Which racist fool gave this speech; Arkley or Trump?

“You know, Dwight Einsenhower was a wonderful general, and a respected President – and he moved a million people out of the country, nobody said anything about it. When Trump does it, it’s like ‘whoa.’ When Eisenhower does it, ‘well that was Eisenhower, he’s allowed to do it, we can’t do it.’

That was also in the 50s, remember that. Different time, remember that.

That’s when we had a country. That’s when we had borders; you know, without borders you don’t have a country, essentially. We don’t have a country. Without borders, you just don’t have it.

But Dwight Einsenhower, this big report, they used to take them out and put them on the other side of the border and say, ‘you have to stay here.’ And they’d come right back, and they’d do it again and again, so they said ‘Wait a minute, this doesn’t work.’ And they took them out and moved them all the way South; all the way. And they never came back again; it’s too far. Amazing.

And I’m not saying this in a joking way — I’m saying this happened. It wasn’t working, they were coming back, and then they literally – literally – moved them all the way. A lot of the politicians – they never came back, it was too far. They’d put them on boats and move them all the way down South, and that was it.”

We thought it sounded like a talkshop interview from a couple of years ago with Robin Arkley, but alas it’s Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Scary!



11 thoughts on “Which racist fool gave this speech; Arkley or Trump?

  1. Race wasn’t mentioned, except by you.


  2. Anyone who’s buying what that Snake oil Salesman is peddling needs to have their head examined.

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    • Unfortunately, there aren’t enough psychiatrists in the world to be able to examine them all.

      Trump doesn’t scare me… it’s all the people who think he’s making sense that scare me.

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      • As usual the Republicans in the Republican Clown Car are all trying to out crazy each other, whoever is the Craziest Wins. They’re not even trying to fool people anymore, I’m on another page where they’re talking about how in Alabama where they’ve got really tough Voter ID Laws, supposedly to prevent Voter Fraud, they’re shutting down the DMV in counties where poor people live so they have to go to another County to get the proper ID to Vote. Good Going Alabama, You’ve brought back Poll Taxes and Jim Crow Laws because you’re afraid of Fair Elections and because Righties know they can’t win an Election unless they Cheat.

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      • The DMV closings in Alabama are all part time locations, and handled less than 5% of all license transaction. In anticipation of the closings, Alabama began doing online renewals. ROLL TIDE!


    • Why bother? There won’t be anything there.


  3. Slavery, KKK, Jim Crow laws, Sterilization of the mental retarder and Blacks, Segregation, Internment of Japanese during WWII, just to name a few, were all done by Democrats.

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  4. How in the Hell are Trump, Arkley, the Walton’s and their spawn going to raise their children, clean their homes and find their retail workers if they’re serious about such policies?

    Of course, they’re not serious.

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  5. Let us hope he is not standing at the finish line. President Trump.I don’t know if I could say it with a straight face. Back to your tower guy.

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