An Open Letter to the Eureka City Council; REAL crime

The scene at yet another homicide in Eureka

Eureka City Council Members,

This past week, the regular council meeting spent a large portion of time discussing and then voting on how to deal with the “Homeless Problem”. The conversation was robust, and heated, and at the end of the meeting a potential policy for dealing with the houseless behind the mall was passed (with Arroyo and Bergel dissenting). Many people spoke out at the meeting, identifying houseless people as Eureka’s main crime problem. Chief Mills wasn’t in attendance and didn’t speak on the subject, but he has guided the public debate and made it clear from his statements and the statements of his “citizens groups” that homeless people are the worst of the criminals around.

However in direct contradiction to that position, last night there was the 3rd murder in Eureka this year. The latest murder took place a few blocks from where another murder happened this year. The other murder was gang related. If this latest murder is gang related (which seems likely) then that would add up to 4 murders in two years being related to gang violence. That’s half of the murders in what seems to be a record breaking two years of violence in Eureka.

We believe that this council is intelligent, and really wants to do the right things for Eureka (even if we don’t always agree with the councils decisions from time to time).   Given the intelligence and dedication of this council, we have to ask one obvious question: Why hasn’t Chief Mills made reducing gang violence a top priority for Eureka?

This question is obvious given that there have been at least 3 and now possibly 4 gang related murders. In fact, the question is so basic that it begs another question: While Chief Mills has been blaming the homeless for all of Eureka’s ills, why hasn’t he even once addressed or spoken publicly about the topic of gang violence while he’s been in office?

We feel that Chief Mills is distracting people away from the true major crime issues in Eureka and instead scapegoating the houseless and most disadvantaged in Eureka. Of the 8 murders, we know that at least 3 killings were gang related and 3 killings were related to severe mental illness issues. But those topics don’t seem to be high on Mills priority list, at least from the programs and strategies that he’s been discussing these past two years.

Eureka City Council, we respectfully request that you take some action to ensure that the Eureka Police Department is dealing with one of the leading factors in murders; Gangs. No amount of distractions or calls for the eviction of houseless folks from the “Devils Playground” will change the fact that most, if not all of Eureka’s murders are being committed by people with……houses. It is time for effective police work which addresses crime, instead of ineffective policing that blames the most unfortunate residents of Eureka for all the cities problems.

Further please insist that the Chief stop “cooking the books” with his bogus crime stats which is just muddying the waters when it comes to understanding and dealing with crime in this town.



16 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Eureka City Council; REAL crime

  1. Mills won’t follow up on this he’s too busy demonizing homeless

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  2. I would like to know exactly how many shopping carts had a part ro play in these killings?

    Seriously. There were discussions at city coucil meetings, new municipal code(s) written, a dedicated EPD shopping cart “tzar”, and even a press release about the (imagined) spread of hepatitis from homeless using shopping carts!!!

    That’s a lot of time an energy spent on the issue and I’d like to know if that has helped with the skyrocketing murder/violent crime rate in Eureka? Has it helped in reducing home and business burglaries? If not then get your priorities straight councilmembers. So far it seems that you’ve been playing along with the Mills smoke and mirror show instead of doing anything meaningful to address crime in Eureka.

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    • JP, haven’t you seen the most recent crime statistics?

      Chief Mills’ valiant crusade against the rouge shopping cart problem has reduced crime in Eureka. There hasn’t been a single shopping cart attack in Eureka since Chief Mills took over EPD.

      I mean… numbers don’t lie… Do they?

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  3. If only there were some untapped source of revenue that could pay for the law enforcement and the social services our community needs…

    Many serious problems in our county have a shared origin: insufficient county revenue because our multi-billion dollar cannabis industry is untaxed.


  4. so cannabis really CAN solve all of our problems!!


  5. It isn’t spam, I’m making an important point 😉

    No amount of complaining will change the fact that these issues are rooted in insufficient funding. Every proposed solution, change in policy, etc, has a simple follow up question: how does one propose to pay for it?


    • Good Luke, I’m glad we will be expecting hefty taxation on Weed Inc. once it is legalized. I know that the responsible people growing it will be unlike most of the the rest of the good folks in the private sector and will be clamoring to pay for the expected very high societal cost resulting from the externalities of their chosen trade.

      These will include the enforcement costs associated with now insuring that Weed Inc. growers are not only legal, but their neighbors who might want to avoid these taxes are complying as well. This is a very big county and it’s going to take money to get to every nook and crannie. What is CCVH’s goal for taxation rates? Please explain this in a way a layperson can understand because I don’t know the first thing about this. Thanks.


    • So, your current proposed ordinance includes farmer worker housing?

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  6. Yes there has been some gang related shooting deaths in Eureka. How ever there has been several shootings directly related to people living in the Devils Playground behind the mall. Not only shooting but many other related crimes committed by individuals living in the Devils Playground. Just look at the items that were recently recovered from that area over $31,000.00 in stolen property. The businesses along the broadway corridor have had so much stolen ( shoplifting) and it amounts to hundreds of dollars everyday. And if you don’t believe me go ask the merchants. And look at the environmental damage that it taking place from all these illegal campers. All the raw sewage being dumped directly into the Humboldt Bay.


    • What you describe behind the mall sounds pretty bad. Trash, environmental damage, raw sewage and shop lifters, oh my. But I have to ask a question; how many people were killed behind the mall this year or last year?

      None. So, in your mind young men being shot and killed in gang violence should be a low priority, and shoplifting/poop cleanup should be EPD’s top priority, if I understand you correctly.

      That’s just plain crazy. Did you look at the bullet holes in the apartment walls of the most recent homicide? Could you imagine if some innocent person just sitting in their home was killed by a stray bullet? Good grief. If you know that gang violence is causing half the homicides during what seems to be a record breaking two years of violence then you do something about it, not divert attention to quality of life issues.

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