Isn’t that the cop who gunned down Tommy McClain?



The North Coast Journal News Blog had a story entitled “An Old Town Arrest” a couple days ago:

In the story, Author Linda Stansberry saw some conduct by a Eureka Police Officer that had all the appearances of being excessive force. Stansberry wrote, “Then, a second sound. A man shouting. Just as I look out the second story window of the Journal’s office, a uniformed figure dashes south down Third. The police officer grabs the back of the homeless man’s shirt, yanks him away from his cart and slams him to the ground. As he handcuffs him he shouts something to the effect of “Don’t you walk away from me!” The tone is unmistakable: He is angry.”

There were some pictures included, which show two officers and a man in handcuffs. Neither of the officers names were released to the Journal, but one of them sure is a ringer for the notorious Officer Linfoot, “reckless” killer of Tommy McClain. The officer with bright red hair and a flat top seems to be up to his normal routine of heavy handed abuse. And in the picture, one can clearly see the shoulder stripes which denote that officer being a training officer. Some of you will remember that Linfoot was promoted to that position by Police Chief Mills shortly after Linfoot unloaded his service weapon into unarmed Tommy McClain, putting an end to his young life.

Linfoot wasn’t the only EPD member to be rewarded for Tommy’s demise. Sargent Stephens was elevated to the Rank of Captain and is Mills right hand man.

That leaves us with these questions.

Firstly, is that really Officer Linfoot in the picture?

Secondly, which of the cops used force?

Third, who was that poor trainee stuck with Linfoot?

Lastly, WTF is Mills thinking?


21 thoughts on “Isn’t that the cop who gunned down Tommy McClain?

  1. It is interesting that this type of abusive force goes unquestioned and the 1.1 pound heroin dealers walk out of jail on their own recognizance and no one in officialdom thinks anything of it. To say that this town has their f&%$#!n priorities mixed up is an understatement.

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  2. Just think of it, Mills has put Linfoot in charge of training new officers. Talk about a recipe for disaster. The Attorney for the City is worried about losing liability insurance coverage over the devils play ground, what about the Devils on the Police force?

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  3. Worse yet. Eureka Police Dept’s. Terry Liles, truly sociopathic killer, is training EPD officer. This is from a July 28, 2015 email from Redwood Curtain CopWatch toTimes-Standard reporter Tabitha Soden. If you want to full letter, email

    “…First, we should tell you that the Eureka Police blog indicates, in its post about these new weapons, that EPD Detective Terry Liles is now a POST instructor “training all of EPD.” That is disgraceful. Officer Liles has long been a violent, aggressive, dishonest officer and has been involved in numerous killings by the EPDt: the deaths (we call murders) of Cheri Lyn Moore (Eureka, April 2006), 16 year old Christopher Burgess (Eureka, October 2006), just turned 18 year old Zachary Cook (Eureka, January 2007), and Peter Stewart (Hoopa, September 2007). Subsequent to Liles’ shootings of the two teens (within 2 1/2 months of each other), he consistently harassed relatives and friends, especially youth, of the boys he killed. Liles has no business carrying any weapons, being a detective for EPD, remaining a police officer, or training anyone- unless EPD is interested in cultivating, or maintaining, one of the most violent and incompetent police agencies in the country. …”

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  4. Whoever the officer in question is… A police officer has no business getting angry on the job.

    Some people do not have the emotional disposition to make a good police officer. I sure as hell don’t… I’d spend my days on the job screaming my lungs out and shooting into the air for attention.

    That doesn’t make me necessarily an evil person (but rather dangerous armed with anything more powerful than a drinking straw). It just makes me being a peace officer a poor career choice.

    It would appear that would also be true of the officer in question.

    A ground slam seems appropriate as a response to physical resistance to a lawful order… NOT a means to get someone’s attention who is just walking away.

    I would like to hear more of what Chief Mills has to say after he has done reading reports and the like. Does he consider what happened an appropriate response for the situation?

    Because if it is… then I’m running for Sheriff (remember my campaign slogan, “Vote MOLA:42 for Sheriff! He already has his own cowboy hat and star!”).

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  5. Another paragraph in a zany playbook from the world of the EPD. They seem to have their MO down pat. It sure demonstrates the value of “by the book” training. Also it is good to know we have such good leadership to watch over and support our cops on the street. Just makes you warm and fuzzy all over.

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  6. Mills, leader of “transparency” in Eureka, didn’t tell the NCJ the potentially abusive officer (s) names??? Shocking!

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  7. Understaffed, (stopped walking a beat decades ago), and under-trained, (unfairly forced to attend to the mentally ill, homeless, addicted, and at-risk kids), today’s officers are unprepared, heavily armed, and frightened to death.

    A formula that merits close scrutiny that is always resisted.

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  8. Personally, I don’t see excessive force, with this arrest; clearly, the arrestee attempted to walk away from officers. Grabbing a suspect by the shirt and putting them to the ground,to be cuffed, is standard procedure for any police department.
    As for the officer in question, Linfoot, I have not been here long enough to know his past; I’ve read older articles on Tuluwat that seem to express a definite dislike for him, but I have to discount those opinions, since the same authors have made comments that have clearly been false. For example: Concerning the McClain shooting, Tuluwat articles claim “multiple officers” shot Tommy the night of his unfortunate death; I believe Tuluwat claimed the shooting was “firing squad” style. Has Tuluwat retracted those false claims, now that multiple sources, and media, acknowledged that only a single EPD officer fired that night?
    Just curious as to what extent Tuluwat is interested in providing opinions based on facts, and truths, or is Tuluwat only interested in opinions presented using the old falsehoods they still have posted on site?
    Just a humble thought by a fairly new Eurekan.


    • Thank you Lee. After your comment, I actually went back in the archives of this blog and saw where the TE wrote that FAMILY MEMBERS claimed there were multiple police shooters. However, it seems pretty clear from the numerous stories that the TE has made clear that Captain Stephens made poor command decisions, and Officer Linfoot came into a situation and overreacted immediately, leading to Linfoot’s killing of Tommy McClain.

      In fact, I went back far enough to see the TE’s first post about the killing. It seemed pretty fair and balanced. Since that post, as new information has come forward, the TE has offered it’s view of what went wrong that night. I don’t see where the problem is Lee.

      From the first post:

      “The Eureka Police Department had an officer involved shooting last night. A person is dead. An officer took a life. The situation is tragic.

      The Examiner Staff would like to urge caution in jumping to conclusions about the shooting. At this point, there aren’t many facts and there won’t be for sometime. Eureka has had it’s share of shootings, and believing the comments section of a blog is not where you’ll get many accurate descriptions of what happened. Not all officer involved shootings are avoidable, but on the same token, some are.

      Let us be patient and see what unfolds surrounding this shooting. Keep in mind that a human being is now dead. Also keep in mind that on Officer, who is also a person, took that life. The Officer will now have to deal with the consequences of having taken a life, even if those consequences are purely psychological.”

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      • …..”However, it seems pretty clear from the numerous stories that the TE has made clear that Captain Stephens made poor command decisions, and Officer Linfoot came into a situation and overreacted immediately, ”
        If JP says that the TE has made it clear, then it must be so. She seems to be a little dilusional.


      • Perhaps you should reread the Tommy section where TE still claims he was shot “in Firing Squad fashion ”

        If TE really wants the truth, then why not publish the publicly available investigation performed by the State and Federal agencies that found Linfoot’s actions justified due to Tommy’s actions?

        Notice that the “family” of Tommy have all but disappeared after their attorney’s failed attempt to pressure the city? Why has TE not reported on the failed lawsuit against the city?

        TE just keeps the pot stirred, tossing in lies and b.s. with every article.

        Shame on TE for claiming to act in the spirit of Harte; he rolled over in his grave long ago, due to the lack of truth this rag spits out.


      • The Tommy McClain tab contents were written by a family member and witness.

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      • The Lawsuit is very much alive and moving forward, these type cases take years to be heard. When the case is heard in court we will be posting about it.

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      • The tab might have been written by a family member, but the false statements are from Verbena in the comment section. According to your own rules, posting lies is not allowed. They should be taken down.


      • JP I like the words that come from your mind to you fingers into our, it is easy to point fingers without all the facts and coming from this famIy we just werent geting them in the begining, and undersstand we don’t like jumping to conclusions either, but Mills offered us the bare minimum at the beginning there was 3-4 officers pointing weapons, a spray pattern of bullets recovered like Rambo was killing enemies and they all came from the same weapon? Was that ever presented to be from one single weapon? And to have an 11yr veteran police officer so frieghtened thst he misses 3 of the 7 shot, two shot of those 7 were while Tommy was down “still moving” so Linfoot was still so scared thst twice more he firrd upon Tommy?? Is that point blank enough? After that they had to do an investigation and the same officers are there helping with that investagation?? This whole thing smelled from the start, but no one else smells the death I guess….


    • Lee:

      “Personally, I don’t see excessive force, with this arrest; clearly, the arrestee attempted to walk away from officers. Grabbing a suspect by the shirt and putting them to the ground,to be cuffed, is standard procedure for any police department.”

      So you don’t have a problem with an instance of social rudeness (walking away) being met with a physical assault?

      Police Departments once upon a time kept what they themselves called “wrecking crews” in their departments specializing in beating confessions out of people they arrest.

      Now they don’t do that anymore (or if it is done, it can be prosecuted as a crime). The excuse that other police departments allow their officers to haul off and assault citizens on the street without cause does not hold water.

      We are not talking about a case of self defense or defense of another; we are talking about an officer of the law getting pissed off because someone does not want to talk to him and slamming that person to the ground.

      If you or I did such a thing we’d be in jail (What! Neighbor Bob, you dare turn your back on me! WHAM!).

      The uniform does not grant a privilege for brutality. A cop is not allowed to escalate an encounter to violence just because he’s having a bad day or is frustrated by his/her job or doesn’t like the way a citizen is behaving.

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      • The suspect was wanted for probation violation and attempted to walk away; use of force to apprehend him is justified.


      • Lee:

        In your medieval little world perhaps, not in America. Here the police are expected to behave like professionals, not street thugs.

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      • So now ignoring a cops direct order is considered “social rudeness”? And people wonder why major crimes have sky rocketed in the last year.

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