It’s been a full year and Tommy McClain’s life still matters

Justice For Tommy McClain

Well, sad to say it’s been a full year since that fateful night on Allard st. We here at the Examiner have been doing everything we can to remind this community that Tommy McClain’s life matters and keep to this complete failure by EPD in in the public’s conscience. EPD is still being managed in a way that would allow the same reckless behavior to result in more innocent lives to be lost and at the same time being completely ineffective in protecting the public from Eureka’s on going crime wave.

In the last year we have devoted many posts on the subject. Here’s a chance to go back over our chronological list and click a post you might have missed:


Hey Eureka! STFU up about the Murder on Allard ave!…..Just forget about Tommy McClain

It’s been over a week since one or more EPD Officer’s shot Tommy McClain to death, while he was standing in his front yard. Two officers are on Administrative Leave, which would lead us to suspect there were at least two shooters. We’ve been patiently waiting for more information, any information, to be released. But […]


Mills: “There was a gun recovered. I don’t want to get into where……”(till we get our story straight)

On Wednesday, we urged readers to be cautious before jumping to conclusions regarding the young man who was shot to death by a Eureka Police Officer.  In trying to be fair and objective, we asked readers to wait for more facts before making judgements about the tragedy.  At that time, all we had was a […]


Gun or no gun, that’s not really the issue.

Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills did confirm that “there was a gun recovered. I don’t want to get into where exactly the gun was until I can prove that forensically to my satisfaction…..” For the purposes of discussion and debate for this blog post we are going to assume that the Police recovered a gun. […]


An unloaded BB pistol….REALLY! that’s all they got?

The EPD press conference held yesterday was heavy on spin and included misleading or false statements. EPD expects you to believe that 22 year old Tommy McClain tried to draw an unloaded BB pistol against several armed EPD officers. What was McClain going to do with this unloaded BB pistol…..Throw it at the police? Please! […]


The de-evolution of “public safety” in Eureka……. You had fair warning!

March 1, 2014 – Chief Mills, New Direction?????  May 29, 2014 Mills adopts “third world” policing model for Eureka: Police Chief Mills divides the city along racial and economic lines The horrific murder of Tommy McClain has been on the forefront of many people’s minds over these past few weeks. The lies, misdirection […]


In a deft move, Mills manages to compromise the only reporter questioning the Allard St murder

We have got to give credit, where credit is due. Chief of the Eureka Police Mills is one of the smartest, and probably the most devious Police Chiefs Eureka has ever seen. We say that after reading yesterdays article in North Coast Journal written by Editor Thadeus Greenson, documenting his last days as an ethical […]


The killing of Tommy McClain; No, we won’t be quiet.

At Commenter “JP’s” suggestion we’ve cobbled together these two comments from “Not a native” which we think clearly state the case. I agree that the split second decision Linwood made isn’t what we should be debating nor second guessing. The confrontation was set up by the police, they sent the patrol car past to ‘force’ […]


Expert: “It’s a bad shooting, period”. (the death of Tommy McClain)

It’s been a week and a half since the press conference regarding the murder of Tommy McClain. Over three weeks since he was murdered. There hasn’t been much follow up by the local press on this story, which is the way Mills wants it. Except, of course, an article from the North Coast Journal and […]


EPD Chief is not taking responsibility for McClain’s death, it’s on you Humboldt.

Well, The Eureka Police Chief was on KINS Talk Shop yesterday and was asked the usual softball questions from station owner Brian Papstein. In fact, Police Chief Mills spent about as much time talking about shopping carts as he did about the murder of Tommy McClain. Not surprisingly, the Police Chief regurgitated his version of […]


Demonstration and Petition for Tommy McClain

There is a demonstration going on near the Court House in downtown Eureka, taking place right now. Petition: Petitioning To: Humboldt County Coroner, David Parris This petition will be delivered to: To: Humboldt County Coroner, David Parris We request a coroner’s inquest into the unexplained, sudden, and violent death of Thomas McClain. Petition by […]


Tommy McClain

From Ms. Nikki: The weekend before Tommy died Josh’s brother Tommy’s cousin came to visit and we spent the weekend taking them to the redwoods and ocean. Tommy was so happy he spent money on his cousin buying them sweaters and just showing him a good time. He was proud of his job and got […]


Failure has it’s rewards

Apparently, the murder of Tommy McClain has had a real positive reward for the orchestrator of that catastrophe. Brian Stephens, the next Captain at the Eureka Police Department, was the leader in charge of the fiasco that resulted in the killing of Tommy McClain. His unannounced (at least to the public) promotion comes with some […]


“I cannot in good conscience…………..”

A letter in the Northcoast Journal was brought to our attention and it hit on so many good points we wanted to put it up here. Not only does it hit on what many in the community are feeling about the Murder of Tommy McClain, it also ties in the fact that Eureka is being […]


We aren’t supposed to know about this……..but

With little fanfare, and no announcement to the public, the Eureka Police Department will be having a ceremony celebrating the new Captains and Sergeants that have been promoted within the Department.  Why the secrecy????  Because the Sergeant in charge of the brutal killing of Tommy McClain is now a Captain.  Chief Mills has talked about […]


An important message from the Justice for Tommy McClain folks

From Justice for Tommy McClain: This Wednesday, at 2:30 PM, newly promoted Captain Stephens will be celebrated (along with others) at the Wharfinger Building. Who will join us out side and hold up Justice for Tommy tomorrow? They are promoting one of the officers involved in Tommy’s murder to captain! We must not let them […]


Hey Chiv; this is what real bravery looks like

This week’s swearing in ceremony was pulled off without a hitch. The Wharfinger was packed. It was a full house alright. It was full by direct order of the Chief of Police. Except for the 3 Justice for Tommy McClain folks standing vigil, there was nothing to stop the outpouring of self congratulations from Chief […]


A message from Tommy McClain’s Mom:

We have a long journey ahead of us to prove that the actions that took place that night Tommy was killed were wrong. Any of you that have traveled this journey already in your own (but all too similar) situations know just how long of a journey we are embarking on. With everyone’s support and […]


No indictment of Linfoot or Stephens, No big surprise; here’s why….

People continue to email us asking “why weren’t Linfoot or Stephens charged in the death of Tommy McClain”? Here are some clarifying points made buy sociologist Alex S. Vitale* in a recent article. It should be noted that Vitale only speaks about “criminal” prosecutions. The civil court system is currently the only area of justice […]


A tutorial on “Use of force” for Chief Mills (praise god & pass the ammo)

A spate of high-profile police shootings nationwide (including Eureka,Ca), has stoked intense scrutiny of deadly force by officers and driven a series of demonstrations across the nation and the Bay Area. But in Richmond, historically one of the most violent cities in the Bay Area, the Police Department has averaged fewer than one officer-involved shooting […]


Hey Mills! This is what real Community Policing looks like……

All over the country people are talking about police overreaction and violence. Here in little Eureka Ca., we’ve had mostly public silence and fear that greeted the news of young Tommy McClain being gunned down in his own yard. One can look squarely at the example Eureka’s Chief of Police Andrew Mills, who has not […]


Great cynical PR stunt Eureka! But, it’s not a real “Civilian Review Board”

On January 15th, the Eureka Police Department will be having what they are framing as a “Community Shooting Review Board” to look into the Killing of Tommy McClain. EPD has stacked the Board with at least 66% of it being EPD/Sheriff Dept alumni, and he calls that “community members” looking into the killing of Tommy […]


Oops, looks like Chief Mills got something right for a change

Man waving BB gun on 101 in Eureka is miraculously not gunned down by EPD! A Manila man was briefly detained near 5th and T Street in Eureka by the Eureka Police Department, after allegedly waiving a BB gun while walking on the sidewalk next to several businesses. We were struck by the radically different […]


The Public just won’t hush up about the unjustifiable killing of Tommy McClain

This past Tuesday, the Eureka City Council had a meeting which seemed pretty dull and uncontroversial, at least from what was written in the agenda packet. However, two local residents took the time to show up and speak truth to power. We commend you for your efforts, and your time wasn’t wasted. We and others […]


Justifiable in Eureka; 2nd degree murder in New York

Tale of Justice in two Cities: Eureka, Ca & New York NY While the exact particulars are different, there are some striking parallels between this shooting and the unjustified killing of Tommy McClain. The Examiner believed, and still believes that a second degree murder charge was and is appropriate for Linfoot and Stephens. A New […]


Ouch! …..Potential $20,000,000 Million dollar Liability. Thanks Chief Mills!

Tommy McClain was gunned down by the Eureka Police Department this past September. EPD has put their spin on what took place, and so far that has been the only narrative that held any weight. From the DA’s office, to the kangaroo “shooting review board”, all of the local government workers have tried to give […]


Important Message for Eureka and it’s City Council members

Tonight’s Eureka City Council meeting seems like a routine type of affair. However, two agenda items are way too important to be voted upon during the general consent calendar. Item #3 and Item #5 are regarding the claims from the McClain family for the wrongful death of Tommy McClain. Before the previous council changed the […]


Lose your son, too bad, claim denied. Then Mills adds insult to injury.

Not surprisingly, at last night’s Eureka City Council meeting the Council members rejected the claims from the McClain family for the wrongful death of Tommy McClain.  Many members of the public came forward to speak, and made clear that the tragic death of Tommy was not only a tragedy, but that the city should accept […]


From Tommy McClain’s Mom and Dad on his birthday

Tommy was an amazing and unique person. Growing up Tommy was always being silly. He was adventurous. Played sports in school. He was a typical boy. Loved to play hot wheels, ride his bike, swim, skateboard, play video games, hang out with his friends. He started drawing when he was young. He drew whatever came […]


Apparently at Mill’s EPD they’re “killing to be promoted”

McClain shooter, Stephen Linfoot, is rewarded by Mills Seven months ago, when the innocent young Tommy McClain was gunned down in his own front yard, the media, for the most part, gave EPD and Chief Mills a pass. Regular citizens were left horrified and bewildered. We at the Examiner began asking lots of questions. We […]


Federal Civil Lawsuit Alleges City of Eureka Police Shooting Was Unjustified

L A W    O F F I C E S   O F D A L E   K . G A L I P O FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dale K. Galipo,, cell: (626) 807-9317, office: (818) 347-3333. Federal Civil Lawsuit Alleges City of Eureka Police Shooting Was Unjustified  Today, May 7, 2015, Jeanne Barragan […]


Isn’t that the cop who gunned down Tommy McClain?

The North Coast Journal News Blog had a story entitled “An Old Town Arrest” a couple days ago: In the story, Author Linda Stansberry saw some conduct by a Eureka Police Officer that had all the appearances of being excessive force. Stansberry wrote, “Then, a second sound. A man shouting. Just as I look […]



5 thoughts on “It’s been a full year and Tommy McClain’s life still matters

  1. My heart goes out to Tommy’s family, loved ones and friends. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. WHEN-WHEN-WHEN will the community come down on the EPD for the deaths they have inflicted on so many people in Eureka over the past twenty years. At best their excuses are very weak, at worst, down right lies to cover themselves, the truth be damned. EPD sounds way to much like Ferguson Mo. The only difference is Eureka seems incapable of any righteous anger. That would require a backbone.


  3. There would be a lot more outrage if the coverage we see at TE were reflected in mainstream media asking tough questions.

    The NCJ’s Stansberry, Greeson and Goforth have been the only print-media reporters actually breaking the silence on many issues, but still generally failing to connect the dots within a subject’s broader context, failing to draw obvious conclusions and justifiably sharing public outrage with their community.

    Many more Public Records Act requests need to be filed and defended in court.

    Each horrendous report of negligence and the lawsuits and settlements that follow are typically published as isolated incidents.

    For example, statistical disasters like child abuse are usually reported in isolation of all the other record-high statistics, outside the context of rising poverty, the lack of affordable housing, a city awash in predatory industries, police wasting a fortune on harassing the homeless while propertied perpetrators of blight are completely ignored.

    We have both private and public mathematicians qualified to calculate the high costs of doing business as usual; having police, emergency rooms and jail handle the homeless, at-risk kids, the mentally ill, and the addicted, as opposed to, a mobile response team trained to diffuse crisis and get people what they need before a situation escalates.

    The public needs to hear the truth repeated and understand the full costs of our failures compared to the full costs correcting them.

    Wasting public money defending the indefensible is only possible with broad collusion between law enforcement, elected representatives, media, business, community professionals, and the unwitting support of uninformed residents.

    Liked by 2 people

    • “Wasting public money defending the indefensible is only possible with broad collusion between law enforcement, elected representatives, media, business, community professionals, and the unwitting support of uninformed residents.”

      One of the most insightful comments I’ve seen online around here recently. Thanks midnight anon.

      Liked by 2 people

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