Media in Humboldt or what passes for it

Yesterday, Rio Dell Police Officer Kevin Harralson pled not guilty to charges of Domestic Violence. Luckily for us, John Chiv (who is gaining credibility by simply showing up) was there to report what transpired:

On the flip side, News Channel 3 was the only other local media source to report on this case. Not unusually, that “media source” identified the alleged victim as being the mother of Harralson’s child. That is false information, but not surprising given the lack of interest in the case:


Miss Judy please? Can I report some real news this week?

It is sad, but true…local journalism appears to be dead. Has Thad from the North Coast Journal covered the ins and outs of this case? Nope. How about the Times-Standard with in depth coverage of the courthouse? Nope. (The TS did a small story this morning just quoting from Rio Dell PD’s press release) We would think a police officer charged with Domestic Violence would be cause for an in-depth look at the culture of policing and the realities of Domestic Violence among cops, when the doors are closed. How often do police officers take out their frustrations on their partners? Is this an epidemic, that isn’t seen by the public because of the “thin blue line”? How many officers are charged with partner abuse?????

These seem to be real questions that a true journalist would ask.

We are left with asking;

Is there any real journalism left in Humboldt County?


10 thoughts on “Media in Humboldt or what passes for it

  1. Your seem to have confused wallowing in courthouse sleaze with actual journalism. You’re not the only one.


    • KAEF Northcoast News was there in court. As for the victim being the mother of the defendant’s child, that may be an assumption based on the Penal Code he was charged with and the language in it. TE do you know for sure that she isnt the mother of his child?

      There was a CAST agreement stipulated by the defense.

      Channel 3 showed up late, in the wrong court. Probably called the DA’s office for a comment.

      Julie, I have actually been a journalist. I don’t need to justify myself to someone whose blog reports “news” such as Humboldt Soup Company months later and calls it original. I reported on that before it opened and after.

      What’s with your nasty attitude? You dont even know me. Jealousy?As for courthouse sleaze, maybe you are pissed because I called out one of your sleazy friends. Besides commenting on blogs all day and attacking anyone who doesnt support your political view, do you have any original thoughts?

      Fyi, no development yet on Janelle’s lawsuit against the Supervisors? TE do you have any news?


      • Children… behave or I’m turning this Reality around and straight home and we aren’t going for ice cream.

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      • John, why didn’t you post my comment on your post about Janelle? Why don’t you correct the spelling of my name as I have asked you politely to do so several times?
        How did you get my cellphone number?

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      • Just ask the DA John. It’s well known in Fortuna who the “victim” is. She doesn’t have kids….just a string of cops that she’s dated.


  2. Sounds like julie got schooled by chiv. BOOYAH!!!!!


  3. It is unbelievable how quiet the local media is with the exception of a couple of the weekly papers. Caroline at the Ferndale Enterprise has not been afraid to write what has gone on in Ferndale (and there has been a lot of news there!). There is a whole lot that goes on around here without any notice from anybody. It is good to get out of here once in a while to realize how insular this area is.


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