It’s been almost a year, but Tommy is not forgotten!

It’s all most been a year since Tommy was shot and killed. I would like you to post this if you could asap.

Thank you,

Jamie Bowman

Tommy McClain & puppy

To the authorities watching; also to all Tommy McClain’s friends, to the family and to the people in the community that have shown their support.

It’s almost been a year now. But it’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around what happened. It has been definitely difficult understanding how they determined it was justified.

I feel it was unreasonable for the EPD officer to fire his weapon without first making the determination of who Tommy was. I feel that the officer failed to take an extra moment to assess the situation and that adds to the unreasonableness of his actions under the circumstances.

Tommy was not pointing a pistol at the officers, and I know he was not reaching for one. Because, if in fact he did have the alleged BB gun in his waistband he would have known it was an inoperable toy. Further, Tommy was not actively resisting arrest or attempting to evade such arrest by flight.

I feel the conclusion was based entirely on EPD’s biased perspective. The investigation was seriously flawed as shown by the erroneous conclusion of their findings.

It’s simply unacceptable for anyone to condone this type of improper police conduct. I feel this kind of control of the community Is just an unjustifiable tactic, because It jeopardizes the lives of innocent people. The Eureka Police department as well as the officers have accepted no accountability or admitted they were wrong in any way.

There is no indication, of Tommy committing any crime.

I stand firm and confident when I say EPD’s use of force was not justified!

Their actions were irrational and exceeded the policies of most police departments in this State.

Tommy was only 22 years old. Worked full time and had no criminal background.

Tommy was a good kid and did not deserve to die.

We love you Tommy

Jamie Bowman


17 thoughts on “It’s been almost a year, but Tommy is not forgotten!

  1. Nationally, the tide is beginning to turn against “law and order” politics(which is just a euphemism for maintaining the status quo social/political/economic hierarchy).

    But the reason has little to do with better investigations or questioning an officer’s judgement. It has everything to do with the technology of video that often belies the accounts given by officers.

    What remains to be recognized is that if being a police officer is truly a dangerous job, then its necessary for police to take casualties. It can’t be a dangerous job that requires the public to accept the accounts of officers without question but at the same time officers die much less frequently on the job than loggers and fishermen. Police officers are being well paid to accept personal risks, so they damn well ought to be taking personal risk.

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  2. Is the family still fighting?

    Only civilian video recordings are making a difference, officer’s camera footage is not made public as revealed by the recent NCJ story covering their failed attempts to secure an EPD video.

    Police videos are not made public, unless they can be manipulated to vindicate an officer’s behavior.

    The severe lack of good jobs has people flooding into 2-year police training academies like CR, individuals that should never be police officers, many are veterans.

    Economic desperation is a horrible motivator to “protect and serve”.

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  3. Yes I agree it is a dangerous job. But it is a career they choose for themselves. Knowing the dangers they still make that choice to be law enforcement. I was at the Wharfinger building during the award ceremony. I seen how proud and confident they were It was a truly nice event.
    Police officers don’t always get the appreciation they deserve.
    I am truly sorry if it appears I am trying to discredit them. That is not my intention.
    Casualties happened in crisis and in times of war. Someone shouldn’t be afraid of becoming a casualty while standing in their own yard.

    I could not righteously stand buy and let Tommy be blame for his own death. It was not Tommy’s character to be confrontational or a bully.
    I can honestly say, anyone that came in to contact with Tommy would have never perceived him to be a threat. He liked interacting with people and making friends.

    They have reasonably justify killing Tommy because in the officers mind, the officer perceived Tommy to be a potential threat.
    The MIND has the potential of drifting past reality.” Perceiving everyone to be a dangerous criminal is just unreasonable.

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  4. I went back and read several posts from a year ago, and I must say that Jamie’s vocabulary and spelling have improved dramatically. TE…if you’re going to post and attribute it to her, at least misspell enough words to make it believable.


  5. I also observed the police awards ceremony and noticed that only one representative, Natalie Arroyo, stopped to offer condolences to the 3 individuals holding signs about Tommy outside the event.

    All the others walked-by averting their gaze.

    Shame can be just a powerful motivator for desperately needed change, and in a corrupt rural city, it can also cause the wagons to circle against it.

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    • Yes that is true, Ms. Arroyo did stop and offer her condolences as we shook hands. She also offered when she actually took her place on the board as a city Councle member, we could come in and speak with her. I thought that was a very nice offer. When I contact Ms Arroyo v-email she stated
      She received several messages from my family and she is currently out of town at a conference,
      She was truly sorry for our loss. She read my thoughts and concerns
      And forwarding my message to city manager, Greg Sparks, and chief of police, Andrew Mills, so they also would be aware. I sent Ms Arroyo another email I have not gotten any response.

      I tried contacting all the members of the board to no avail
      Besides Ms Arroyo, I received a response from Ms Linda Atkins.
      But when I tried to contact her again, she never responded.
      I also called the Mayors and left my number and email Mr. Jager twice.
      I never received a call from Mr Jager’s office nor did I get any reply to my emails.

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  6. The EPD officers grossly over reacted considering the circumstances. The officers were watching the empty duplex for over a hour. Duncan was not coming out nor was he coming home the place was vacant.

    Let me go back just a bit. If in fact Tommy was in a confrontation wile standing in the street and thought to have a weapon. Don’t you think Harkness and McElroy would have confronted Tommy at that time, if there was a slightest need for concern. they did not!
    The officers made a assumption and Violating Penal Code 835A
    that establishes the amount of force a officer can use.
    They diverted their attention from the two wanted felons to Tommy standing in his own yard.

    And to say it was justified, with out any indication that Tommy was acting aggressive or crazy. Just isn’t right! The chief of police all long with
    Mr Watson stated the police can not arrest the selfs out of the problem,
    But my GOD something has to be done if the cause of the problem are the officers them selfs .

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  7. Jamie raises the one issue that has really bothered me the most — assuming he was not trying to commit “suicide by cop” why would Tommy, when faced with armed cops, reach for an unloaded BB gun?

    I could believe that they “thought” he was reaching for the BB gun, but if so it seems almost certain that they were wrong. Tragically, horribly wrong.

    It also sounds to me like there was really no compelling reason to confront him like they did in the first place.

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    • Totally agree Sparky. This homicide should have sparked some immediate change in the culture of EPD, but it didn’t. When a chief backs up the poor decisions of his officers, only to try and save the city money from an inevitable lawsuit, the chief has done the citizens of Eureka a disservice. Shame on you Mills.

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    • They were wrong. The press release on Oct 1-14 There are a lot of contradiction

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