Commission has decided, in Lee Ulansey’s infinite wisdom, that the current green rush is an awesome thing. So, in line with that thinking, they’re going really try and expand it and basically open the flood gates. Grows up to 20,000 square feet without a Conditional Use Permit, no cap on the total amount of permits, Unlimited permits per parcel and 4 per person.

This Commission seemed to be fine with the wholesale conversions of forested lands and TPZ to large scale weed production.

So, if Ulansey’s plan was to make Luke Bruner look conservative and to give Sunberg and Bohn lots of wiggle room, he’s more than succeeded.


11 thoughts on “Come to Humboldt and grow as much Cannabis as you want!

  1. What about the butane hash labs exploding? A single burn victim with no insurance can destroy the finances of a burn treatment center. How about a tax on the BHO canisters to pay for the costs associated with the fires. Hey, B of S?! There have been several instances just this month in Humboldt. Let us start with regulations and taxes on BHO production. At least the bail is half a million dollars per perp for those who get caught—those who have acted without regard to the safety of women and children in their town homes, houses, attached garages and apartments in Eureka, Freshwater and Blue Lake, etc. so far this month.


  2. What a complete cluster fuck. Thanks humCpr.


  3. Yep – 7 public hearings to convince each other why they don’t need to put any meaningful limits on outdoor or indoor cultivation. If the Supervisors don’t make major changes, it will be pretty easy to challenge. A Mitigated Negative Declaration has to include some mitigations!


  4. I watched the first several days of this and any attempt at putting limits on grows was immediately sabotaged by Ulansey.


  5. If you want to do something about it other than complain, help support the movement to force the county to do a CEQA review on each grow. The county thinks they don’t have to, but if the action was against the law it is not protected.
    Oh, by the way, the people considering filing the suit are members of HumCPR.


  6. Wow. This post is so spot on even Luke Bruner didn’t get on to argue!

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  7. With 58 counties growing it, who’s going to continue huge grows after the market is saturated? Meanwhile mom & pop special grows will continue to be sought after by past customers & word of mouth.
    With 58 counties growing, surely most will move on to growing something else under prohibition attack. Win win for those who enjoy Liberty over oppression.

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    • Also, have any of you compared your county’s proposals with the other county’s who are set to go, complete with prepared soil, water canals, and the rest of what it takes?
      Limiting Humboldt to 6 plants while the agriculture fields down south can grow millions, is a sad proposition.
      I’m sure the logging fees are rising accordingly, anyway.


  8. Humboldt Co. has never been known for making the right decisions in a timely manner. Oh well. How about a yawn for those who have the power but fail to make good decisions for their constituents.


  9. The BOS has had 19 YEARS to deal with this issue and it is wonderfully amusing to watch the headless chickens flapping about the coop. Do not fear, the black market is truly too big to fail, at least until the feds change the game. Whatever is decided by these clowns will be rendered moot in short order by the NEW & IMPROVED cannabis laws coming our way in 2016. Which will once again throw the whole mess skyward.


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