Strange bedfellows indeed……….

The usual suspects and….. wait a minute WTF is progressive Democrat Mike McGuire doing there?

The other day at Redwood Fields (Rex Bohn’s best achievement) Good ol’ boy extraordinaire Rex Bohn along with his good ol’ boy crony friends Tyson, Downey, Jager, Bass, etc. announced he running for supervisor, again. Don’t get us wrong we appreciate Rex being the only supervisor to even half way stand up to “Cannabis Incorporated”. He even parroted us calling spokes-preacher Luke Bruner a “snake oil salesman”. Well, even though we sort of agree on that one thing, It doesn’t diminish the downside of his overall assholey Rednecky bombastic Republican bluster.

So why the hell would Progressive Democrat State Senator Mike McGuire show up to support the Republican “Rexasourass”? Just like when Jared Huffman endorsed Dino Bass and Decline to state Sundburg. (the mind still boggles)

What is it with these higher office holding bigtime Democrats stooping so low? Is Matthew Owen really that good of a sweet talker? Maybe Liberal Jon “in the middle” can explain the rationale to us?


15 thoughts on “Strange bedfellows indeed……….

  1. Because he is the real snake oil salesman looking to advance hid career, duh he’s a politician.
    He posted timber harvest clear cut pictures saying they were marijuana grows so he’s a liar and just wants to jump on whatever shock value news he can so his name gets in the paper. I left messages at his offices with questions and never got a reply. At least ccvh will talk about it and my tax dollars arent paying them like they are Mike.
    Am asking everyone who doesn’t like ccvh this…. where is the alternate proposal? As far as I can see ccvh has spent a year and lots of time actually getting something written down with details. The ordinance seems very clear that it can be modified, and will most likely end up on this November ballot.
    So where’s the written solution? Where is the enviro document stating what they see as fair. I mean between epic, friends of the eel, NEC and baykeeper there are many employees and even a few lawyers. Yet a group just formed can produce a document while 8-10 people paid full time by donations and grants can only say no and pull personal punches? I was on the enviro team up until the last few weeks. If they dont want pot regulated then fine, am sure they are worried if pot is regulated they may not have any work and many of their members dont want any legalization as the price of pot will drop more. I personally would rather have a local group I can talk with rather than some agency or corporation setting the rules on pot. The average ag farm in california is 311acres. You wanna see mega grows???? Makes a 1/4 acre seem pretty small. You can bet humboldt redwood company will change their tune when they see the flashing dollar signs and we could see our timber lands turned into 100 acre marijuana or hemp grows. Plus where’s the regs on indoor grows? We are in a drought this year all over the pacific northwest, its not just pot farmers. Why not get upset about cal-trans using water tenders to keep dust down on their willits project while citizens have to ration? Or vineyards?


  2. “So why the hell would Progressive Democrat State Senator Mike McGuire show up to support the Republican “Rexasourass”?

    It’s known as politics. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. I’m not sure, but didn’t McGuire endorse Bohn last election as well? Either him or Huffman did. Maybe both?


  3. Liberal jonboy always has the same answer to everything wrong in the world… must be Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.

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    • Thanks jaw for the shout out. I love that you are in effect my biggest fan.

      Here is my take.*

      Also, notice Fred’s take is it’s all politicians. That’s the only winning right wing strategy, throw the babies out with the bath water, it’s the system, it’s politics, it’s the government.
      Turns out that’s exactly half the truth ( it CA and Humboldt it’s about a third) The truth is the problem is a conservative politics that believes and sells that government is the problem.

      And yup, JW, the king of right wing populism is Rush and Glenn is doing his best to be what Rush did for AM radio and FOX did to cable to the inter tubes.

      And yes, that is the rhetorical backdrop that will fuel Rex’s base. That State Senator McGuire felt the need to subvert Humboldt Democrats and the democratic process for _______ policies of Rex’s is deeply, deeply disappointing.

      But not surprising.



  4. I blame it all Matt and Virginia king and queen of the DINOs

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    • Sorry, but not everybody is as polarized partisan-wise as most here. Don’t worry, though. The end result will be the same, which should satisfy most here.


  5. Luke Bruner was there. Other members of CCVH were there.


  6. We need a new harbor commissioner, too, in the 1st District.


  7. Must we reduce Rex Bohn to “Good ol’ boy extraordinaire,” and condemn our progressive public servant Senator Mike McGuire through guilt by association? I expect this sort of idiocy from “conservative” blogs, but I would hope for better from the left.


    • Joel, how do you think Rex did on the GPU?


      • Good question.

        McGuire received much of his support from development interests…just like Bohn…just like most winning politicians in most communities. And the rest of us have to live with the fallout.

        25 years ago Mike Thompson filled the Eureka Inn with republican timber industry donors, it was merely a different time and a different predatory industry with the deepest pockets.

        It’s not the same as claiming an “association” when Reagan honored Germany’s WWII soldiers in Bitburg, or started his presidential campaign in the town where the 3 Civil Rights activists were murdered.

        Still, it makes me gag…it’s just another example of why the vast majority of Americans don’t vote.

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