This is going to drive the right-wingers nuts

CVS to offer heroin overdose antidote without prescription

This is a life saver for addicts and will be big help for first responders.

Local Police and Fire spend a huge amount of time and resources responding to over dose calls. So this could potentially save lives and money.

Here’s the story from KRCR TV7 in Redding:

CVS officials announced last week they are making Naloxone, or Narcan, available to everyone without a prescription.

The medication has been widely used to counteract an opiate overdose from heroin or pain medications. KRCR TV in Redding has reported.

Here is their report  Dr. Andrew Deckert, with Shasta County Public Health, said the change is beneficial because it will help save lives.

“Over 44,000 people die from accidental drug overdoses every year in the United States and most of those deaths are from opioids, including controlled substance pain medication and illegal drugs such as heroin,” said Tom Davis, vice president of pharmacy professional practices at CVS.

“Naloxone is a safe and effective antidote to opioid overdoses and by providing access to this medication in our pharmacies without a prescription in more states, we can help save lives,” he explained.

Sharon Smedley with the Serenity House in Redding also believes the easy access to Narcan will save lives.

“We have a huge heroin epidemic and you can’t possibly get the people to the hospital in time. It’s impossible,” Smedley.

Deckert said Narcan is safe but without a prescription, he’s concerned people won’t know how to use it properly.

“Of course, if they are knocked out from an overdose, they can’t really give it to themselves,” Deckert shared.

He doesn’t think people will abuse the drug and neither does Smedley. She hopes it will help people seek treatment to end the cycle of addiction.

“For some people that is their choice and you can’t make somebody quit that doesn’t want to quit. You can offer them opportunities, which is what we do and that’s all you can do,” Smedley said.

The change will affect pharmacies in California, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Wisconsin and Arkansas.







21 thoughts on “This is going to drive the right-wingers nuts

  1. Why would this drive them nuts? Unlike the Libs, the GOP usually favor safer alternatives that can save lives.


    • Shake/YouHoo:

      You mean like providing hypodermic needles to addicts to prevent the spread of aids?

      And I don’t think you would want to even begin to talk about the Right’s fondness for women’s health issues.

      So I think the track record of Left vs. Right on health issues is not quite as you would have it.

      By the way… if you want to masquerade as two different people, you need a different ISP for each one of your personalities. Otherwise you get what we have here… two commenters with the same avatar.

      Just trying to help you out Shake/YouHoo… I’m a giving type of guy.

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      • Oh Mola, nice try at distracting away from the REINS act I mentioned.
        When it said “will be read by a liberal moderator, please check back later to see if posted” sign came up, I figured I may as well try out the name box & see if it goes through or not. Wow. Good thing I did, or you wouldn’t be reading my posts out loud. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
        Oh, btw, the GOP is not against women’s health, they’re against over regulating, over taxing and especially forced taxes on controversial issues. Take the taxpayers funding out of it, & voila, you’re back to the regular fights of babies are human beings too. No they’re not! Yes they are!


  2. Ever hear of the Reins act? The GOP reigning in runaway regulatory & taxing. It wasn’t the dems who fought for this drug to be reigned back, excused from over regulating &/or taxing.
    In fact, the republicans fight over regulations and over taxing.
    The dems fight TO over regulate and over tax.


  3. Exactly what is it about this that “will drive rightwingers nuts”? CVS was already offering this in other states.


  4. I’m surprised CVS is allowed the discretion to make this choice themselves. I’m assuming the standards for prescription vs. over the counter are decided by government agencies and bureaucrats. I know I’ve read a lot of news about the fight to make allegra OTC. Strange that they’d be allowed to do this on their own.

    Not criticizing. Just wondering.


  5. The FDA has empowered state pharmacy boards to allow this. It’s not just CVS.


  6. Boy, did you nail it this time. The right wingers are absolutely going nuts. All I hear all day long is how they are about to explode over this. I’ve heard that 70% of all right wingers can’t sleep, and their are many that are increasing their alcohol use. The word on the street is that they are just about to riot and burn down their own neighborhoods.


    • You’re sarcasm is ironic….right wingers spending time on this blog vigorously commenting about how they don’t care about this issue. Pretty comical.

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      • I doubt if you have, or ever will figure out that the purpose of this blog is to divide. Will out right wingers and left wingers, or should I say dividing people, this blog would not exist.


    • The TE is slipping. It’s surprising the header didn’t read….”This is going to drive rightwingers and Chief Mills nuts” . Very disappointing.


  7. Republicans have been waging a war against women for years.

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  8. Drug overdose is the #1 killer in Humboldt County for unintentional deaths.

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  9. “Alcohol and drug related unintentional overdoses is the leading
    cause of unintentional injury (UI) deaths in Humboldt County,
    representing 42% of UI deaths during 2010-2014.” (Humboldt County “Trends Report” page 21).

    Maybe the TE can be the first to “out” this report, no other media source has the guts. Our public “professionals” must be under strict orders not to utter the word “crisis” for any of a dozen well-deserved categories of local human suffering exposed by this quiet document.

    There was no press-release for it, or the previous Trends Report, or the one before that…

    Everyone must remain “positive” for the sake of capitalism in troubling economic times.

    Or else.

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