A hand up, instead of a reward…….?

It’s always a bad idea to stereo type. Let’s face it all humans still do it, but it’s always worth pointing out something that bursts our comfortable little assumptions…….

Last month, a homeless man in Victoria, Canada, found $2,400 in cash and promptly turned it in to the police.

Constable Alex Bérubé issued a press release looking for the owner of the money, and web site Victoria Buzz posted it. The police said that if its rightful owner could not be found, the money would belong to the homeless man.

But the rightful owner was found and was in dire need of the money.

News about the generous homeless man went viral, so Victoria Buzz’s founder Mike Kelly set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise $2,400 for the man.

Within a few days the campaign hit over $5,000.

Bérubé was so touched by the situation that he went out in search of the homeless man, spending time off duty to find him and tell him about the money.

“It’s not easy tracking down a person of no fixed address and no phone, but I kept trying because I needed to tell him about how the community had rallied together to help him,” Bérubé said in a press release issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted police.

When the constable located the man, he was shocked by the man’s answer.


The homeless man wrote this note donating the GoFundMe money to charity

He didn’t want the GoFundMe money. He wanted it to be donated to a charity known as Our Place that provides food and shelter to the needy. He even put his wishes for the money in writing.

What the man really wanted was a job, he said.

“Now I’m going to do everything I can to help find him a job that fits his personal situation,” Kelly said in the press release.

The homeless man did not want to be identified so Kelly is collecting information about job openings on his behalf at info@victoriabuz.com.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/homeless-man-donates-5000-to-charity-asks-for-job-instead-2015-7#ixzz3eqPEb7TV


9 thoughts on “A hand up, instead of a reward…….?

  1. A wonderful, if anecdotal story.

    May the honorable and principled houseless man find a job, but the problem is not going to be solved by individual traits alone.

    It’s stories like these that lead us to believe if we just are a little more honorable, work a little harder, we too can have a slice of the american pie – which now is limited to having a roof over ones head and somehow cobbling together this pay-periods pay check to pay this week’s bills.

    This is a wonderful and heartwarming story and may it have a happy ending – decades from now after the temporarily houseless man has lived a fulfilling life.

    The problems he, and we, face are going to take more than individual actions. We are going to have to act together within the amazing system we have been given. The question is what are our continued first steps forward as we grapple with mistakes from the past – locally, in California, nationally and globally.


  2. It’s unacceptable that even local homeless advocates are using law enforcement’s degrading “Devil’s Playground” to describe the desperate people behind the Bayshore Mall.

    Dehumanizing people makes it easier on the conscience before they are to be harassed, humiliated, and eradicated.

    I wonder how many other criminals EPD would discover if they roused Trinidad residents out of bed to demand I.D.’s?

    They might even catch a mass-murderer.


  3. Wonderful story of a very deserving person.


    • So John, you’re characterizing this man as “deserving”. By implication that means if the story was different you could have declared him “undeserving”. What you promote here is that we should assign people to those categories and based on the assignment apply moral judgements to them. Aren’t ALL people ‘deserving’ of being respected and treated with dignity?

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  4. As deserving of what? And who is entitled to decide what anyone else deserves?

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  5. Instead of “Man Bites Dog” stories, media should be regularly reporting how every homeless person deserves life’s most basic necessities.

    The human and monetary costs of U.S. austerity: PTSD caused by poverty and homelessness, police and emergency services, welfare, incarceration, and record admissions to ER, mental health, and drug rehab. facilities, far exceeds paying upfront to provide housing, food, healthcare and education for the homeless.

    We’ve known this forever.

    60% of Greek voters just decided that the rich don’t deserve to be bailed out on the backs of the poor after 10 years of expanding and failed austerity measures. Just to be safe, the Bigs took their bailout billions out of Greek banks before the vote. U.S. corporations already hide record profits offshore.

    Like Greece, there are those in the U.S. controlling most media that work overtime to obscure any sense of proportion, history or relevant context when reporting class issues.

    Nevertheless, like Greece, Bernie Sander’s populist agenda is attracting huge crowds.

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