The Examiner’s Measure Q prophecy tragically plays out

CLOSED! so so sorry...... suckas!

CLOSED! so so sorry…… suckas!

Quote from the “scintillating” mind of Council leader Marion Brady

“A budget is like a floating document. It’s an estimate, not concrete, If you look back at the ballot, public safety was a little more broad of a category than police and fire.”

Our crack translation team went to work on the Queen of the Brady Bunch’s doublespeak and boiled it down like this:

Fuck you voters we’ll spend the tax money how we want!

Almost 5 years since the passage of Measure O, and months since the passage of Measure Q…..Eureka is making huge cuts to public safety. Instead of addressing “structural deficits” during the past 4+ years, Eureka spent every penny of that extra sales tax money on things that satisfied the status quo and are fun to have, but not necessary. Out of the more than $15 million in extra tax revenues, how big of a reserve did the City of Eureka build up during that time? uh…………..Oops!

Here’s links from our past articles regarding our position on the “Dave Tyson – Help pay for me and my crony’s fat PERS retirement regressive tax flim flam” that started with Measure O:

Without Measure O Money Eureka won’t be able to continue not filling these positions.

3 years late, Measure O numbers on line – – sort of

Measure O = Good Ol’ Boy pot of gold with no accountability

Crimewave? Where’s the Measure O $$$

The Measure Q debacle continues……………

What is Eureka going to do with your Measure Q money?

Already Vote yes on Measure Q? This should give you voter’s remorse

Humboldt County Taxpayers League agrees with the Examiner on Sales Tax Measures

Tax Measures and the hypocritical conservative double standard.

The Measure Q Conundrum

Measure Q terror campaign pulls no punches

The Measure Q Shuffle




11 thoughts on “The Examiner’s Measure Q prophecy tragically plays out

  1. Without a doubt, the TE totally predicted this year’s budget and misuse of funds.


  2. “Eureka spent every penny of that extra sales tax money on things that are fun to have but not necessary”. And who says that they’re not progressive liberals!


  3. There is a life-size model of a guillotine in this county.

    Street theater has always provided desperately uninformed communities with a little enjoyable enlightenment.


  4. yep, JP said it, and why I read TE.

    Thanks TE.

    Keep it up please.


  5. Ahhhhh….Crickets from Tames and the other folks critical of the TE. I guess when the evidence of how correct the TE had been is noted in a post, the negative naysayers took the walk of shame.

    Keep up the good work TE.


    • Four years of increased revenues, and four
      years of increased spending. Yep….. that was tough to predict.


    • Well I sure am stupid. I predicted you’d comment about the prediction much sooner. I was wrong. Who could have predicted that?

      I predict you’ll comment “JP being stupid…I could have predicted that!”

      Let the predictions in the blog world keep coming. Seems they’re occasionally more accurate, or honest, than what’s coming from the City Government in Eureka 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • Don’t be so tough on yourself JP. You can always go back to school and get your GED. No need to continue calling the eighth grade your “senior year”.


  6. Just watchin, what a demeaning comment. How about you go back to school and bone up on the current city government’s misuse of PUBLIC funds. And then maybe you might just be able to offer some useful information to help correct the problem. Personally, I like a citizen review board to help council understand the real sentiment of the electorate. Remember, the city manager is only one person and after observing Mr. Tyson for many years, managers can not be trusted to make big decisions without some Real checks and balances.


  7. Been there….. “miss use” is one word, and spelled “misuse”. School is out…..


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