Sparks: “I don’t think we view this as an eviction-type process”???

public enemy number 1

Public Enemy Number 1 ???

The complete polarized dysfunction of the City of Eureka and it’s elected Council was showcased Tuesday evening. The Chief Mill’s inspired vigilante shock troops were there in force demanding that their dehumanized “scapegoated” targets be run out of town; threatening to use a “shotgun and a shovel” to solve the problem.

Civility was in short supply at this meeting. From the very beginning, Mayor Frank set the tone by shutting the mike off on James Decker who was alerting people watching at home what he felt was actually transpiring at the evenings meeting. “Verbena” Kim Starr followed that transgression with one of her own calling the Mayor an “asshole”. Well that’s how public comment started and it seemed to devolve from there.

There is a serious problem with crime in and around Eureka. We’ve been at the forefront of calling that fact out. The problem is proper recognition of the source of Eureka’s crime wave. We find little evidence that Crime wave is being driven by the increase numbers of Houseless residents. Let’s be clear there are parolees, thieves and worse mixed in with the homeless throngs and we won’t dismiss that fact.

Let get real though. The crime wave roots originate in the numerous flop houses, so called sober living houses and motels that have spread throughout the greater Eureka area.

This misdirection of the public’s anger has been carefully orchestrated by City Manager Sparks and his Chief of Police Mills. For example, the news media has been forced to be listening to police band radios (scanners) in order to find out what’s going on crime wise in our area. Even that picture is skewed by the increase reliance on cell phones by officers in the field. The net result is social media and the rumor circuit that is inadequately filling the void.

Back to the City Council meeting; Last year we whole heartedly endorsed Natalee and Kim for City Council. We still think that they are better the Newman and Albin, but where they have fallen short is they are too naïve and politically unsophisticated to be trying to spar with Mills and Sparks. The Manager and the Chief are seasoned political animals and they have clearly doomed these two elected Council Members efforts at every turn. Our advice to Natalee and Kim would be this: the city council should be directing city staff, not city staff directing the council.



11 thoughts on “Sparks: “I don’t think we view this as an eviction-type process”???

  1. Yes, but Natalie and Kim both voted no. It was Linda Atkins who aligned with the Brady Bunch to deliver this. Homelessness is not a crime, and if anyone thinks that Sheriff Downey is going to fill his jail up with a bunch of homeless people just because the City of Eureka passes some dumb ordinance that makes homelessness a crime, you are wrong. Fundamental misunderstanding of the problem


  2. If only we had some massive source of revenue and production in this county that’s currently untaxed… then we could tax it, and have the resources to address this issue. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    • Eureka is hoping to avoid trying to “enforce its way out of this problem” using the new strategy of “incrementally enforcement.” That strategy started with the notice to folks ALL OVER Eureka to move to that small area of the Marsh. The squeeze is on.

      Way back when I was providing info to both sides regarding landlord/tenant rights it was not uncommon to have to tell a landlord that no, stopping garbage service, turning off the power, taking the refrigerator and in one case the curtains(?!?) was not how to evict a tenant…

      Of course these are not tenants, they are people without a legal place to be because of various laws the City has passed over the last few years.

      I think Natalie and Kim understand that the Council directs staff; the problem is that three votes give direction. The winning argument was that having hired staff they should take their advice; but of course Natalie and Kim did not hire this staff but of course would prefer to work together. Not sure what’s up with LInda, her district benefits by the current policy of sending everyone to the other side of town? She thought Natalie and Kim would vote for this?

      Plenty of law enforcement present, I did not see the Chief at this meeting.

      This is a difficult issue…

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    • Luke, If only that untaxed business enterprise would provide housing for its seasonal workers. If only our elected officials didn’t send issues to committees to be discussed in private meetings with special interest groups…

      But, yes, removing the marijuana prohibition is as important today as repealing the alcohol prohibition was in 1933. And for the same reasons: increase tax revenue and end the rampant “lawlessness” and associated costs. However, let us not wait 50 or 60 years to address the social costs.

      And yes, I prefer the name “marijuana”. It has a more soothing sound than the harsher “cannabis” and running from the hispanic name hints at a bit of racism/culturalism.


  3. Yes, and Newman and Albin would have backed quicker evictions as Melinda did. I really don’t get it. Do you not remember that Marian did not even have an opponent?

    Complaining is great and easy. Have at it. You are good at it.

    A special kudos to Kim for being thoughtful. I commiserate with Councilwoman Bergel b/c I too ask questions and it gets me into trouble. People want or believe in easy answers. There are none here. The two sides have irreconcilable desires and Kim and Natalie are caught in the middle.

    For the record, I saw Councilwoman Bergel at the AHA tiny homes expo for a good part of the day. She is out there really struggling with these decisions, and rightfully so.

    Linda does have 7 years of this under her belt and I do believe she made the right decision based solely on the fact she is Linda and I trust her judgement. Linda has a very strong balance of dedication to the administration of Eureka’s City Government as well a an understanding that we are trying to enforce capitalism on those who have fallen through our society’s widening cracks.

    To Melinda this is easy. It’s trespassing. To Chet and Mike it would have been the same. I don’t even know what Marian thinks and nor does it matter. We decided her leadership did not need to be challenged.


    • ” I do believe she made the right decision based solely on the fact she is Linda and I trust her judgement.”

      I don’t even know what to say to a statement like that LJ. Wow


      • Jonboy….I think JP may have just turned in her fanclub card

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      • It’s true, and I stand by it. Linda stood alone fighting for progressive values for 6 years on the ECC. She works hard. She doesn’t take BS from party partisans nor from the right wing. She has been through the Mirror/Heraldo wars and lived to talk about it. I know her as a person. She lives in my neighborhood and appreciates it for the same reasons I do. She believes in a better, progressive Eureka tomorrow and has demonstrated she knows how to work for it.

        All that and she tells BMW mechanics how to do their job better than they can do the job themselves. Yeah, I’m a fan of Linda A. I would challenge anyone from Eureka to come up with a better representative for them up and down their political ticket for the past 10 or possibly 20 years. President to dog catcher. Good luck.

        BTW, coincidentally we are celebrating Linda as Democrat of the Year in Fortuna tomorrow night. Tickets may be available? I don’t know.

        And it’s interesting that Natalie and Kim earn your disdain for voting against/abstaining, but Linda doesn’t. What is up with that?

        This, however, is true…”Our advice to Natalee and Kim would be this: the city council should be directing city staff, not city staff directing the council.”

        We voted for them, not Manager Sparks. They are his boss, not visa versa.

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  4. There is no easy quick fix to the bigger economic/societal issues. But the council can help those who live illegally due to lack of housing. There is NOT a “no camping” law; there is a “Camping permitted only in specifically designated areas” law.

    The Council can designate areas. The Palco Marsh is not an appropriate area, but it works for pissing off environmentalists and pointing fingers at the Coastal Commission for rejecting what staff proposed, and only those in the room know what that was…

    The Council has been told that under its OWN Coastal Plan other public property in the Coastal Zone could be designated on an emergency basis. The Council has been told that state law allows them to REDUCE their liability on the property and set emergency minimal health and safety requirements by declaring a shelter crisis.

    Another factor is that Melinda and LInda are on the “Leadership Group” with Virginia and Rex and County HHHS staff (and possible City staff). There has been a bit of finger pointing of late; the City Manager has now found the City/County common ground: it is the Fed’s and State’s responsibility…

    But for those without housing winter is coming and, outside of the non-existant under designated areas, it is illegal to even be “making preparations to sleep.”$fn=altmain-nf.htm$q=%5Bfield%20folio-destination-name:%2793.02%27%5D$x=Advanced#JD_93.02

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  5. Linda Atkins made a mistake on her support to bury a draconian “Homeless Policy” at the conclusion of a long Open Space policy. They are human beings!

    If not for the bizarre advice sought from the Mayor, Bergel would have followed her heart and the vote would have been 3 to 2 for the “Homeless Policy”, instead of 3 to 1.

    It is important to support your candidates AND call-out their mistakes.

    Atkins’ vote against the equally draconian “Nuisance Policy” was appreciated.

    As we move up the food chain, tolerance of infractions increases.

    Arroyo should be an inspiration to all.


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