Robin P. Arkley: Humboldt’s homegrown Trump

arkley conductor

Trump is extremely arrogant and believes the world revolves around him just like our very own Robin P. Arkley. The matching personality traits don’t stop there. They both love to demean people and bully people, particularly people they have some perceived power over.

These two have used the money and political influence to try and avoid being subject the the same rules and regulation the rest of us have to deal with.

Both Arkley and Trump claim to be ardent supporters and defenders of free market Capitalism, but both have repeatedly sought protection from debt collectors’ through government bankruptcy regulations.

Now we have one more big issue that these two despicable bullies have in common; they’re both sexist bigoted racists!

Check out this sexist, racist Arkley bullshit on KINS talkshop:


it’s about twenty minutes in.


46 thoughts on “Robin P. Arkley: Humboldt’s homegrown Trump

  1. C’mon, you guys aren’t even trying anymore. At least in the past you would attempt to pass off your impotent rants as some kind of analysis with a picture that tried to confuse the reader that you were making a point that was part of some larger vision. Now this feeble comparison…

    Also, it’s hilarious that you tried to smear John Chiv, a man who, as far as I can tell, actually provides an important service by reporting on the local court system. I certainly read him from the other side of the country What’s more, JC actually does it under his OWN NAME, because he has some integrity. And then people can hold him accountable for what he writes, if they choose. Not that the Tuluwat’s writer(s) are capable of engaging in an intelligent critique of anything. You could at least garner a shred of respect for this terrible blog if you added a name, though.

    It’s one of the great ironies of the Tuluwat that every one of its posts involves an ad hominem attack, and then feebly tries to link this to one of its favorite issues. Yet the posters of this blog would never think of standing by what they write with their own names. That would mean they would have to defend their views, you know, like people who contribute to public discourse actually do.

    As long as you stay anonymous, you all are just spewing verbal diarrhea which no one would (or should) ever take seriously.


    • There are more Donald Sells n this country than there are anonymous local people posting on this blog. You should be proud of how brave you are.

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    • Donald Sells:

      Thank you for spending over 250 words to declare you don’t take seriously what is said here.

      But let’s do a case history on your anonymous poster theme:

      Let’s say there is an old gimpy disabled person with two dogs who has a landlord that drives around with an “OMG: Obama Must Go” sticker on his/her BMW.

      Lets say the gimpy old person with two dogs has a month to month lease on that person’s rental house; the gimpy old person can move out with 30 days notice and the landlord can end the lease with 30 days notice (no cause required for either party).

      Let’s say the landlord gets pissed off about what the gimpy person says in the blogs and ends the lease. Let’s say the gimpy person (with two dogs) can’t find another place (NO DOGS!) and winds up in front of a Safeway with that person’s dogs and a cardboard sign that says, “Will Bark for Food”.

      Let’s say the gimpy old person would prefer to avoid that fate.

      Does anyone forfeit their right to speak their minds because they don’t own their own home? Or are vulnerable in other ways?

      I’m not saying everyone is in the the same position. I am saying that many, if not most of us, feel the need for protection from the stronger members of our society. That is a reality you evidently do not understand.

      I’m glad that you Mr. Sells (IF that is your real name, how would we know? You are really as anonymous as the rest of us.) feel comfortable in using your own name in a blog. Does that alone make your ideas any more worth hearing than anyone else?

      You, Mr. Sells, are stuck on a self-righteous non-issue.

      What Mr. Chiv did would have caught him his fair share of grief no matter if he used his real name in his blog or not. His use of his real name does not excuse what he did.

      For the rest of your post, I think JP covered that admirably.

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      • Mola42, I think Don Sells called your sorry ass out and I think it’s hilarious. He said what I have thought all along, you are a blow hard, self consumed with a strange idea that your opinion matters to more than a handful of like minded minions.


      • No, I don’t take you seriously. But I take the state of public discourse in Humboldt seriously, because I grew up there, and I personally loathe sites like this because they are breeding grounds for ignorance and incivility. And Humboldt, to be frank, has too much of that already. I’m allowed to care about this.

        That analogy is a completely incoherent. But if I look for your point – I’ve graded my share of badly written essays, so I know how to supply the sense that the writer can’t – you don’t want to put your name to what you write because…somehow you think you will be victimized? Is your landlord one of the people you said very nasty things about? Is he Donald Trump? Anyway, that list can’t be very many people: this blog tends to go on and on about the same people we are supposed to think are evil, without offering much evidence: the chief of the EPD, a cop who shot a drunk, erratic man with a pellet gun at night, Arkley…a guy with a bumper sticker that says “Obama Must go”. I suppose anyone else you disagree with.

        And YES, your ideas aren’t worth hearing because you aren’t willing to make the basic concession of publicly standing by them. How is this so hard to understand? The point is that other people can also be targeted by revealing their names publicly, OR, which I think is more relevant here, when someone else names them publicly and says all kinds of horrible things about them (which may or may not be true) even. Yes, believe it – the people you constantly accuse of corruption, murder, racism…these people can also be targeted and harassed.

        You think some crazy idiot couldn’t possibly go after this cop you keep accusing of murder. Isn’t that what the courts are for, to decide issues of justice when all the facts have been examined? But please, tell us all how everyone you criticize has Trump money to punish you, the poor, vulnerable one with no rights. Is Mills going to force your landlord to evict you, because you’ve said hilariously over the top things about him? He seems more like a cartoon villain than a police chief, when I read your rants.

        Anyway, you aren’t living in Feudal England, so please stop pretending like your victims have any interest in retaliating against you. I doubt many people besides your dozen or acolytes even know this blog exists.

        But let me say I completely understand why you would expect some retaliation. Given how unfair, vicious, and slanderous your posts are, how could you not think you would get some comeuppance? A good solution, I think, would be to stop doing what your doing. And maybe go to grad school, for journalism, to be frank, where you could learn about ethics in journalism. (I know, I know, what you are doing isn’t journalism…).

        Your excuse for hiding in anonymity is cowardly. And the editors of LOCO (Honestly, what are you thinking?) actually reduce the integrity of their site by linking to it, as long as they continue to pretend like it’s a source like Kemp, North Coast Journal, etc.


      • Self-righteous non-issue is a better description of you and this blog.


      • DireWolf:

        Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!

        You’re funny too. So there.

        By the way Mr. Sells, what DireWolf just demonstrated here was an ad hominem attack.

        Just so you will know what a real one looks like.

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    • Mola, geez I just got this place, don’t out me, ok?

      I might have more than one dog, or not….I ain’t just saying…and I may not be gimpy. old. or a man.

      then again…

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  2. Posting under your own name does not make your observations accurate as we see here. Chiv does provide a public service but he also sometimes uses poor judgement as clearly were able to observe.

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  3. That “nasty little man” Chiv has wet his pants he’s so gleeful over Mr. Sells comment he even made a post about it.

    Hey TE folks don’ t pay any attention to Sells or Chiv. Great post today! Arkley should just stay in Baton Rouge with his KKK pals

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  4. Y’all just can’t stand the fact that Arkley gave up on the area long ago and moved on.


    • Moved on? Then why is he speaking ill about people of color on talkshop?

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    • True! Arkley moved to Louisiana; his only ties to the area are property holdings that he lets sit undeveloped. Someday, when people in Eureka, like Mola, wake up from fantasyland, and decide Eureka needs jobs and development to survive, rather than budget draining handouts, Arkley’s heirs may consider reinvestment in Eureka.

      Until then, we are all stuck in the Eureka muck that Mola & Co keep alive with lies and bullshit.


      • Lee:

        I must be one powerful dude… single-handedly holding back the forces of progress by my mere Force of Will alone.

        Fortunately, I don’t think of myself as highly as you seem to do.

        I wrote scads of anti-Walmart comments over the years. And folks like you told folks like me that we were standing in the way of jobs and progress and fluffy little kittens.

        Yet, lo and behold… Walmart set up their store here anyway.

        How did they accomplish this mighty task? How did they triumph over all the awesome power of us progressive nay-sayers?

        The Walmart folks just stopped waiting on over anxious locals trying to give them freebies… went ahead and did what they were supposed to do as far as permitting and such was concerned… and moved in.

        You don’t get it do you?

        I could never stop Walmart. I can’t stop Home Depot. I can’t stop ANYTHING. If Home Depot wanted to break ground tomorrow somewhere in Eureka they’d be on it and doing it. Period. Full Stop. That’s all she wrote.

        If Arkley wanted to follow the rules the rest of us have to follow then he’d have his Marina Center by now. I and my legion of ruthless henchmen had nothing to do with that sorry story either.

        Walmart went ahead when they realized they ran out of heavy breathing local suckers desperate to give away the farm to them and decided it was worth their while to open a store here anyway.

        That is all I and my ilk did.

        Which is better than nothing I guess.

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      • The Arkley’s still have there home on Buhne in Eureka, where we’ve seen them quite often.

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  5. What a coincidence that whatshisnamefromouttatown whines about the TE and whines about the anonymous commenters.

    Of all the blogs in all the internet someone bothers to defend who fg cares about what a someone says about him out here in this broke ass town yet his mighty defender from Far Away rides in to the rescue, pretty funny really.

    More smirking mr sells, we haters need it desperately, it’s like food from the likes of you mr outta town.

    Well said Mola, as always.

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  6. I am not going to listen to it, but thanks for writing about it here, TE staff.

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    • I don’t blame you. I had to listen all the way to the last three or four minutes of the show to get to what the TE was talking about.

      All the rest of the show was a love letter to Donald Trump.


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      • Frenzied Trump Supporters Admit They’d Be Just As Happy Tearing Him To Pieces
        ‘We’re Just Mad And Want To Destroy Something,’
        Say Candidate’s Backers”

        WASHINGTON—Saying they simply needed something to direct their anger toward, the nation’s frenzied
        Donald Trump supporters admitted Thursday that, if circumstances were different, they would be just as
        happy tearing the Republican frontrunner to pieces. “To be honest, I’m just violently mad, and Trump’s done
        a great job of pointing me in the direction of things to
        wreck—although, if things change and I end up
        mercilessly ripping into Trump instead of rabidly
        backing him, that would be just fine too,” said Nashua,
        NH resident Jeff Waldman, echoing the sentiments of
        hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters

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    • I listened to it, and most of the time you would have thought he was a liberal. He called out Megyn Kelly, John McCain, Bob Dole, and bankers. He obviously likes Trump, but he didn’t do a Chris Mathews saying that “he gave him a warm feeling down his leg”. But the sexist and racist part?? I heard statements of fact, and everyone knows nothing pisses of liberal like facts!


      • (Here Robin’s sexist racist remarks showing Just Watchin to be Trump/Arkely shill)………………….

        “I used to think it was black men that we’re responsible for the black lack of family units. We’re creating a pretty low bar for the women…….The mother…..I mean they have six different babies with six different men……..I think the women every bit as much to blame as the men, maybe more so. I was mad I went through a phase of saying the men, they’re not there. Listen the women are obviously letting the men into a pretty vulnerable spot. I think we need to take a more mature look at this at say it’s both and there’s no excuse.” Robin P. Arkley KINS Talkshop

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      • Like I said, he was stating facts, and you just can’t handle the truth. But your ignorance on the issue isn’t surprising… average NBA team has more blacks than Eureka does.


  7. Donald Sells (5:38):

    I’ll continue the discussion down here for perhaps some additional clarity.

    Have you read anything I’ve written (including my answer to you)? Who have I slandered? Do you know what the word “slander” means?

    I have said rough things about some folks but there is a difference between being critical of a person (especially of one in a position of power and/or privilege) and being slanderous. Get a dictionary, look “slander” up.

    Do not confuse me with the staff of the Tuluwat Examiner. I write an occasional article, that’s all. I do not speak for them. They don’t consult with me when they publish an article. Perhaps your comments would be more effective if you improved your aim.

    But I challenge you to actually pull a slanderous statement (one on which you can legally sue someone in court and reasonably expect to win) out of any Tuluwat Examiner article. It can’t be done. You see, I’ve been to Journalism School, I do know what slander (and libel too) actually is.

    As for your other faults… I can’t help your lack of reading comprehension. You no doubt are so used to reading what you expect to read (all those exam papers you graded) that you wouldn’t know an original idea if it bit you on your nose.

    That may explain your confusion.

    No, we are not living in feudal England. We are living in 21st Century America where the One Per Cent own most of everything and retaliation is just a notarized letter away. Is that stated clearly enough for your taste?

    As for myself, I use my handle for a variety of reasons, privacy being the main. But I have behaved here and elsewhere in such a way that if someone were to divulge my secret identity (I sound like some kind of super hero) I would still be able to stand by everything I have said with no embarrassment.

    In short… using your name Mr. Sells (if it is your real name) still does not keep you from sounding as a fool. Not using your real name does not make any difference to the content of your thoughts. Is that stated clearly enough for you?

    Again… What you are on about is nothing more than a self-righteous non-issue. You can’t defend your like-minded fellows with logical reasoned argument so you resort to crying foul over nothing.

    I think I am done with you.

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    • I’ve got so many whacked out trolls that follow me around that giving out my real name is about the last thing I’d think of doing, otherwise one of those creepy weirdo Stalkers is likely to show up at my front door with a gun or something because I gave them a verbal thrashing over the interwebZ and I know exactly what you’re talking about as far as being concerned about retaliation from some of the local Fat Cats too, It wouldn’t be at all surprising for one of them to kick me to the kerb or arrange for it to happen because of things I’ve said on LOCO or here that were absolutely the truth and weren’t in any way shape or form close to being Slanderous. Folks like “Donald” up there just don’t like opinions from the lil folks like us to be heard because it makes them uncomfortable when we point out the Fat Cats hypocrisies and misdeeds and as far as I’m concerned that’s too bad, suks to be them.

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  8. “…when people in Eureka, like Mola, wake up from fantasyland, and decide Eureka needs jobs and development to survive, rather than budget draining handouts, Arkley’s heirs may consider reinvestment in Eureka. Until then, we are all stuck in the Eureka muck that Mola & Co keep alive with lies and bullshit.” (Lee).

    With the exception of Arcata, Trinidad, Blue Lake, and the current Eureka city council, the right right wing has controlled every elected and appointed office in Humboldt County forever.

    Their legacy is today’s high state and national rates in every shitty indicator of low-pay, illness, poverty, drug abuse, child abuse, suicide, infant mortality, and fatalities of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

    The reason they fund and win most elections is to ensure that public handouts continue to flow into their “investments” that have driven our communities into unfunded liabilities, building subdivisions few can afford miles from downtown far beyond infrastructure capacity, while undermining adequate inventories of affordable housing. Turning over cheaply acquired brownfeilds to big boxes and hotel chains paying poverty wages, they’ve welcomed an unregulated rental market and other unregulated predator industries that turn poverty into destitution:

    Pawn shops, storage units, slumlords, check cashing, usurious loans for autos and homes, reverse mortgages, payday loans, rent to own, rental agencies, debt collection, liquor stores, bail bonds, job scalpers, distressed loan servicing, dollar stores, debt adjusters, among others.

    Like countless other communities, Humboldt’s economy would collapse tomorrow without the state and federal “handouts” to the people most injured by 35 years of job exports and public divestment in education, housing, infrastructure, social services, job training and the jobs this once created.

    America never experienced feudalism and the right-wing has every intention of changing that.

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    • ….”the right right wing has controlled every elected and appointed office in Humboldt County forever.”
      I’ve asked this question many times on these local blogs and never gotten an answer: How does an overwhelmingly liberal and left wing area like Humboldt continue to elect conservative officials? I’ve wondered in the past if it isn’t so that liberals can whine and place blame when things don’t go their way. Any ideas?
      And as for big box hating…..looks like you’ll have your wish when Sears and K Mart close, and Walmart moves outside the city limits. Good luck replacing those tax dollars.


  9. My power just keeps expanding. I’ll someday soon control the universe too.

    I get the sense that somehow my fellow minions and myself have caused Sears and KMart to leave the area.

    Damn I’m good.

    Walmart caused Sears and KMart to head for the exits. As predicted, I might add. I might also add that when Walmart opens it’s new digs out of the city limits, they will also be taking with them the lost benefits of local businesses that kicked the bucket because they could not compete with Walmart.

    Also as predicted.

    No, I just lied. Really it was my nefarious war against all that is good and decent that caused all of these things to happen. Thank you ma’am, just doin’ my job.

    I should warn you all; members of my Science Division are breading giant Dungeness Crabs to crawl out of the bay and destroy human civilization as we know it.

    Don’t thank me, just part of the service.

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    • MOLA… no opinion on how conservatives keep getting elected?


      • JW: Mola & TE Co will never be able to provide you with a straight answer to your question.

        They blame the woes of Eureka on conservatives, claiming that is the master plan of the right wing to keep out jobs, keep the masses poor by forcing them to frequent pawn shops, storage facilities, auto dealerships, and rent apartments. Meanwhile, progressive liberal governments have historically been elected in Eureka, yet conservatives get blamed for the handouts, crime rate, drug use, and blighted city streets.

        Mola’s only response is “the conservatives did it”. Yet on other articles, Mola whines that the progressive Eureka council majority are ” do-nothings”; having failed to act properly since last fall’s election.

        Mola can’t answer your question, since the answer would, in itself, prove Mola has been full of crap for so long.


      • Lee-

        It took 3 days for you to come up with that comment?


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      • JP:

        I’m afraid so.

        Lee hasn’t been particularly rational these past weeks because he just can’t make any progress here. He desperately wants to show-up the Tuluwat Examiner and is frustrated by the knowledge that really… he’s outgunned on every confrontation.

        That’s why I suggested he approach us with respect rather than derision… he’d make better progress that way.

        And like always… the more sensible I get, the more I get ignored.

        He’s also failed to notice two other important things… I’m not the official spokesperson for any particular “ism” and therefore do not “owe” responses.

        Second, he’s failed to notice I do not respond directly to JW comments.

        I suspect Lee is going the Joe Blow route… not that Joe Blow ever minded being Joe Blow.

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      • Aw MOOLA… you’ ve hurt my feelings….


      • Once again, Mola would rather avoid a simple question, and declare defeat, than come up with an answer supported by facts.
        When Mola’s B.S. rants, and TE’s fabricated untruths are exposed for all to see, they revert to their same old tactics of attacking the individuals, rather than providing support for their views/opinions.

        Mola, I suppose the “progressive city council”, that you so proudly supported 9 months ago, is now a ” conservative ” Brady Bunch remake and is to blame for all of Eureka’s woes, just like previous councils? Your own council choices have abandoned you, after realizing that fantasy views don’t work in the real world.

        I’ve been reading past “articles” archived on Tuluwat, and have found only ONE commentator that made any true impact on the community by using facts and truthfulness.

        Perhaps the mysterious “Eureka Citizen” should return and take advantage of the new council thinking; at least “EC” had working ideas based on facts that the residents could understand. “EC” also had an ability to rally the Eureka residents in a way TE could only dream about.


    • Obviously, you don’t keep up with financial news. Kmart & Sears, which merged years ago, are going bankrupt again. Walmart had nothing to do with their local closings; Sears announced the local stores would close as part of phase one of the entire corporation closing.

      Get the facts straight! Oh, that’s right, this is TE, where lies and half baked ideas are priority one.


      • Lee:

        I have. Why do you think this area is Phase One?

        I have an idea, Lee. We can do this just for giggles and see how you like it…: But maybe you can actually behave like you have at least a modicum of respect for those you disparage here and maybe… maybe… we might have a useful dialog for once.

        I know it’s a radical thought but just go with it.

        Because, quite frankly, Lee… You are boring me. Seriously. You keep setting them up and I keep knocking them down. On and ON it goes. Where’s the fun in that?

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  10. The only useful purpose I see is each poster maintaining their world-view as it applies to each issue. It’s a forum that would be shut down tomorrow if it was determined to have broader effect outside the internet.

    To argue that the largest single retail employer on Earth has no impact on the smaller retailers is idiotic, despite their desperate mergers.

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  11. Sorry for my delay in replying, but I was out of town on business. Unfortunately, I see that Mola still avoided answering the question that was put forth.

    As usual, JP, Mola, and TE “staff” can only come up with negative commentary against others, while ignoring facts and legitimate questions.


    • As usual, Lee can only come up with negative commentary against Mola and the TE, while ignoring the facts and legitimate questions they bring up.

      Wow…that was easy.

      I think this comment conversation is in a stalemate, mostly because you don’t actually offer facts or legitimate questions!

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      • JP/oldplainjane… never offered an answer to a legitimate question: how do conservatives continue to get elected in an overwhelmingly liberal area like Eureka/Humboldt?


      • JP:

        Personally… I’m out of that conversation now. Let Lee declare victory, then maybe he’ll mellow out.

        I’ll hold the victory parade for him if he wants.

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    • “progressive liberal governments have historically been elected in Eureka”
      “while ignoring facts and legitimate questions”

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaw! *gasp*

      Guess what bub, just because you come on here acting like a jerk demanding a response to your question doesn’t mean anyone is required to give you anything, especially when your dumb question is based on a bunch of Bull’oney.
      Have a nice day.

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  12. Who can forget billionaire Cheri Arkley, Robin Arkley’s estranged wife, suddenly appearing in town with $50,000 to burn on a $500/,month Eureka city council seat, the highest amount ever spent at that time?

    Her labor attorney opponent spent the usual $10,000 and almost won.

    This is how the right wing calls the shots. In the rare times their candidate loses, those “losers” are quickly appointed to a committee or commission, prepped for their next try.

    Cheri got her Starbucks drive-through built on 4th street in a city with record pedestrian fatalities and against loud opposition.

    Why do they hate Eureka?

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  13. Legally married can still be estranged.

    If that’s not the case, please do not provide any details.



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