“I like Eureka” …….,ten good reasons why you would if….


“I like Eureka” …….,ten good reasons why you would if….

  1. You’re a petty thief. You can steal from a wide variety of stores and never have to stay in jail.
  2. You’re a thug and you like to beat the crap out of homeless people. No worries Mill’s EPD won’t even bother to do a real investigation.
  3. You’re a full time Gang Banger for the 18th street gang. You can kill off your rivals with impunity because no one cares at Mill’s EPD they feel you’re providing a public service. No gang member has been prosecuted under the state’s anti-gang laws in Eureka for years.
  4. You’re a Heroin dealer with serious weight; don’t worry if they even ever catch you you’ll be let out on O.R.
  5. You’re wanting to grow Cannabis behind the Bayshore Mall, go head it’s obviously cool with Eureka since everybody else is.
  6. Your feelin’ kind of stabby! This is the town for you, stab to your hearts content especially the homeless or a transient. EPD will intimidate your victim, so not to worry they won’t cooperate.

Well, we could only find six good reasons


10 thoughts on ““I like Eureka” …….,ten good reasons why you would if….

  1. I normally love your blogs but this one is over the top! This one does good for no one. You can do better…


  2. My neighbours are so disgusted with this town they’ve been trying to sell their houses for years now with no takers. I think they’re going be forced to move and then rent them out.
    And so the cycle continues….


  3. Gangs are getting bolder and more visible around Eureka. The cops seem be avoiding them.

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    • But of course! If EPD were to get tough on the gangs, TE & Co would scream that EPD was too rough on the “poor” gangbangers. Same goes for the bums, panhandlers, drug addicts/dealers, and transients; each should be coddled, given handouts, and free housing, according to TE & Co.

      This is another attempt by TE & Co to bash EPD while still maintaining the ‘do nothing but complain’ standard that is a Eureka standard.

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    • Do you remember the gang shootings at the mall food court? 20/30 park? Eureka crips that shot and murdered that young girl?

      Oh you’re new to the area, its soooo bad here.

      Devils playground has NOTHING on the old south spit.

      None of this shit is new to Humboldt, most of you just didn’t care then or are new

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  4. I saw in an NCJ article that local businesses will be “policing” the new parklets themselves. My guess is that means they will be calling the EPD when they see bums loitering. Then the whining will be that they took too long to respond, or they’re harassing the homeless. And it says the council is looking to make alcohol consumption legal in the parklets. This should be fun to watch.


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