Simpson takes on Angeloff’s 10-year vision for Humboldt Bay

During the September 30th Humboldt Harbor District Commissioner Forum sponsored by the Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group, Nick Angeloff laid out his 10-year vision for Humboldt Bay. Nick stated he would increase shipping traffic on Humboldt Bay by bringing agriculture products from the Central Valley to Humboldt Bay via truck. In fact, Nick stated he had personally contacted central valley agriculture interests to see if they would divert their rice and other agriculture products from the Ports of Sacramento, Stockton and Oakland to the Port of Humboldt. Nick believes he can secure 5 million tons of Ag products that would be trucked to Humboldt Bay via highway 299. Nick said that trucking over highway 299 was feasible today because highway 299 had been straightened out. Nick’s vision would add 200,000 trucks/year or 548 trucks/day (5,000,000 ÷ 25 tons = 200,000 ÷ 365 days = 547.9 trucks) on 299. The empty trucks would return to the central valley for reloading. So here you go Absentee Voters… if Nick Angeloff is elected to the Harbor District, highway 299 will have increased traffic of 1,096 trucks per day and rice and other products will be loaded….Oh, Nick left that part out!

Nick, every elected candidate deserves public gratitude for running for public office, and for subjecting yourself to the scrutiny your vision is about to receive from me. So let me start by thanking you for your desire to serve your community. With that said, your vision won’t work. In fact, if the current Harbor District vision were abandoned in favor of the Angeloff vision, the value of Humboldt Bay property would be greatly diminished and the Harbor District would be bankrupt as fast as you can say HumCPR. For this reason, I pray that voters see through the Leo Sears/Bill Bertain politically driven lawsuit and re-elect Greg Dale as Harbor Commissioner. Greg Dale understands what I am about to explain to you.

Nick, central valley growers sell to aggregators i.e., ADM, Cargill and others. These aggregators own or lease infrastructure, such as warehouses, silos and railcars. The silos and warehouses are located on the mainline of the Union-Pacific Railroad. When rice is received by the aggregator, generally via truck, the rice is unloaded and placed in silos. When the aggregators receive orders, the rice is loaded in railcars and moved to the Ports of Sacramento, Stockton and Oakland for shipment overseas. Each of these Ports has existing infrastructure to receive, handle and load rice in to ships and containers. They also have an existing ILWU labor force that allows them to load 24 hours per day when needed. Let me spare you the suspense Nick, none of these aggregators will re-direct their products to the Port of Humboldt Bay because the economics don’t work.

Bob Simpson – Registered Republican


6 thoughts on “Simpson takes on Angeloff’s 10-year vision for Humboldt Bay

  1. I don’t think Mr. Angeloff is an idiot. Far from it. He knows that what he’s trying to sell won’t work for humboldt. What he’s selling will be potentially profitable to a small group “insiders”. I am grateful to Mr
    Simpson for pointing out the Harbor District scam that is trying to be perpetuated this election. Hopefully some voters are paying attention to the games and tricks. Hopefully the voters won’t be fooled yet again.

    Speaking of which, where are all the Marina Center jobs we were promised from the passage of Measure N?



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  2. These are important debates on the TE people should forward them to their Friends. The regular media is MIA on this attempt to turn back the clock to the fifties!

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  3. At an economic development conference in Orville this past January, I heard first hand from a walnut producer, how difficult it is to get access to shipping because of the congestion they encounter at the ports of Oakland and Stockton. He stated that many times they have had to truck their walnuts all the way to Houston Texas to meet delivery schedules over seas.

    When the nut growers were told of the Deep Water port at Humboldt, they were stunned. So much for local marketing.

    Mr. Angleoff has been going over to the valley on his own dime talking and listening to the nut growers, not rice farmers, believe it or not there is a difference.

    Mr Angleoff has also stated he has talked with local terminal operators.

    You make it sound as if he has committed a crime. At least someone running in this race is not fully satisfied with the status quo., and would like to see a better future for our kids, instead of mortgaging their future.

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    • Should we invest a billion+ dollars to ship some walnuts? If so, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya…

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    • OK, That’s Monte as in husband of Debbie Provolt, member of HumCPR’s advisory board? That would explain alot

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    • I agree that Nick should not be demonized for stepping up for his ideas and being subject to the never ending vitriol that is thrown at anyone that runs for public office; not for thin skinned people. That said, the issue this election is bringing to light is this: are we the public pleased with the direction of the present Harbor Commision in its effort to be both financially responsible and innovative in how it adapts to the present/future economic conditions. Or do we want to look to the economic approaches of the past. Unfortunately Nick has bought into the approach of the past and this means boom and bust and just plain hoping someone else will show up and make things better. This means investment with high risk, and if this occurs the tax payers end up with the ills and the environmental degradation. Mr. Angeloff is a good guy and he is believes he’s view is right and I respect him for that, I just don’t agree with him.

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