If you can’t beat ’em, then sue ‘em

begar train

The Humboldt Bay Harbor District election would probably be held without much attention if the Arkley/Ulansey/Mcbeth inspired “crazy train” advocates weren’t trying to pull every attention getting stunt they can come up with. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised because left to the issues alone; there is every reason to expect the incumbent Commissioners to be resoundingly voted back into office. After all they have taken the poorly run and nearly bankrupt Harbor District and turned it around to be a successful and functioning elected body.

Again I guess we shouldn’t be surprised given the track record of the “development at all cost” power clique in this county.

At the recent debate, the opponents really had nothing factual to criticize the incumbents over. Instead, they just started making wild claims. This would seem to put Richard Marks in an uncomfortable position because in the past he has allied himself with some of these folks. “I’m not really thrilled to be named in a lawsuit that I think it’s unfounded,” Marks said. “I’m hoping for the best.” If Marks sounds a little tenuous it’s because he knows who he’s dealing with.

It’s amazing how low the unholy trinity of Arkley/Ulansey/Mcbeth will stoop to “derail” this election. They’ll probably start using Mr. Chiv and the related Hum-Con to spew their lies and shenanigans………Oh wait, they’re already doing that. Apparently nothing is too low or salacious for these Choo-Choo Cuckoo’s.

We were going to include a smack down of that duplicitous snake Leo Sears but Hank Sims did a better job: http://lostcoastoutpost.com/2015/oct/6/locolloquy-leo-sears-writes-loco-about/


7 thoughts on “If you can’t beat ’em, then sue ‘em

  1. Mr. Sims did do a great job countering Mr. Sears.

    For his efforts the Train Gang got after him for being anti-train.

    Because I had nothing better to do I jumped in with the economic argument… which should be the Show Stopper Argument but evidently isn’t. Pointing out there is no way to make the train pay just does not register.

    Instead I was accused of being an anti-job elitist. Trust me folks, if you knew me you’d realize that the Venn Diagram of Me and Elite is two very widely separated circles.

    (Of course, since I know what a Venn Diagram is, then it follows I must be an elitist… can’t win for tryin’.)

    I try to be patient in such circumstances. I don’t pull punches when dealing with the ring leaders, but a large portion of the Train Gang are in it because they desperately want to believe.

    And from experience I know it’s no fun being desperate.

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  2. Had long conversation with Nick Angeloff about his platform to push the E-W train idea. His and the other train advocates are basing there whole plan for this on hope and nothing more. He says private interest have expressed desires to spend $$ to build this but when I asked who and what guarantees tax $$ wouldn’t be spent, all I got was generalities and wishful thinking. Sorry to see Nick has joined up with these loonies.

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  3. East is East and West is West, but never the twain shall toot..

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  4. A railroad is like a lie, you have to keep building it to make it stand. — Mark Twain

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