Isn’t that the cop who gunned down Tommy McClain?



The North Coast Journal News Blog had a story entitled “An Old Town Arrest” a couple days ago:

In the story, Author Linda Stansberry saw some conduct by a Eureka Police Officer that had all the appearances of being excessive force. Stansberry wrote, “Then, a second sound. A man shouting. Just as I look out the second story window of the Journal’s office, a uniformed figure dashes south down Third. The police officer grabs the back of the homeless man’s shirt, yanks him away from his cart and slams him to the ground. As he handcuffs him he shouts something to the effect of “Don’t you walk away from me!” The tone is unmistakable: He is angry.”

There were some pictures included, which show two officers and a man in handcuffs. Neither of the officers names were released to the Journal, but one of them sure is a ringer for the notorious Officer Linfoot, “reckless” killer of Tommy McClain. The officer with bright red hair and a flat top seems to be up to his normal routine of heavy handed abuse. And in the picture, one can clearly see the shoulder stripes which denote that officer being a training officer. Some of you will remember that Linfoot was promoted to that position by Police Chief Mills shortly after Linfoot unloaded his service weapon into unarmed Tommy McClain, putting an end to his young life.

Linfoot wasn’t the only EPD member to be rewarded for Tommy’s demise. Sargent Stephens was elevated to the Rank of Captain and is Mills right hand man.

That leaves us with these questions.

Firstly, is that really Officer Linfoot in the picture?

Secondly, which of the cops used force?

Third, who was that poor trainee stuck with Linfoot?

Lastly, WTF is Mills thinking?


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