Lee Ulansey’s unrelenting drive to become dictator of Humboldt County

Bully Boy Lee Ulansey (the guy Robin Arkley describe as his “Hero”) is at it again. After destroying the General Plan Update and generally making a “tragic laughing stock” of the Planning Commission, Arkley minion Ulansey has set his sights on controlling the Humboldt Bay Harbor District.

It all started with Aaron Newman’s vacating his seat which will be filled by Arkley groupie Larry Doss. Then we have the Arkley anointed candidates Nick Angeloff in the 2nd and Susan Rotwein in the 5th.

Rotwein is running against Pat Higgins who is viewed as a fairly easy target because he is widely viewed as a blowhard that never listens to anyone but himself. That said, we have to admit he does ask the right questions and has cast informed votes during his tenure.

Angeloff is generally unknown to the public, except that he’s a big East-West rail supporter. In order to defeat the popular incumbent Greg Dale, they must slander, defame and make false accusations against this “well respected” community member. So here come the Ulansey henchmen, “The Hum-Con blog” and Leo Sears. They are being used to launch the contrived false accusations about Harbor Commissioner Greg Dale.

Leo Sears false information here:


More of the “Hum-Con” coordinated attack BS here:


Bully boy cartoon

Listen you upstart Dale, I run this County!

How did Ulansey get a dog in this fight you ask? Our theory is it’s all about a land deal between the Harbor District and Freshwater Tissue owner Bob Simpson for 16.5 acres of land separate from the pulp mill acquisition. Ulansey has been doing everything in is power to block this deal including going against the county council’s advice on the matter. Somehow lurking in the back ground of all this is Robin Arkley.

There’s no question of who is trying to slime Greg Dale, or that Arkley is trying to put his supporters on the commission. The question is, with an Arkley backed board on the commission, how much tax money is going to be wasted on the Crazy Train and how much money is King Robin going to make at the expense of taxpayer’s and the environment?

We’ll be watching closely.


40 thoughts on “Lee Ulansey’s unrelenting drive to become dictator of Humboldt County

  1. The THC is “all in” on this one.

    The problem for me is they may have raised a proper legal question. The problem being I don’t know if their arguments about Mr. Dale’s position on the Harbor Commission are valid or not.

    They (THC and friends) say since Mr. Dale is also a major officer of a client private company (Coast Seafoods I believe) his mere presence on the commission invalidates what the commission does, even if he sequesters himself from any discussion or vote that would concern Coast Seafoods.

    They make citations with long words that hurt my thinker that lawyers love.

    I just don’t know… it may only be one of those “My lawyer can beat up your lawyer” kind of arguments. But also consider if the argument is correct… nearly any business owner or operator would be barred from holding public office.

    If it is as bad as all of that, I find it curious that no one seemed to mind until just before this coming Harbor Commission election.

    As for the Crazy Train… they do love their trains at THC. I know because I opined there that any advocate of the East/West train proposal (I called them “railroad fantasists”) running for the commission should be suspect.

    The “discussion” got very interesting. What the heck, I had fun.

    Something the Matthew in the Middle said on his recent LoCO column comes to mind. In essence (I don’t remember the exact wording) he advised folks running for Harbor Commission seats to refrain from talking about trains. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

    I think what he was really saying was, “Ixnay on de trainbay talknay or doubay ixbe ylettingnay dourday realnay nagendamay shownay.”

    We don’t want to be talking about real motivations while running for office do we? Or even when running people out of office.

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    • He is Southwest Operations Manager of Coast Sea foods.

      Mola this is made up crap. If they thought there was really something there they would have complained to the California Fair Political Practices Commission a long time ago.
      This is classic election time Arkley/Chiv/Owens/Hum-Con type smear right before an election.
      Even if you took it to the FPPC now, it wouldn’t get settled in time for the election.

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  2. Why is Rex such a big supporter of Ulansey? Maybe Greg Dale should cut off his oyster supply for awhile.


  3. I normally wouldn’t respond to anonymous blog posts but in this case the assertions are so completely ridiculous that I cannot help myself. Btw, I have no intention of engaging any further. Feel free to fabricate whatever you would like.

    One: I am not now nor have I ever been an east-west train advocate. Do I think a train would be cool, yes. Do I think it is even remotely realistic, no. That said, I don’t particularly mind that those who do believe in the train passionately advocating for it anymore then I mind those who disagree expressing their opinion against. Mostly I think that both sides are just wasting energy that could be better spent elsewhere.

    Two: I consider Greg Dale to be a pretty good friend and an all-around good guy. I along with others encouraged him to run for the harbor seat in the first place. I also know and like Nick Angeloff. I think our community is fortunate to have two knowledgeable and committed people willing to serve on this commission. I have not made an endorsement in this race and have no plans to. I have certainly never made a disparaging comment about either of them.

    Three: With respect to the supposed conflict of interest issue at the Harbor District. It’s not really an issue that is of particular interest to me so I have not made any investigation into it nor do I have an opinion. That’s up to the lawyers or whomever else cares to figure out. I do firmly believe that Greg Dale is an honest person of the highest integrity and that if he made a decision then he absolutely believed it to be legal and appropriate. If it turns out that he was wrong it would be an honest mistake and nothing more.

    Four: The issue of Fresherwa ter Pulp is a matter of public record. I will say that during the course of the Planning Commission meetings I repeatedly voiced support for the project and that my only reservation was that one developer not be given special treatment or consideration over another without clear and specific codes and ordinances to support it and that we follow our existing General Plan. If anyone is interested in the actual facts I’m sure that with perseverance they can navigate the counties new and very challenging website to locate the video of the entire meeting. I’m not suggestion I could find it just that it’s possible. I am quite confident that anyone with an open mind will find the theme of the meeting to be an attempt to find fairness and equity. If any of the commissioners sole desire was to kill the project there was ample opportunity to try. In fact the project was approved albeit with some conditions. Check out the video.

    Sorry for the long winded response but as those who see the video will note I am rarely as concise as I would like to be.

    If your goal is simply to attack me then there is lots of fodder out there. You can certainly do better than this.



  4. Ulansey, Arkley, etc. are the ones that put Dale in office in the first place.
    Angleoff is going it alone, without the Ulansey machine behind him.
    The problems the District are self inflicted, and have been going on for months. The only reason it is being brought up now, is that it was the last agenda.


  5. yes indeed, if the citizen government standard was such there could be no benefit by any citizen/commissioners/elected officials every one would have to recuse themselves from every vote.

    This is smear and innuendo and total bullshit.

    If they had some specific evidence they should bring it, perhaps they could impeach all our congressmen while they are it.

    Denials remind me of the ‘won’t someone rid me of this meddlesome priest?’…trotting out some well spoken high ground bullshit while the mostly anonymous supporters whine and make shit up and exaggerate.

    Then there’s the by now very tiresome Chiv/Owen/good old boy talking point sniffing about anonymous bloggers/critics. Why should I identify myself when I rent from one of these good old boy dudes and put myself at their mercy?….right…you first, hero.

    And who is ‘the clive’ anyway. I looked in the phone book, not there.

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    • I like that the TE calls him Hum-con. He sounds a lot like the old troll Eureka Citizen to me.
      Ya Eyerollah where the outrage over they’re anonymity? Chiv, Rose any righties?
      Looks like someone punk’d them pretty good with that BS union letter.
      Ha Ha

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    • The law says that a person cannot be a director of a company at same time he/she sits on a commission, if that commission enters into a contract with that person’s company. In addition, any contract entered into in this manner is null and void.
      If this is not specific enough, then I question you dynamic thinking abilities.

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  6. This post is totally hilarious…. a Benny Hill / Bret Farte mash-up! I hope someone makes this story into a Dell Arte play next summer. Ken Miller can play Rob Arkley, Richard Salzman plays Lee Ulansey, and I wonder who would play blowfish Pat and monopoly-man Greg? The bud you’re inhaling is taking such creativity into paranoid delusions. When you’re having a bad trip remember what goes up must come down. Ah-h-h! There’s a boogie man under your bed! LOL


  7. Gee Whiz,

    Leo was the TE’s best friend not too long ago, even featuring his expertise (ha) in a post not so long ago regarding something City of Eureka related, and now that you think he’s wrong, he is a purveyor of “false information “.

    Personally I think he’s full of falsehoods all the time, not just when he’s spewing BS against thins/people I believe in.

    A little consistency would be great. Chicv/Thclive are dead wrong trying to blame Union leadership, especially when an official Union response denied involvement with the false email.

    Lots of fine regular posters from the TE have rightly called them out on this, yet when Lee U does exactly the same thing here and denies everything in this post, these same posters put their blinders on.

    Disappointing to say the least.


  8. As usual, Tuluwat staff and commenters go off ignoring facts.

    What false information is in Leo Sears My Word? TE should list a link to the government code.

    I have called out anonymous commenters and not just on the left. Read the latest Humboldt Consequential thread. Unlike you, I don’t have a one track mind.

    Gee whiz sounds a lot like not mola on THC. Someone is sure throwing every one under the bus, Leo Sears, me, Rose to detract from what?

    TE and regs, you see alliances where none exist. To you anyone who disagrees with your view is conservative and working together.


    • Mr. Chiv:

      “TE and regs, you see alliances where none exist. To you anyone who disagrees with your view is conservative and working together.”

      As the old saying goes, “Just because you are paranoid does not mean they’re not all out to get you.”


      • MOLA when your name keeps being brought up in unrelated matters, it is not paranoia. It is,a fact. You keep defending TE. They only get any action on this blog hating on certain people.

        If they had a clue about actual news or politics, it would be a shock.


      • Mr. Chiv. Did you call for Mike Newman to resign when he recuses himself from Chamber of Commerce votes? Or are you calling on Marian Brady to recuse herself for providing signage for Eureka and Eureka Main Street as the owner of Marian Brady Designs? Heck, even Virginia recuses herself from a vote related to OH’s while she was an elected official. This new push is a red herring, not supported by “case law” (as Leo claims). If you, or Ulansey, or HumCPR began asking for Brady’s resignation, it might be a more believable push. That’s not going to happen though, and anyone with a few brain cells can see what this is all about.

        Have fun on the crazy train!

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      • JP: apparently your ‘dynamic thinking skills’ are also deemed inadequate to Monte’s standards.

        …maybe it will be clearer after a nap…


        hey I know, Illegals, they have no interlocking directorships….maybe, and they are willing to do the jobs few Mericans want to do (commission posts go to the few same regulars who apply). two birds, one rock….



      • Actually, Mr. Chiv, you misinterpreted my cute paranoia bit.

        I was riffing off what you had said, basically accusing the left of seeing alliances where none existed. That’s why I included the relevant quote from your comment.

        I’m afraid your own paranoia betrayed you there.

        I’m going to give good advice to you Mr. Chiv (which means of course that it will be ignored): Mellow out. It’s a simple tactical error to get bent out of shape when people rag on you.

        Let it roll off your back and people will go back to behaving themselves (or at least will think you are a capital fellow because you can stand the gaff with good humor).

        Believe it or not Mr. Chiv, I’m on your side.


  9. JP, the only one riding a crazy train is you. Have you read the code Leo referred to? Mike Newman or Marian Brady are one of many businesses that belong to the Chamber of Commerce. They do not assign funds directly related to their businesses. Out of 5 votes. Greg Dale is one Commissioner directly employed by a business for an organization directly related to his field.

    There is no point arguing with anons who don’t have the guts to use their names. No one at TE has a clue how business or economy works or what conflict of interest is but you are good at selectively distorting information.

    Instead of ever answering questions, you guys just point out have you ever to me or anyone you cannot respond to with facts. Deflect and deny. Why is that you and the TE never cover Richard Salzman and all the conflicting interests he is involved in or the Peter Martin lawsuit that got dismissed as moot or …see I could go on and on. Why don’t you ever rag on anyone else besides who you consider the right wing media sources.

    TE is nothing but a cover for certain views and a handful of misfits who have never achieved anything in life or contributed anything to this community.

    TE smears people on a regular basis. It is laughable that you question legitimate facts being raised in an election. And they will be raised.

    TE has not an original thought. Who is the man or woman behind your curtain? Readers are smart enought to figure it out.

    Now as much fun it has been debating with you and the TE regs, some of us actually report on original news with our real names insteading of hiding behind anonymity and take responsibility for our words.


  10. “TE is nothing but a cover for certain views and a handful of misfits who have never achieved anything in life or contributed anything to this community.” (John Chiv)

    In a blind rage of bitterness we’re schooled by a self-esteemed “contributing achiever”?

    “No one at TE has a clue how business or economy works or what conflict of interest is.” (John Chiv)

    In the last 35 years we’ve had 2 housing bubbles collapse, victimizing tens of millions of homeowners and costing taxpayers billions, ultimately crashing the national and local economy. But, not one elected or appointed Humboldt County office has erected any hurdles to a 3rd housing bubble, in fact, “we don’t need no stinking GP Guiding Principles with those high-fellutin lefty words like ‘consistency, protect and ensure'”.

    When the entire political system is corrupt, where’s the “conflict”?

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  11. Re: conflict of interest, what about Lee Ulansey being President of HumCPR (an LLC) while settling a lawsuit with the county? Does that make that contract null and void? He says he stepped down when he got appointed to the planning commission but I bet he really didn’t – there are probably public docs that show him as president and Bob Morris as Treasurer.

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  12. Ulansey is a good turner of redwood bowls. I suggest he should go back to being bully boy of the trees.

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