The DA’s office: Did we trade up? or not?

Paul Gallegos has been out of office for 8 months. Have things really gottenMaggie DA better under Maggie Fleming? We’re not so sure. But it’s definitely time for someone to Watch Maggie instead of Watch Paul.

If you’ve read the Chiv’d and Rose’s watchpaul blogs, you would surmise that Maggie Fleming is doing an excellent job…much better than Paul. But outside of those opinions, Maggie’s tenor has had quite a few bumps.

First off, the DA’s Office has lost 4 deputy district attorneys from the office so far this year. That’s quite a few attorneys to lose for a relatively small office. Not all of the attorneys were from Gallegos’s time, and not all of the attorneys were new hires either. Is it a big deal? Absolutely! But is it because of Fleming? We aren’t quite sure as of yet. Time will tell.

Secondly, Maggie brought in Andrew Isaac. Isaac was supposedly brought in because of his experience and success as a prosecutor. Yet, very recently it seems he made a mistake that could put the community, and especially children at risk. Isaac failed to file the proper paperwork and a sexually violent offender was released into the community. Had the proper paperwork been filed in a timely manner, this person would probably be away from the general community. But as of recently, no one knows where this convicted sexually violent predator is. From the North Coast Journal:

Lastly, the courts are bogged down with too many cases and Fleming’s office has lost some trials. One of which was a high profile (at least on Chiv’s blog), child molestation case. The suspect was found not guilty, even with the best efforts of some in the blogosphere. We’ve heard rumors that deals are not as lenient as in Gallegos term, but if the offers are only “plea to everything or go through a trial”, then the system will eventually grind to a halt.



14 thoughts on “The DA’s office: Did we trade up? or not?

  1. Never have trusted Maggie Fleming , she use to send people to prison for simple marajuana offenses . Sorry for any misspelling or Grammar mistakes .


  2. Never trust someone whose smile doesn’t go all the way to their eyes. See above photo…..

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  3. Wow, Chiv wrote his quickest rebuttal post yet! He sure loves Maggie’s performance (politics) a lot.

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  4. …..”The suspect was found not guilty, even with the best efforts of some in the blogosphere”
    You must really think a lot of yourself when you start believing that you can manipulate the legal system. Like I’ve said before….blogs are about one notch up from what you read on restroom walls.


    • you talking about Chiv’s efforts?
      well, are ya?
      …cause it was Chiv who kept the focus on that case, right or wrong…

      Thanks TE for this article….all things in gubbmint need better watching, defintely.

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      • I quite agree.

        And I am envious… you made the point in less than 50 words that I spent in… well… let us a say a few more words… today in Mr. Chiv’s blog.

        Brevity is a virtue I do not hold. Good on you.

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  5. Well, the HCDCC likes Paul Gallegos. He and ECC member, Linda Atkins will be our Democrats of the Year.


  6. and once again Mola says what I wish I was articulate and smart enough to say in his response to Chiv’s article.
    Very wise words Mola, and thank you for them…

    Maybe Chiv’s court reporting/journalism, an appreciated asset to the community, could be better seperated from his opinions, because that is where the friction lies.
    As a blogger, he’s another semiinformed yapper like most of us, as a journalist he is reporting in a difficult and fluid situation, no perfection is expected…

    So perhaps John could make a bit more effort to seperate his opinions from his journalisms…we all try to make allowances for it as readers/commentors, but the fuzziness of the separation needs to be clearer so as to preserve the best qualities of each.
    or something…

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  7. (Shiv -possibly from the Romani word chivomengro, “knife”. also Chiv, is a slang term for any sharp or pointed implement used as a knife-like weapon.) Johnny Chivomengro! Got a nice ring to it.

    I think one of the smartest things Hank Sims has done is to have changed John Chiv’s “Wordsworth” to Chiv’d. Ol’ Johnny loves stick it to to those Johnny dislikes (which is most everybody) but Johnny sure can’t take any form of criticism aimed at Chiv’d or Johnny’s allies.

    I went over to Johnny’s blog and read the tirade against Mola and the TE. Looks like someone touched a nerve or three!
    I hope the TE stays on the “Chiv’d watch” as much as possible because what Johnny calls reporting is more like inciting a lynch mob.

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  8. I was on the jury for the accused child molester mentioned. That was a case that should never have been prosecuted. The DA had no evidence at all. It took only minutes for the jurors to agree on a verdict for the 3 serious charges and another hour to agree on the last charge. When it was over, and I read Chiv’s comments, I was appalled. What a nasty little man.

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