John Chiv expresses real remorse


Ya right! Don’t hold your breath. That’s never gonna happen!

Last week we put up a guest post where the post author was taking John Chiv to task for his “reporting” of courthouse news. The poster reasonably questioned the ethics of Chiv putting up what could be considered slanderous and libelous accusations from an anonymous source about a man on trial for child molestation charges.

Yesterday, according to Chiv’s own blog, the man on trial for child molestation was found NOT GUILTY. Chiv actually spoke to a few of the jurors, and they basically said that the “DA hadn’t proven the case”. Did Chiv immediately take down the other slanderous rants and posts accusing this man of past acts of molestation that were never reported/and or prosecuted???? Hell, no! He actually doubled down and posted a letter from someone claiming to be his granddaughter, which again accused him of past child molestation. It seems in Chiv world, if the courts don’t convict then it becomes the internet’s job.

How hypocritical can one person be? Seriously. We know all too well how much Chiv values his privacy in regards to his personal life, and how viciously he can attack anyone questioning his acts. But in the same token he has no problem posting unverified and unproven accusations and/or rumors against a person who was just found not guilty by a jury of his peers?

american justice

Well John, do you believe in the American system of justice, or not?

A comment under the article, by Attorney Allan Dollison pointed out an evidence code related to those types of accusations. That code is related to the fact that the District Attorney’s Office can present past allegations of sexual abuse, even if unproven in a court, to show the defendants proclivity to commit sexual crimes. That’s right, if at all credible, the DA’s office could have brought those accusations into court to bolster their case. But they didn’t. We don’t know why that is, but it is pretty telling.

The problem is Chiv’s slanted views and his blog reporting is not helping to shed light on the local justice system, it’s helping to slant the views of readers to what Chiv’s view of the courthouse is. When reporting on the closing arguments in this case, Chiv wrote “On Wednesday, the gist of Mr. Russo’s closing was that the investigation by the DA’s office and law enforcement was ” seriously incomplete.” He raised the question by asking why it took 6 months to arrest Kufner and that given Jane Doe’s “troubled past”, she was “acting out.” A lot of his closing was points raised in his opening. Three-fourths of Mr. Russo’s closing was about Jane Doe. She was a very credible witness and by his focus on Jane Doe, the defense showed their hand.”

So, Chiv’s opinion was that Jane Doe was “very credible”. Yet, when speaking to the jury afterwards he was reportedly told, “Jane Doe and the mother seemed to be on drugs.” This is a prime example of why people shouldn’t give Chiv’s very emotionaly opinionated reporting any weight.

John Chiv should do some real soul searching and think about whether or not he should keep up posts accusing people of past bad acts that have never been proven.

Just think about it readers; What if someone was claiming that you molested them or assaulted them a decade ago, and they were given a forum where they could anonymously slander your name? How would you feel?


27 thoughts on “John Chiv expresses real remorse

  1. no wait, you mean Chiv was wrong? How can that be? He’s up there everyday sitting in on trials, he’s an expert right? Well that’s what Rose says.

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  2. Chiv was quick to threaten when he felt “rumors” were blogged about. Yet he feels no shame in reporting slanderous rumors about others. Hypocrite is 100% correct.

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    • Ain’t that true. Plus “Jive Chiv” has attacked me personally on LOCO. He posts occasionally, as not “himself”. I don’t like the guy. Hypocrite is a proper title for this fool. No wonder NOBODY EVER post comments on his blog.

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      • This is an opinion, and it’s mine! I don’t like him! I try to ignore him! I personally think he expends too much energy trying to make things happen in order to impress whomever is within sight or hearing range. He has what seems to be to the observer, an outrageous false image of how he appears to others. But then, he has to live with the consequences of his actions, right? Who knows what he really thinks?! We forgive as best we can, and live our own lives. And wish happiness to all!

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  3. Stopped paying attention to Chiv long ago. While I admire his patience in sitting through hour after hour of courtroom stuff, he always did a pretty bad job of hiding his personal bias for someone who calls himself a reporter. NOthing in this post surprises me.

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  4. These are BLOGS. Nothing serious about them at all. Best left for movie reviews and cookie recipes. lol


  5. The biggest hypocrisy that I see is that John(and rose for that matter) continually scream guilty, guilty, guilty! Lock them up!Throw the keys away!

    But…..ignore our words and actions. We are actually Christians. Look we go to church like good little boys and girls.

    Forgiveness and love my ass. These people would be clamoring for hammers and nails if Jesus ever showed up.

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  6. Just stop reading his blog. Why is it even on the TE’s blog roll?

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  7. Time for public shaming of turds like Chiv and Mr. Owen.
    Let em know in stores and on streets that they are purely comedy and nothing to ever be taken serious.
    Shills for the rich they are.

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  8. Chiv used to write under another name, but he threatens lawsuits if anyone brings up his past. Wow.

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    • Watch out. You may endure the wrath of Chiv if you comment like that. He can and will file a frivolous lawsuit in order to force a large company like WordPress to give him your IP address, and then force the large and probably multinational IP provider to then give out your subscriber information. You would no longer be anonymous….your real name would be broadcast for all to see. Trust Chivs threats, he has powerful local attorneys willing to take on the fight!!!

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      • Chiv certainly isn’t a very complicated guy when someone with a limited education can predict what you “will” and “can” do.


  9. Please identify a minimum of 1 lawsuit, Court/Case # that Mr. Chiv has ever filed to obtain IP addresses…or did you just make that up.


    • Anonymous:

      JP did not say Mr. Chiv did sue anyone.

      What Mr. Chiv did, and to which JP is referring… is threaten to sue the Tuluwat Examiner and in the process expose the staff to the public finding out who they actually are.

      You will find that threat detailed in Mr. Chiv’s own blog. You can’t find it here because that, along with all references to what Mr. Chiv objected to, and then everything else in the comments section, was removed by the Tuluwat Examiner.

      I’m not passing judgement here on what Mr. Chiv did nor the Tuluwat Examiner’s response. Aw what the Hick, I am: Mr. Chiv… BAD. Tuluwat Examiner… Started off not so good but became GOOD in the end.

      I’m simply pointing out the incident did happen and JP did not make it up.

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    • Anonymous-

      Chiv wrote “Maybe a SLAPP lawsuit and any other legal action where I will go after the identity of who is behind Tuluwat and who this guest poster is will teach cowards about intimidation, personal attacks and freedom of the press.”

      What damages could Chiv reasonably claim from the TE or others if they comment about him? Therefore, any lawsuit would be frivolous, but would allow him to try and “out” anonymous bloggers. Pretty hypocritical since he threatens to sue if anyone “outs” the other name he used to use when reporting or blogging.

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  10. How many of the jurors voted not guilty?


  11. Chiv’s words smell of a pile of ‘you know what’. I liked the christian guy’s comment.Some of the blogger would be lining up with hammer and nails for Jesus. Exactly!!


  12. I would post something anonymously but Chiv don’t read stuff from folks who wont post their family & names. They just don’t count in his opinion so there!


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