Zoo animals vs. The Homeless

So the City of Eureka feels compelled to pass a Municipal Ordinance to protect its Zoo animals!

We understand. It’s really messed up to allow harassment by people entering in to their habitat to tease, injure or frighten them. We totally get that, and support it.

But……………here’s our issue. How is it we can afford these protections for our feathered and fury friends at the Zoo, but treat our fellow human beings that are houseless with such wanton disregard?

Where is the bold forward thinking “progressive” City Council that liberal Jon brags about?

To make matters worse, at the same meeting as protecting Zoo animals they’re going to have the second reading of their houseless targeted so-called “nudity ordinance”.

Thumbs up to Linda Atkins, for not buying in to this bullshit discrimination. The Chief provided no strong reasoning for needing the ordinance and Linda Atkins saw right through his deflections.

It would be nice if Bergel and Arroyo could come to their senses, instead of kicking these people while they’re down.


8 thoughts on “Zoo animals vs. The Homeless

  1. Looks like liberal jon is taking matters into his own hands. He announced on his blog that he’s running for Eureka city council! Stock up on popcorn….this will be fun to watch.


  2. “Where is the bold forward thinking “progressive” City Council that liberal Jon brags about?”

    Not bragging. All I’m saying is let’s direct our anger accordingly. We did not find someone to even run against Marian we one by a few dozen in another race our opponents are not PRIMARILY Kim nor Natalie nor Linda. That’s my point. Prioritize and remember that government and our electeds are own our side (and that of the houseless) a great deal more than any private entity. (unless of course the houseless can pay for services rendered in cash or a soul).

    BTW, why this focus on the nudity ordinance? What about what seems to me to be a much more important Open Space Property Maintenance Plan? Linda voted for it, Natalie against and Kim abstained.

    No question that Linda demonstrates her years of experience and is a great representative for both those of us left of center AND Eureka citizens generally. Kim and Natalie are on the right path and are learning on the job as anyone would.

    JW is right but I’d be happy to bow out for any other candidate that also believes in government and public service with an emphasis on the public interests not private interests. Let’s go. Let’s find someone for the 4th too. While we are at it, it would be nice to find a race against those that brought us Ulansey (Rex and Estelle).

    I’m not bragging, all I’m saying is in 2014 we are made important steps in the right direction. The left can never give up on people power nor on reason and we do have to eek out both even as our bosses and the right make us work 40, 50, 60, 100 hours weekly to make a living wage for a married couple. Let’s own our anger and get out there and make positive changes.

    To make these changes, and to make them last, we are going to create a political infrastructure that lasts not for one election, or even worse, this or that headline-de-jour. To make these changes we are going to have to realize that we are all responsible and we can cast that first stone only as soon as we have done every single thing we as individuals can do.

    Or not. We can continue to complain and direct our anger chiefly at those who give us the greatest hope for change. Good luck with that.

    You are dreaming TE if you believe an elected can do this on their own. They will need a firm backing to make any revolutionary or even evolutionary change given local and national right-wing politics and the power of money. That is where we come in, at least in my humble opinion.

    “How is it we can afford these protections for our feathered and fury friends at the Zoo” A: (in the form of a question); How much will the expenditure be on the Zoo and how far exactly will that go to solve our houseless problems?


    • Too much whining, and no realistic solutions.


      • Take a look and feel of the solutions that we are currently living through. Remember that all these are happening in winter – not late spring. While NOT the final solution, the bullying, the signed responsibility pledges, are on the spectrum of police state responses to an economy that only serves a percentage of its consumers.


    • Congratulations LMOB!

      Ooops. Suddenly your self-censorship on Eureka’s new fear-based Homeless Policy, Nuisance and Nudity Ordinances, makes sense.

      Expressing milquetoast opinions, (or none at all re: bigoted public policies), is exactly what it takes to successfully confuse enough voters to win in low-turnout elections.

      Ain’t nothin “organic” ’bout it!

      It’s the nationwide strategy of insipidity…until a Bernie Sanders takes a firm stand, broadening the debate, and filling stadiums. The only local example I know is Larry Glass’s well-planned and costly event to fly a professional planner here to confirm that we can do better than Walmart on the Balloon Tract. The event’s video titled “Imagine the Possibilities” ran on KEET for months. It worked.

      It would be difficult, but effective, to plan a similar video-documented event with local homeless advocates and a keynote speaker.

      Beg your friends and advisers to pound you with questions far more challenging and persistent than mine, ie, requiring immediate salient responses. And above all, grow a thick skin.

      As human suffering from the continuing collapse of public investments, the economy, and environment become evident all around us, we’re seeing more aggressive legislation and individuals working to maintain the status-quo. Public outrage against both is not easily nor rationally dismissed as simply “being negative”.

      You are extremely fortunate that there is the promise of one countywide rent control initiative for mobile home parks, provided that you endorse it, making it clear that you are an advocate for working class families suffering the worse economic collapse since the 30’s.

      God’s speed.


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  3. I agree completely that we should treat our homeless equally to zoo animals. Toss all the homeless parasites in cages along with the zoo animals, and stop pretending tweekers are human. Then the ordinance will make sure people don’t feed them.


  4. Jon, not only do you need to find a solution, but a way to pay for it. Complaining gets us no where.

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  5. Thank you TE for pointing out another scathing irony.

    It’s nice to have so many services, second hand stores, and volunteers to handle our at-risk pets.

    Maybe we need to do a better job of informing local residents of just how poor a job we’re doing for our at-risk youths.


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