Republicans and Socialism

Two good letters appeared in today’s Times-Standard that deserve further distribution and discussion:


Folks, after the GOP debates I have seen the light: the beauty, simple logic and correctness of their plan for us. It is truly the Lord’s plan. No expense will be spared to ensure that life in the womb from zygote to birth will be successful. Once you are born, not so much. At birth each child will be issued a 9mm Glock and a $2,000 voucher (from the private sector — no big, bad government will exist) to make it through the rest of his or her life. Also provided will be a book of GOP instructions on how to live as FREE, responsible individuals: no banding together in unions, environmental organizations, or other reprehensible groups to confront the benevolent corporations that have given you life. Instead, face up to them as an individual. You can beat them (and their multibillion dollar lobbyists and law firms) if you try really, really hard. Also, in the memorable words of Romney and Bush III, expect no government “free stuff” like early childhood education, K through 12 education, health care, Social Security, etc. What is left of big, bad government will, however, provide you with an opportunity to join the biggest, baddest military in history. I can hardly wait for the next GOP debate on how to live my life.

Bill Allen, Eureka



Yes! The military is “the largest socialist enterprise in the world.” “Do you use public utilities, have your trash picked up, or frequent a public park, civic hall or museum? Surprise! You’re a socialist, dude.”
Socialism comes from the same root as society. It simply means we’ve organized ourselves to create a way of life that benefits as many of us as possible. We’ve evolved beyond law of the jungle.

Two categories of people yammer about America’s slide into socialism. One is the genuinely ignorant who really don’t realize how much we benefit from the degree of socialism we already have. The other category is the super-rich, who are anything but ignorant. They want us to believe they created their vast wealth out of the ether, all by themselves. They have no problem with getting paid three hundred times more for their labor than the woman working three jobs to feed her kids. No, their problem is paying taxes.

We have made the shocking discovery that the earth’s atmosphere and oceans financed the lucrative profits of industries based on fossil fuels. Our environment is paying the price. Now some of those profits must equip us to face the challenges to come and to take the next step.

Only one presidential hopeful advocates this: Bernie Sanders.

Martha Walden, Trinidad



One thought on “Republicans and Socialism

  1. Thanks for passing the letters along. The closest I come in our body politic would be left of center Democrat. Our small political ‘parties’ are just too small to have much impact on a “two party system”. We are actually have many smaller parties under just two big umbrellas. Pretty unwieldy even when the two sides come together to vote in a national government. I haven’t experienced the the parliamentary system, but, from the outside, it doesn’t look much better. It reminds me a bit of a rugby scrum. The two sides get in a big bunch and start pushing and shoving until one side gains superiority and then the object their intense interest squirts out and into their control. Interesting way to set national policy, don’t you think?


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