Come on sheeple let’s all support Brunner, Marks and Allen and CCV/EGA’s greedy quest for mo’ money & power

island mt

We’re small mom and pop growers, just like you

From CCCV:

This Tuesday at 3pm

We need you to join us on the steps of the Courthouse and stand shoulder to shoulder with your community in solidarity. We need to show Humboldt County that a grassroots movement of farmers, environmental advocates (?), allies, and community members are ready to create the future.

Wtf? “Environmental advocates”? The average gullible EGA/CCV’er had to do a double take on that one. All the major Environmental Groups in the area have scoffed at the notion of 10,000 square ft grows being small and not needing a conditional use permit. Also, they’re trying to make cannabis growing principally permitted on forested or TPZ lands.

We need you to stand with us and make it clear that the days of living in the past are over. We need your support to show that the status quo isn’t working and has never worked for our farmers and for our environment. The future is determined by those who show up, and now is the time.

Yes, show up and support us and our latest draft ordinance, which we have kept secret after promising to show you for weeks, but have never actually made public. Hey….trust us. We’re small mom and pop growers just like you. Don’t judge us by our financial backers at Island Mountain!

Just in case you forgot who we’re talking about:

snake oil

Cannabis Voice brings their Snake Oil wagon to town

The CCVH Snake Oil propaganda wagon is still rolling, when are the Supervisors going to do their job?

Yesterday’s Pot Bust Involved Members of California Cannabis Voice Humboldt



19 thoughts on “Come on sheeple let’s all support Brunner, Marks and Allen and CCV/EGA’s greedy quest for mo’ money & power

  1. Besides the draft ordinance I hope they remember to bring the lyrics to Kumbaya too. I can never remember what they are past the first line.


  2. For clarification the Marks is Richard, the Allen is Hezekiah and the Brunner is the guy from the California Cannabis Voice Humboldt. Hezekiah associated (Paid?) by North Coast Growers – also an active Associate Democrat on the HCDCC, Richard, a once paid, now not, consultant for CCVH, and an active Associate Member Democrat on the HCDCC. Brunner – some guy I don’t know but is a lobbyist for Weed Inc. along with the former two. Thanks for the coverage TE.

    Here is self-described environmentalist Hezekiah’s take from the drug busts.

    “Today they say they are looking for “environmental impacts,” and “water theft.” But these new words ring hollow. Because this is the same type of activity that traumatized me and the children of our community at an early age. This is the same type of activity that has broken families and plagued communities. The environmental impacts are very real and we need to address them. But this is the same war that they have been fighting for decades.”

    Self interests. Sometimes from the left and sometimes from the right. Those interested in protecting our common resources will have to call out those even when they are largely allies.

    This is the reason, in addition to the incursion on Democratic politics with the Bass/Owen incursion from the right, that we lost the battle to protect our commons in our County’s most important environmental document. – the GPU.

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    • LMOB-

      We disagree at times, but your comment seems pretty spot on to me. Weed Inc….pretty much in line with the resource extracting or black market profiteering of not too many decades ago. And the money they have unlawfully made most definitely permeates the local elections and discussions. This isn’t a discussion about the I’ll fought war on drugs…it is about profits for those who are willing to rape the environment and break laws to make a huge profit. Shameful

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  3. Until we have the kind of local leadership that listens to science the new environmental regulations targeting industrial MJ will only delay the inevitable a few more decades.

    Every possible development activity in our headwaters should be required to attain water carrying-capacity/impact certifications first.

    Water is that important.

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  4. Thank you JP for the kind and generous agreement.

    I’m sorry now to have to write the following which will be critical of TE.

    Sheeple? TE you are not alone in this, Mitch called the voters or non voters or someone, I forget, scum.

    This is a problem and it might be why Rush and Glenn have an audience and the left doesn’t. We look down on us – at least we do in our rhetoric.

    It hurts our cause. How many people are going to listen to what you have to tell them about 6th extinctions when they are being called sheeple or scum?

    And it’s not only the rhetoric that has to change, it’s our hearts. We have to understand that us is them, we are us.

    I am not an animal, you TE are not one either, nor is JP, MOLA, John Fullerton, Chief Mills, JW, nor are any of the non-commenting readers.


    • Those willing to show up today at 3pm and drink the kool-aid, without knowing what’s in it……Sheeple


      • TE’s Progres Report:
        Passion: 5
        Righteousness: 4
        Ability to bring people together: 0.

        Democracy is complicated and difficult. We on the left got this wrong post ’65 and gave our government to money and corporations. We did this nationally and we are repeating this process locally. We need to start understanding what we have done wrong.


      • There always needs to be recognition that “bringing people together” is shorthand for “bringing those people together who are sincerely interested in restraining their greed, avarice, snobbishness, and selfishness”. That doesn’t necessarily include anyone who can fog a mirror. Actions speak louder than words, but voting is anonymous.

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    • Coincidentally, when I was in Nam, my nickname was Animal.


  5. I’m not liking this whole special laws & licenses for cannabis growers. If anyone doesn’t believe that there are already regulations in place to protect the environment and waterways, I dare them to read through the voluminous county codes. Why not let Humboldt’s own Agricultural Commissioner regulate cannabis growers like they do all other farmers?
    (Note: waterways protections clearly state that if you are doing ANYTHING within 20 feet of a natural waterway you should assume it’s illegal unless you have checked it out or have a permit.) Come on, if growers want to be treated like responsible farmers we need to clean up our own act.

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  6. Hi, devils advocate here. I dont understand your cynical stance. You want to continue prohibition of MJ and/or dont want people to make money from it? What, in this country, does not result in money making and fuel someones greed? There is a large group who wants to voluntary invite regulation into their doings. Is that not a good thing? They of course have no idea how intensive and intrusive said regulations will be once they lock in with the Water Board and DFW. But that will get them to a superior level of mitigation. Who cares how much money they are making? 85% of the so-called environmental impacts are legacy effects from past land management – and the new rules for them will require them to fix problems of yesteryears. I know your blog is all about hating on stuff – especially when people are making money, so I guess I get that. Still, wouldn’t you want to see these people regulated? I would. I say good for them. Their intentions may be nefarious, but the end result will be Superior to whats occurring now.


  7. LMOB– sorry to disagree, but us two-leggeds are all animals (except the tweekers and many conservative republicans whose ability to think best resembles plants).
    Frankly, the problem with H. sapiens sapiens is that some of them have gotten it in their heads that they are something other than a simple creature of the earth, not some special kind of being annointed by some invisible bearded dude in the sky. Who came up with that wacky idea anyway? Talk about a lack of any basis in reality!

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  8. Like all the other mammals, innovation and change are the most difficult challenges for humans.

    The 18th century Lockean notion of the unfettered right to appropriate and accumulate nature’s bounty made possible by money remains a deeply embedded theme in America and especially in Humboldt County where public policy is a transparent extension of private interests.

    We now have two competing well-digging companies that are backlogged. California has extensive regulations on wells, but that’s not stopping anyone with money to burn from digging deeper and deeper.

    As long as there are people willing and eager to make life less livable for other’s in order to enrich themselves, how, exactly, are you going to find “common ground”….”reach across the isle”…or “bring people together”?? Why on God’s Browning Earth would you waste time trying?

    It is contentious polarization from which EVERY positive social movement evolved and succeeded!!!

    And since most media no longer offers news that’s relevant, like daily segments on labor, healthcare, aging, the environment, the economy, the “Human Cost Index”… always careful to report stories out of context and out of proportion…it’s up to individuals in each community to get angry and start informing others ourselves.

    Thank you TE for doing your part.

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  9. Is it just me or is this all an obvious convenience for the growers to be the tip of the spear for rural development?

    hoiw linked are these two efforts?

    “Hey the stupid commie hippies won’t let them build anything, but they like pot. Let’s give them some pot.”

    Well,. would you rather see a plywood trash infested shack and plastic greenhouse and chugging away on diesel generator power, or would you rather see a nice house with gracious elegant features inviting a…etc etc..?

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  10. yes big hairy guy I agree, but alienating the religious is also not going to help.

    In political conversations, to call someone an animal is about as low as you can go – think monkeys as one example.

    I love monkeys. I understand chimpanzees are amazing and cherished close relatives, I still would never call another person a monkey if I was disagreeing or had the slightest bit of malice in my tone or voice.

    “especially when people are making money”

    Bolithio – The left does not begrudge people making money. We want people to make money – sustainably into the future. The left simply does not want money in charge. People govern AND people make money. Money should not (but currently does) govern.

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  11. the face value problem without having to really get into this ordinance is very simple, a half acre. Hoj says most of the consumers are going to be on less than half an acre and that after these larger pieces of land more than half an acre are subdivided and sold off in subdivisions it’ll be a limited few property owners who own the parcels of land that are more than half an acre. also,freedom of religion arguments suggest that there are people who live on property less than half an acre who have a right through their freedom of religion and as exercised through the passages within the Bible that every human being has a right to use Mother Earth however he or she or it feels the need to; of course, there will also be many people who have a need to grow their own medicinal marijuana that live on these subdivided pieces of property that the larger landowners break up to sell off for profit to people who buy homes within any subdivisions. surely living in a subdivision is not a disqualification for freedom of religion and to grow your medicinal marijuana just as the creator says you can do, no different than putting out seeds for your fruit trees, no difference from planting your tomatoes, squash, beans, berries, lettuce, potatoes, onions, whatever!



    • Also, less than half an acre should be able to grow for production too; sell at farmers markets or coops, dispensaries to pay for growing costs. If home gardeners on less than half acre can grow other foods or herbs to sell at the above locations, then pot should be allowed too!



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