Will Verbena reveal the “bare” facts on Eureka’s “nudity ordinance”

"Homeless mom"

The real target is Eureka’s scapegoats for all that’s wrong with this town

Mills goes all “San Francisco” on guns and “Sandi Arabia” on nudity

Mills and the City of Eureka look to further criminalize homelessness and divert your attention.

We have to give it to our master of “smoke and mirrors” Chief Mills yet again. Eureka PR ace is (quite predictably) trying to divert the people’s attentions away from what’s really wrong in Eureka. He’s given us the salacious “gun and nudity” legislation ready to distract our attention for this next Tuesday’s Council Meeting. The good citizens of Eureka should be up in arms over the recent wave of gang related crimes and violence.

But before we get into Mills new sneaky legislation diversion to further harass the poor and houseless, we’ll take a quick chance to tackle his new gun law (or solution without a problem as Fred Mengels would say). Chief Mills is pushing forward a municipal code that would dictate how firearms are to be stored in the home or at a business. Firstly, the ordinance seems completely unenforceable on the face of it. How are you going to know how people store their firearms? The police can’t just randomly search your house(yet), so it seems to us that the only ones who will be speaking to the police about firearm storage are the folks who report their guns stolen from their home or business. In that case, what does the law accomplish besides reminding people that if you don’t lock up your guns (or any property) someone might steal it from your home during a burglary? But that’s enough about that issue. Even though Mills is trying to distract people from all of the GANG violence (4 unsolved murders in 2 years), we think that the second amendment adherents in Eureka will probably take this distraction on in court.

However, the proposed nudity law really irked us. Not just because the law is blatantly sexist and wrong (a six year old boy can run shirtless in a park but a 6 year old girl would be committing a crime), but because we think the real purpose of this law is to criminalize people who don’t have regular access to a bathroom. You see, merely “exposing” your genitals (including any portion of your “areola”, the ring of pigmented skin surrounding a nipple) will now be a crime if you “expose” yourself on any “Park, building, street, sidewalk, bike path, alley, parking lot, plaza, park, playground, pool, beach, or adjacent waters, or any place open to the public”. The law gives some exemptions for things like being 5 years old or younger, and breastfeeding. However, the law doesn’t take into account people who live on city property (like behind the mall) and would thereby criminalize people going to the bathroom in those areas. Without city provided bathrooms, hundreds of people a day will be violating this law by simply fulfilling a human need to poop and pee. Criminalizing this human need is Mills true goal with the code.

According to Mills public nudity is perfectly legal in Eureka, and there needs to be a law to prevent it. Now is the time to show that Mills continued war on the poor and stamping out of free speech is not going to be tolerated. We are wondering if local human right advocates are going to Let Mills get away with this. Specifically are James Decker and Verbena going to show up unclothed at the City Council meeting? We are encouraging citizens of Eureka and Humboldt (naked if you want) to attend this Tuesday’s City Council meeting.



12 thoughts on “Will Verbena reveal the “bare” facts on Eureka’s “nudity ordinance”

  1. First off, I don’t believe for a second that public nudity is even on a list of the 50 worst problems in Eureka. Especially in relation to public safety. Mills sent Chiv an email saying that EPD was powerless to do anything with man performing naked martial arts in front of children. Really??? I can only respond to that in one way; Mills is either completely ridiculous or a liar. I would encourage the council to get the time and date of this alleged incident and find out the real facts instead of relying on Mills word.

    Chiv took Mills at face value, and even went so far as to claim this was a law to prevent sex registrants from running naked through the streets. That’s not a problem now and if EPD can’t arrest a convicted child molester who exposes himself to children then EPD is the most ineffective agency in California.

    Now, when it comes to the timing of these two ordinances it’s so blatantly obvious that he’s trying to divert attention from real crime problems and further criminalizing the houseless. His “war on the poor” is a tragedy, and the “progressive” council should put a stop to his regressive actions.

    On a side note, is nudity really that offensive? Especially when used as a part of free speech? I don’t think so.

    The TE was correct to quote Fred. These laws appear to be a solution in search of a problem. What a waste of time when the council could be tackling real problems in Eureka.

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  2. Verbena nekkid? I’m glad my breakfast had time to settle before having that image in my mind.


  3. gun storage law: so you foolishly report your house burglarized via internet since they don’t bother ‘taking reports’ in person now, and taking fingerprints?…hawhawhaw…and so IF you have a gun stolen you will be fined/ticketed/arrested because you obviously didn’t store it properly?

    Well, that will certainly help the statistics.

    It seems mostly a Mills resume building measure, and we seem to be helping, by allowing it.

    Currently the victims in those statistics are those naive, bold, mad and or determined and stubborn enough to bother reporting the crimes.

    That will continue to change.

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  4. I was formerly a representative in southern California for the Naturist Action Committee, a legal and political adjunct to The Naturist Society. Now I live in Chico in northern CA. Although I am no longer in my former position, I want to find a group of citizens of Eureka who want to fight this proposed anti-nudity ordinance. I will work with you along with a southern California attorney and others naturist supporters who have already fought these kinds of cases successfully in the past. Please contact me at (530) 345-4860 or (530) 321-3964 or email me at brianakraemer633@gmail.com. Thank you.

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  5. Eureka just passed a Nuisance Ordinance without an appeal process after being warned by a local attorney that it’s unconstitutional; blatantly prejudicial against the poor, minorities and the innocent; it invites crime due to a cumulative “point system” that can cause deadly hesitation by property owners to call the police. And it invites litigation.

    Eureka just passed a punitive “Homeless Policy” that also invites litigation, leading Eureka city council member Bergel to publicly ask the mayor how to vote.

    For Chief Mills and staff, it’s time to pull out the “Wish List” no matter how prejudicial the agenda.

    It may please their God, but It’s not their money.

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  6. Thanks for exposing yet another bare as- attack on the poorest of the poor. I would caution that I think the author(s) ignores the fact that the EPD Chief is an employee under the City Manager.

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  7. The chief and city manager would get nowhere without a compliant council.


  8. Senator McGuire will be at the Warfinger this Sunday 1:30-3PM raising $ for his 2018 reelection. He’s trumpeting the recent victory for MJ property rights, and taking credit for “moving the economy forward”.

    Maybe someone should also be there to remind him that the economy is tanking, and the local victims lacking property in Eureka are being denied their rights.

    I’ll show up.


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