On 11/4/14 Eureka elects a progressive majority?…just kidding!

Kim "Brady" and Natalie "Brady"

Kim “Newman” and Natalie “Albin”

Here we go again; our so called “Progressive” City Council is going to behave just like the right leaning Brady Bunch Council before them. They’re going to show how bold and forward thinking the City of Eureka is, by taking all their pent up frustrations over the complete failure to deal with the crimewave, out on their favorite “whipping boy” the homeless!”



Here’s an action alert from Redwood Progressive and AHHA:

>Tuesday September 1st 6pm Eureka City Council Meeting in Council Chambers, 2nd floor, Eureka City Hall, 531 K St.

The Eureka City Council takes up a response to the Grand Jury on homelessness, and is proposing to further criminalize homelessness and sleep, evicting residents without a safe, legal place to move.  This is taking place in Eureka as the Dept. of Justice is ruling that one cannot criminalize sleep. 
Speaking up  with homeless neighbors to the City Council and BOS is AHHA’s job now. Being ‘friends’ is good – better to advocate what we know from our experience.  Now we must speak clearly that the Eureka City proposal of evictions and barring people without houses from public and private land is likely a violation of civil and human rights.  All Hands on Deck!  Especially Eureka residents.

This is AHHA’s work! Advocate for a Declaration of a Shelter Crisis, since there is No Housing or land to sleep on.  AHHA will circulate a petition for declaring a Shelter Crisis before the Eureka City Council Meeting, and ask you all to get signatures from your neighborhood, friends and family.If you cannot be there:  call or email your city council member (emails below).


Council Meeting on Proposed “Homeless Crackdown”
This Tuesday
6:00 p.m.
City Hall, 531 K St.
Eureka, CA 95501



If that doesn’t work, see below for additional directions***

by email or phone

Eureka City Council
Mayor: Frank Jager Phone: 441-4200

1st Ward: Marian Brady Phone: 441-4169
Email: mbrady@ci.eureka.ca.gov

2nd Ward: Linda Atkins Phone: 441-4168
Email: latkins@ci.eureka.ca.gov

3rd Ward: Kim Bergel Phone: 441-4170
Email: kbergel@ci.eureka.ca.gov

4th Ward: Melinda Ciarabellini Phone: 441-4167
Email: mciarabellini@ci.eureka.ca.gov

5th Ward: Natalie Arroyo, Phone: 441-4171
Email: narroyo@ci.eureka.ca.gov

City Hall, 531 K St.
Eureka, CA 95501


5 thoughts on “On 11/4/14 Eureka elects a progressive majority?…just kidding!

  1. Brady is obviously still running this Klowncil.
    “Let’s seize all of their tents and sleeping bags”
    because that tactic has worked so well in the past.

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  2. They seem to be falling back on the idea public welfare is only a county and state problem…an idea from long ago, I fear.


  3. i think it was pretty clear Councilwoman Bergel was center- rightish on homeless/ law and order going into 2014.

    They also both represent an incredible departure from the previous status quo all things considered.

    Do you not agree? If not tell me your strategy for 2016 noting, importantly, that Eureka does not have primaries.

    Never forget that Marian ran unopposed. Yes, we do need to find candidates filing before the last moment and there should be no question they live in the Ward in question.

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    • By their actions since being elected, what have they done that ” represents an incredible departure from the previous status quo”.


  4. This was not the council that the local right-wing backed, if it were, the Chamber of Commerce would still be fully funded. However, a “progressive” council would have eliminated the subsidy entirely, and they would have abandoned last night’s despicable ordinance instead of merely postponing another vote.

    Two progressive ballot measures in 2014 altered Eureka’s political legacy for the first time and we can’t expect too much in 18 months. It would take a few consecutive non-right wing administrations to develop the electoral confidence to take bolder progressive actions against a lifetime of Good Ol’ Boy corruption.

    Unless there’s at least one progressive measure on the 2016 ballot, this will have been a brief, 24-month political upset. We learned this from Robin Arkley Jr’s Measure “N” to change the Balloon Tract zoning. It didn’t matter if it passed, it helped defeat Glass, Kuhnel and Lavallee, just like Measures “R” and “P” won our current council.

    Despite our “savvy” politicos, unions and activists, “not learning from the past” will soon provide another example.

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