Meet the NEW Brady Bunch; same as the old Brady Bunch

Seems to us the Eureka City Councilmember’s were struck deaf when the public showed up in mass to object to drastic cuts in Public Safety. Looking over the most recent budget proposals, you’d have to wonder what was the point of having any public hearings on the budget at all? We guess it’s that they’re required to by law and the council can say they have complied.

You're SOL if you or a loved one lives here!

You’re SOL if you or a loved one lives here!

The public was emphatic in saying “No Cuts to Public Safety”. The Council was not moved. The City is making a bunch of noise about shifting some moneys around, but the fire stations are still closing and 9 PSO positions are disappearing. This Council seems to be like all councils before; doing the City Managers bidding.

Oddly missing from the discussion was the Eureka Police Officer’s Association (EPOA). Even more strange is that the PSO’s are members of the EPOA!!! Are the majority of voting union members (that would be cops) so afraid to cross the Manager or Mills that they remained silent? Were they told that the current wage negotiations would go poorly if they didn’t keep their mouths shut about PSO’s being fired? Very strange indeed.

You're SOL if you or a loved one gets in an accident here

You’re SOL if you or a loved one gets in an accident here

The Firemen spoke out and were roundly attacked. Sparks’ hatchet man Miles Slatery from Public Works went on the attack speaking for City Hall, apparently while on the clock! The Humboldt (Mirror) Consequential echoed Slatery, claiming the fire personnel were being paid a million dollars to sleep.

Strange also is cutting from the Visitors and Convention Bureau while mandating they waste $250,000 on guarantees for the failing commercial air business.

Then there is the sacred Zoo…..Woe unto anyone who shall question the Lord’s favorite Zoo!!!

Yup, it seems that’s our “progressive” council practicing their version of the “same old, same old” Eureka politics. In fact, it seems to the Examiner that this current council, which was supposed to oust the “Brady Bunch”, has in fact warmly embraced those voting records and is now the new face for the Brady Bunch.

Kim "Brady" and Natalie "Brady"

Kim “Brady” and Natalie “Brady”


79 thoughts on “Meet the NEW Brady Bunch; same as the old Brady Bunch

    • The point is 5 to 10 minutes extra response time with the Myrtle ave station closed, could mean life or death!


      • I thought it might be something like that. TE, your prospective is valuable UNTIL you lapse into hysteria.


      • First of all, the Fire Chief said it would be an extra two minutes; not 5 or 10. You are quickly losing credibility TE. The fact is it will be more like one, because the actual ambulance with the actual paramedics will beat them there as they often do now. My friend’s grandmother is there, and when she called 911, the ambulance got there first and cancelled the fire department. The TE wants an end to trails? Parks? Senior and disabled programs? Teen and after school programs that allow parents to work? I think you’ve lost your focus- to the extent you are making your own facts (extended response times) to bolster your case. So Natalie and Kim; if you’re reading, stay the course. There is more to Eureka than LE and Fire- though it’s hard to tell since they already dominate 70 percent plus of the entire budget.

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      • I have a lot experience with emergency response, for Tames to say the ambulance will get there faster than the fire department is fanciful, that almost never happens. The potential of an extra 5 to 10 minutes is very real traveling across Eureka these days when half the cars don’t slow, stop or pull over for emergency traffic.
        Tell it TE!


      • Let’s see Joe6pac. From 7th and C Street to Silvercrest is seventeen blocks. Ten minutes means they cruise 7th Street at 35 seconds per block or 7.8 MPH. So basically you are saying the fire department uses jogging speed to get to calls on a street with little traffic and no traffic lights. Hmm. Maybe you’re right since they seem to take a 5 million dollar ladder truck to every slip and fall. Fire Department scare tactics. Don’t get sucked in. Focus on increasing revenue as LMOB says and keep funding alive for important social programs that are the community safety net for teens and seniors.

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      • Now you are blowing up your numbers and losing credibility Tames. The truck was just over 1 million dollars with 750,000 payed for by a grant. You are also assuming the truck will be available to run to Silvercrest since now they picked up half of Station 4 ‘s response are and will now run those calls.


  1. What percentage of the general fund is appropriate to go to fire and police?
    How do we generate progressive tax rates to continue spending on these seemingly insatiable needs?

    Are you looking for candidates to run on 2016 so the disaster of two uncontested seats won’t happen again?

    Or are you going to continue thoughtlessly yelling at the kids from your porch to get off your lawn, damn the consequences.

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    • Agreed. The TE is ready to cast blame for cutting Public Safety, but they are unwilling to say where THEY would come up with 1.5 Million. You can close the zoo, the Chamber, the parks, and eliminate every positive social program we have going to help the poor and still not come up with 1.5 Million. Mad Max had LE- just no parks, public works or social programs. No thanks. I’ll take a two minute delay in fire response if it means the Senior Lunch and Teen programs stay alive and our parks stay open. PS: We don’t even start receiving Measure Q money for another year, and they are dealing with the July 1, 2015 budget, so trying to tie this to Measure Q is misleading. Bergel and Arroyo are doing exactly what I voted them in for. Balancing public safety needs with NOT becoming Mad Max.

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      • It is interesting to see the TE progressives suggesting cutting city government back to pretty much police and fire. Isn’t that supposed to be what the libertarians suggest, if even that?

        As an aside, it’s projected that public employee pension contributions- a large part of the city’s (and county’s) budget shortage- will increase over the next decade or so.

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    • So, why are the “thoughtful” people dead-silent?

      Where’s a single press-release from county democrats on the issue? How about a press-release in the last generation against the uninterrupted divestment in public services and the transfer of public wealth to the wealthy? Hell, there should have been a press-release expressing outrage every time Eureka wins another top rating of “worse in the state”.

      The more important question is what level of funding Eureka is lacking for a population of 60,000, not what percentage of a broken budget to apportion…that’s easy… ending the zoo and chamber subsidies alone is close to $1 million. Both entities have options in dealing with the loss, the same is true for Eureka’s recreation budget.

      Old-timers sitting on their porch will tell you that police once walked a beat…back when police cars were emblazoned with “Protect and Serve”.

      It’s always easy to blame uninformed residents, the victims, while ignoring the role of media, and democratic “leadership” that has no public thoughts to share. Add to that the crippling fear that aptly characterizes most individuals working in local government preventing them from giving media interviews that might provide a deeper insight.

      Maybe if this county’s democrats could have generated more that 6 people to canvass for Seidner, we would have more candidates stepping up, and we wouldn’t have an auctioneer voting with the other developer cronies running Humboldt County.

      If not for the people yelling “thoughtlessly” from their porches, there’d be near-silence in this county.

      Bravo TE.

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  2. Kim Brady’s “mother in law” was the landscape architect and her “hubby” was the contractor for the earlier Zoo improvements


      • What’s his point? If the statements are true, which I don’t have the foggiest about, then the point is there was a conflict of interest. Kind of like past councilmembers who gave money hand over fist to the Chamber, all while they were members.

        The TE has hit the nail on the head. The Zoo is the golden calf of Eureka….even among so called progressives.

        TE – The crowd has spoken. Shut your mouth and go away. The vocal folks, the moneyed folks, and the politically connected all love the zoo! They don’t care that it is being funded by regressive taxes on the poor. The Zoo is what makes Eureka….who gives a shit if your purse is stolen and EPD won’t take a report? Who cares if granny has a heart attack at silver crest and the fire department is two minutes too late to save her…..Eureka needs that Eagle exhibit fully funded damnit!!!!!

        Shut up TE….no one wants to hear your rational thinking. In fact, people need to call it hysteria….then it won’t make so much darkness sense!


    • I just want to make sure my position is clear: LAY OFF THE ZOO! And re: Bergel the “earlier Zoo improvements ” were years ago, well before Bergel was on the Council so I ask again, why bring this up now?


      • I hear you loud and clear JT. I just happen to completely disagree with you. Eureka’s poor subsidize a Zoo whose visitors are mostly from the unincorporated Eureka areas.

        It’s been said in the past that Cutten runs Eureka. It seems pretty darn true to me.

        Thanks for confirming that Kim’s husband, and thereby Kim, have profited off of the City funded Zoo. Wow…the good old boys and gals really do run this city!


      • Nice try but I’m not confirming anything about the Bergels because I know nothing about their business. I just pointed out that the last major improvements to the Zoo took place ten years ago.


      • I didn’t realize the otter and eagle exhibits were 10 years old.


      • The otters were there, then they were not, then they came back recently. The eagles I agree are more recent. These are not major construction projects .


      • it was the Flamingo’s exhibit.

        Too much back room stuff within the City Hall


  3. The TE had proposed cuts to non essential city services. They’ve also put out articles questioning the sky rocketing pension costs.

    Apparently, the TE is being criticized for proposing that public safety positions not be cut, and fire stations not be closed. Those were the promises of Measure Q, which was endorsed by Natalie and Kim.

    LJ- The TE has linked to their proposals before. Just because they don’t in every article doesn’t mean their suggestions don’t exist.

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    • JP:

      May I add to your very true comment (that some folks refuse to believe, I guess) that the TE in one form or another has also talked about what the REAL root of the problem is: Regressive vs. Progressive Taxation.

      As long as the city insists on making the poor foot the bill, there will never be a solution to Eureka’s (or a lot of other places) budget problems.

      It doesn’t matter if they’re feeding caviar to the eagles or if the street sweeper is getting a decent livable retirement. It matters as to how we choose to raise the money to pay for it all. And we choose….

      To make the most disenfranchised segment of our population pay for it.

      We can all argue until blueness sets in all our collective faces about what should be cut and how… and nothing will be accomplished. Until we reform the revenue stream our municipal governments depend on then we are still at the bottom of the life’s great Chutes and Ladders game (rolling “zeros”).

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    • Nice try. The cuts the TE put out wouldn’t even skim the surface on this deficit. They are so focused on killing the Chamber, they are willing to take down the Senior Nutrition program with it. Do the math. When public safety is 70 percent of your budget, you have to cut 100 percent of everything else if you aren’t willing to take a portion of their budget.

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      • Which post from the TE called for cutting that program Tames…..


        That’s right, there never was a past which called for that. Stop with the lies!!!!!


      • JP, Now you are doing the same thing. What programs would you cut that add up to 1.5 million. And, no, cutting all the “conservative causes” doesn’t get you even close. And what are you going to next year, which will be an even worse deficit. Lots of criticism, without answers built on math.


  4. This is all public record…


  5. The need for fire and police services is, and has been since colonial times, the the most basic of any community’s expenditures. Zoos, I’m not so sure. Community programs are great if there is money to support them, but a basic need, I’m not so sure. Street sweepers, I’ve done my own street cleaning, as well as in front of my store, for years. So there is a lot of city allocation of monies that is very discretionary. We seem to thinks all these services are our right, I’m not so sure. Maybe those that think so should start kicking in every time they partake of a city program or service. We would then know just how important the extras are really considered.


  6. Kill the zoo. It’s a compromise that can be made. If that is what my allies demand, so be it.

    Btw, i think it is withering on the vine as it seems they are raising prices again making sure only those with money can afford it. So you should know we are headed to where you want to go. Things don’t happen overnight.

    But back to the question, what percent of the general fund should go to police and fire. The heart of the conservative movement since I’ve been alive and politically aware is that police is the one legitimate and defensible function of government. As anyone else heard the conservative meme about the preamble to the Constitution? It’s PROVIDE whereas us darn libs only get PROMOTE.

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    JP that shouldn’t be a link. That should be the meat of each article instead of dissing the most progressive council this city has had in our memory.

    This is entitlement politics. It’s “if you don’t support my interests, at all costs, …”. It’s not thoughtful. It’s the politics of populism and we all know where it leads. It leads to the Brady Bunch, but one lead by Matthew Owen instead of Linda Atkins.

    Budgets are where the rubber of politics hits the road of reality. Grover Norquist gets this which is why he said he wants to drown the baby (government) in the bathwater (lack of revenues).

    The problem is not our leaders, it’s the hand they are given. Eureka has been given the responsibility of putting all of the county’s people who have been convicted of a criminal offence in the heart of our town. We saw an explicit example of the worst of what can happen when we do on 1/1/14. Bullock only became Eureka’s problem because he was transported here and then released here.

    That’s just the reality. We are broken. We have been broken intentionally by some, including ourselves, by focusing solely on self-interests. I am going to call out the right when they do it and I’m going to call out the left when they do it to.

    Your take on all things Measure O, Q and budget is insuring we will get more of Owen’s Brady Bunch – the one that is Reagan at it’s core but knows how to call itself a Democrat. I know I won’t convince you of this, but I would love all of you to come out to the Democratic party and change things from the inside instead of whining from the outside.

    It’s hard work, and you will have to be accountable. But the thing is, your heart is in the right place. We do want to do everything we can to protect the poor and vulnerable in our society, what I’m trying to do is caution against the tone and impossible expectations that will only insure we get more and worse of what you are complaining about.

    An article I read said the % of the general fund was 50% 10 years ago and thanks to measures o and q it is now 70%. I believe that is right. How much higher would this go if the TE got the budget it wanted? Where would you like it to be ideally? Those are important questions because we would be able to agree once again. We’d be talking like MOLA is about revenues. We’d be talking about intrinsic problems that we face such as our current status of a police state, the role of Humboldt being the Mecca of Weed Inc., the lack of social safety net services and institutions AND the lack of publically funded services that act as investments in our future.

    It’s arguable the Zoo is one of the latter. I am not a zoo guy, but I did see the joy it brought to my then 2-3 y/o niece’s life when she visited. It is a crown of our city and it’s something that has been for a long time. It’s Eureka’s equivalent to Arcata’s city-managed forest. It may not be your cup of tea, but no one can deny it is something that is valuable and adds value to this town.

    If your priority is to kill the zoo, fine, I don’t mind and neither does the council. They will raise prices on it and they have also cut funding to the Chamber of Commerce. Things are moving in the direction you want them to go. I’m not sure why the anger and the tweetle dees and tweetle dums. It’s scapegoating and unfairly putting all the blame for decades of bad decisions local and national on (I’ve noticed) only two people.

    Measures Q and O have had their effect and they will continue to. They have raised a regressive tax as a last ditch effort to increase general fund spending on fire and police. The question is now what? Who will we support in leading us next?


    Midnight anon. The Democrats are a huge mess, worse than you know. No one is volunteering and those that do enjoy volunteering for CBTS and DOTY more than even finding a chair for our voter registration committee. It’s what happens when the left of center base in a county depends on the libertarianism of hippydom for one. Stop complaining and come out and help. That’s what we need is more warm bodies with hearts of gold. Right now we are to focused on the gold itself which is why Matthew and Virginia have an in.

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    • Authoring volumes on the blogs…and then scolding others for “whining from the outside” is contradictory.

      Also, it’s right out of Rush Limbahhs playbook to insinuate that critics should join the dysfunctional HCDCC or shut up.

      Should “liberals” invite homeless families into their houses or shut up about it?

      It’s not the responsibility of activists to embrace democratic officialdom, it’s the responsibility of democratic leadership to embrace those that are doing their work for them, from the OUTSIDE, with no support. A rough and ready group of 6 people, some occasionally homeless, got Measure “R” on the ballot, a small group of Greens did the same for “P”.

      The “Brady Bunch” was NOT caused by “populism”. This was proven when 2 populist ballot initiatives ushered-in Eureka’s first non-right wing city council. (However, just because Bergel and Arroyo did not form a “Eureka City Council Prayer Breakfast” does not make them progressive!).

      Politics has always been about self-interest, have you ever knocked on doors? This is how you get people to vote…in their self-interest.

      Claiming that it’s the “tone” of critics that insures right-wing control in Eureka and that critic’s demands are “impossible” is outrageous. In fact, many more “unaccountable” people (?) need to be “whining” from the “outside” before the “whine” can become a chorus of anger capable of spawning activism. Are you really that uninformed on successful social movements?

      You blame “Hippydom”? Really?

      The HCDCC (and a number of other local organizations) lack volunteers because they play no visible role in the public interest.

      Ending Eureka’s subsidy to the zoo and chamber is about $1 million and it “KILLS” neither. The problem is that elected officials are more worried about the next election than voting in the best interest of the most people. The rich have a fraction of the crime problems being experienced by Eureka’s poorer residents.

      You will find that your niece’s face will light up with joy just being in the company of loved ones. Eureka’s zoo need not be certified nor contain this world’s exotic species, native to locations where the people failed to protect nature. By cleverly exhibiting this areas amazing bio-diversity your niece can learn about and share reverence for local species and their environment that is also in precipitous decline.

      Call it “joy-plus”.


  7. I can remember posting on other local blogs in the past that conservatives in the local government served a very valuable purpose……they could be blamed for all that was wrong, always standing in the way. Gee…..if only we had a progressive majority on the council! Like I said then, be careful what you wish for…you just might get it.


  8. Well, as I said, we can discuss what to cut until we are blue in the face… I know I am.

    Let me be crystal clear about what I am talking about:

    We aren’t going to solve the problem. Period. It’s an Easter Bunny vs. Santa Claus fantasy wrestling match that we are running here.

    The Progressives can cut EVERYTHING they want to cut put together with the Conservatives cutting EVERYTHING they want to cut… It makes NO DIFFERENCE.

    We are doing nothing more than kicking a big huge can of bull poop down the road and the road is coming to an end real quick.

    We are talking about the wrong thing. I appreciate LMOB getting the point (sort of). All we are doing is talking to cross purposes.

    The solution to the problems of our municipal governments (and larger, for that matter) is reforming how we gather revenues to run them. Until that is done, this discussion we are having now is farce (the not funny kind).

    We need to stop depending on making the poor bear the burden of paying for government. We need to stop NOW. We need to stop with this budget. That is the only solution.

    Well, I’m blue in the face to the point of passing out. Either you all get it or you never will.

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    • MOLA. What specifically would you do tonight at this meeting where the budget decision will be made? Have a plan to instantly rebuild the tax structure that will take effect tomorrow? How do you solve the deficit sitting before the council tonight? Arguing esoterically about solutions and philosophy of government is very different than having to make a decision right now and listing 1.5 million in cuts.


      • Tames:

        The solution is have the people with the money who benefit most from what government has to offer to pay their share.

        Taxes (oh God, he said that word right out loud!).

        Starting today (not that it can or will be accomplished in a day) the tax and fee burdens must be shifted to who can pay, not who can voice their objections the least.

        Since I have heard no discussion by our elected officials on that score then there is no basis for hoping the problems being solved anytime soon.

        Hope that covers it for you.

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  9. Tames,

    You aren’t going to get a specific answer out of Fortuna resident Mola; he doesn’t have an answer – he continues to serve up nonanswers to the very specific question you asked, in other words continuing to argue “esoterically about solutions and philosophy of government” in response to your very precise question as to how solve the deficit sitting before the council tonight.

    Mola, what taxes, pray tell would you raise? Good luck getting a property tax passed, and it would be just as “regressive” as a sales tax, as those taxes would be passed on to renters by landlords. Fees – Fees burdens should be charged at no greater than the cost of the service they provide, and they should be charged to those are using the service that generate the fees, not “those who can pay”. I agree with those here who have suggested some type of assessment that would be county wide to support the zoo, otherwise, shut it down, but as Tames has pointed out, shutting the zoo down in no way makes up the different in continuing increases in the costs of Fire and Police costs, particularly in the cost of their benefits.

    As LJon has mentioned, the amount of general fund monies going to fire and police has increased from 50 to over 70 percent in the last ten years or so. Over the last several years other general fund departments have cut their budgets each year, while this year is the first time fire and police are being cut – last year they were asked to cut and those cuts were reinstated. So, when local shrills like Sylvia Scott scream that other departments should cut “20 percent if fire and police have to cut 10 percent”, the answer is those departments HAVE cut way more than 20% over the years.

    I do disagree with Ljon in one respect; I do not see this as a left/right progressive/conservative argument, I think that some folks are rightly pointing out that there is more to our City than just fire and police, and that this Council, as well as prior Councils HAVE highly prioritized fire and police, but that the escalating costs of pensions and benefits have finally left the Council with no other choice but to make some cuts from public safety as well as all of the other departments.

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    • Bullshit, The Brady Bunch got elected and measure O passed generating millions of dollars, which they piss all away instead of setting it aside for Public Safety.
      Everyone at the City knew this crunch was coming they did nothing to prepare. Now we have this crime wave and we’re going cut the Police?
      Oh but we have these cute little Red Pandas


      • Nah, the “Bullshit” is coming from you. Measure O/Q Generates four million dollars per year in revenues. Since the inception of Measure O, increases in the costs to fire and police have risen by five million dollars. This was made clear at last year’s budget meeting, which I watched. Your so called “Brady Bunch” reinstated previously cut items to fire and police budgets despite the one million dollar structural deficit in the measure O monies alone. Over 90 percent of Measure O goes to fire and police.

        But, yeah, we have cute little Red Pandas – get rid of em, if we can’t share the cost of running the zoo with the rest of the County. Oh, and “rolla”, keep your head in the sand and ignore the fact so aptly pointed out in Alan Dollison’s column on the LOCO a couple of weeks ago, that Eureka is not alone in getting crushed financially due to the overwhelming costs of funding defined benefit pension plans through CalPers where are Cops and Firefighters can retire at 90 percent of their highest annual wages. I’m all for providing our public employees a fair equitable retirement, but this is beyond the pale.

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    • Pretty sure the TE has been critical of the pension problems before. However, the unfunded liability payments were known to be coming since 2008. Cuts should have been made since at least 2010, when measure O was instituted. Then we would be working with reserves.

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    • youza:

      Esoteric? Moi?

      I thought I was quite specific… shift the tax burden from those who struggle to pay to those who can. It’s not demon magic or asking the angels to intervene. We look at the problem square in the face… call all the spades a spade and start legislating and changing local tax codes and procedures until the job is done.

      Must I also tie your shoes for you to get out from under being labeled “Esoteric?” I didn’t say I was offering you low hanging fruit you can just pick without reaching (credit my favorite detective, Nero Wolf). If I had all the details locked up I’d be running the place (and no one wants that, I guarantee).

      Am I too “out there” for you because I suggest where the real problem lies? Am I too unspecific for you because I point out that no one, and I mean NO ONE, chooses to talk about the real issue and I call them out for it?

      Yes, I live in Fortuna. And guess what? Same problems with our budget as Eureka. Nearly every municipality in the region has the same exact problem.

      Yet we don’t have any Zoo’s.

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      • Darnit. That was….quite well put and beyond my very imperfect timing. Yet we don’t have any Zoo’s….

        I miss your posts Mola. No offense meant by that statement TE. However, her timing and prose is impeccable.

        That was my version of being funny Mr. MOLA. I still get a kick out of the strange fixation on your gender…

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      • Very high sales tax on any car selling for more than 2x median car price purchased by anyone in a Eureka zip code.

        Punitive tax on owner of any storefront remaining empty for longer than one year.

        Services tax on any business paying employees less than $10 per hour, costing them as much as it would cost to pay their employees the ten bucks.

        City income tax on government employees (or imposed on income more than three times the minimum wage — it’s nearly the same thing).

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      • Mitch; I like it.
        I would like to add some kind of punitive fee for the high paid city workers who don’t live in Eureka. Ya, even all the cops who live in Fortuna. If you’re going to suckle on the City tits you should at least live here.


  10. The point of this posting was to complain that somehow Kim and Natalie are big disappointments because they are making cuts to public safety because simple math dictates that they must.
    This blog wants to blame Natalie and Kim,– sorry “changing local tax codes and procedures” isn’t the answer to how to successfully cut 1.5 million dollars tonight; repetitive, I know, but I really am trying to see if maybe you will actually read, comprehend and thoughtfully answer the questions posed.
    I proudly voted and talked to my friends about change and think I convinced one or two to vote for Natalie and Kim. They have not disappointed me. They are doing a great job

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  11. Midnight anon.

    “Authoring volumes on the blogs…and then scolding others for “whining from the outside” is contradictory.”

    I whine and I act and I do it on the record which means I’m accountable.
    That’s what I’m asking, we on the left need to be accountable and accountability includes, importantly, finding candidates and winning elections.

    The HCDCC is a mess b/c there are no volunteers (that and Republican’s go into elections down 25% in HumCo). We in Humboldt, California and the nation have made the decision – with help from our 1% overlords who have forced us to 2 working person 40 hr work schedules/family – that we are going to leave the governing to others.

    That’s the wrong answer b/c without an effective left that has a) a message that will win and b) a fundamental understanding of politics (two things that a lugubrious, yes, but critical institution like a political party brings) the message that will win is KINS’s, is Reagan’s, is Nixon’s, is Owen’s. It’s the message that leaves us in the situation that some percentage > 70% of our city’s general fund should go to fire and law enforcement. (This is a number that the TE cannot express where they’d even like it to be given current revenues.)


    “Eureka’s zoo need not be certified nor contain this world’s exotic species, native to locations where the people failed to protect nature. By cleverly exhibiting this areas amazing bio-diversity your niece can learn about and share reverence for local species and their environment that is also in precipitous decline.”

    I don’t disagree, but the budget is not the time to legislate such desires. If it is, you are using the same tactic as Grover is. Drowning the baby in the bathwater. If we rule by budgets, well, we are and we see the results. The TE’s and your myopic politics only insures that even with a 25% left-of-center advantage and strong working class and non-working class needs, Eureka’s pied-pipers from the right will continue to have a fighting chance in even yeared Novembers.


    Also, only one person I’ve ever known in real life to use the term “nah” is Matthew Owen. Maybe that’s an old-school Humboldt thing though youza b/c I do see it used time to time on the Humboldt blogosphere. .


    • The HDCC is a mess because they need volunteers!?!

      I disagree. The HDCC had some pretty heavy volunteers in the past. For instance, Virginia Bass, who you spoke well of until it was clear she was on the way out!!!

      The HDCC is broken because the organization is completely centrist (meaning not progressive and supportive of a two party money driven capitalist system). The HDCC is broken because once members are endorsed the HDCC won’t hold them “accountable” for poor voting records. Linda, Natalie, abd Kim have not shown that they represent the people of Eureka’s interests…only the “1%ers”.

      The fact that the current “progressives” on the council and the HDCC haven’t come out against the current biased and unlawful “ward voting” system in Eureka shows how broken that organization has been, and continues to be.


      • JP. Go back and re-read my posts. I have never ever spoke positively of Supervisors Bass’ policies. My entire reason for joining the HCDCC was to return the Dems to Dems. #1 on the list, find out why Virginia is a Dem.

        I’ve always, always stood by Virginia as a nice person who cares about her community. The only way we can define a party in an environment where people like Virginia, Matt, Richard, Estelle, Marian, Malinda, insist on having the left-of-center label even when their local policies are far-far right (ie business/Chamber of Commerce centric) is for the left to “flood the zone”.

        Good people divided by politics and religion is my mantra care of Jonathan Haidt.

        The fact that the current “progressives” on the council and the HDCC haven’t come out against the current biased and unlawful “ward voting” system in Eureka shows how broken that organization has been, and continues to be.

        I agree. Lose the anon and help direct the Dems leftward. We can’t do it without you or others like you. Literally. Money has found a way to play the system, it counts on people giving up and throwing in the towel like we are doing.

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      • Thanks JP.

        The last election proved just how inconsequential the HCDCC is to this community.

        Two tiny groups of underfunded, focused individuals qualified two populist initiatives for the 2014 ballot winning the first political upset in Eureka in living memory. At least the chamber’s subsidy has been reduced, the same needs to take place for the zoo until both subsidies are entirely eliminated. The zoo should be trumpeting local bio-diversity while the Eureka Chamber makes itself relevant to the 60% of Eureka businesses that refuse to join.

        The issue is much simpler than blaming the residents for “failing to work from the inside”, yes, the “inside” that has been failing them for decades. Little wonder the majority do not vote.

        Planning must begin NOW for the two new 2016 ballot initiatives that motivate new voters. Arroyo, Bergel, (as well as Atkin’s and other’s replacement), will depend upon it.

        Only then will Mitch’s excellent examples of progressive taxation have a chance of passing. I would add that local law enforcement must abandon the war on drugs to whatever official and unofficial extent is possible. The rest of the civilized world discovered long ago that it is extraordinarily costly and ineffective.

        Always be mindful of the big picture.

        Until Eureka incorporates the areas that are having immense impacts on its infrastructure and emergency services, (qualifying it for larger federal and state funding), transferring 100% of Eureka’s meager budget to policing might not meet average funding in other California city’s that also have populations of 60,000.

        Thus, each year is worse with new horrendous statistics and inaction.

        The “whining tone of critics” always offends the sensibilities of the well-heeled, right up until the moment citizens start burning down their own city and suddenly all those “impossible” demands are enacted, most recently and vividly witnessed in Baltimore.


  12. anon – you don’t like “whining”. What about triumphalist? What about triumphalist in loss. What about triumphalist in loss and disregarding of the future?

    Is Baltimore an example? Did Baltimore’s burning solve or exacerbate issues of race such as income inequality and unequal justice.

    But thank you for finally answering the question TE can’t. 100% of the General Fund is where we are headed and we want to ally with the anti-tax anti-government right along the way.

    Sounds like what we’ve been doing since 1965, why stop now?

    Anon- btw – I don’t disagree with a word you wrote at noon. There is a big difference between your take and TE’s. Can you figure it out?

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    • In citing Baltimore as an example, it looks like you finally understand what decades of democrats in power gets you. Congratulations jonny!


  13. Maybe LMOB didn’t follow the news but it wasn’t until AFTER Baltimore began to burn that the public’s demands for justice were addressed in murder indictments and police reform, among the first in the nation amid years of wrongful police shootings.

    I placed “whining” in quotes because I’m quoting LMOB’s criticism of those that keep “whining from the outside”, aka, pissing in the wind.

    Nothing could be further from the truth as the 2014 ballot initiatives proved.

    Having witnessed 40 years of the comatose “inside”, every real and pseudo liberal should be gearing up to repeat the ONLY strategy that has actually worked in defeating the right-wing.

    That the democrats and unions haven’t already formed a committee to formulate the 2016 initiatives would be utterly mind-boggling if not for the legacy of “insider’s” laser focus on fundraising and giving each other awards.

    Once again, all it took was a tiny group of determined people with little economic support to get 2 populist issues on the ballot that inspired enough new voters to alter local political history…TEMPORARILY… if it’s up to the “insiders”.

    I appreciate the rarity of the TE and its local focus, why should I worry if TE disagrees with me LMOB, can they not comment for themselves?

    The question no one is asking or answering is how much other cities with 60,000 residents budget for their emergency services and how much additional federal and state assistance it would qualify Eureka for.

    With the right leadership in Eureka and Humboldt County, incorporation and public-interest legislation can be accomplished. The 2014 initiatives illustrated the first step.

    “Figure it out”.


  14. “it wasn’t until AFTER Baltimore began to burn that the public’s demands for justice were addressed in murder indictments and police reform”

    This is reactionary politics. It only goes so far and it does have the minor problem of the city burning.

    You do understand that is destructive, no? Part of being liberal and I hope progressive means understanding the power of proactive, not reactive policies to complement reactive street action.

    Again, I agree with you on the success of “AND” politics. If the HCDCC isn’t your cup of tea, yes, “AND” away.

    What you need to understand, and the left nationally needs to understand since the Democratic schisms in the late forties and late sixties is if we don’t unite, there is a well lubricated machine of special interests waiting to sit in the seats of power we cede.

    I’ve seen this in all aspects of life from the nutrition boards my extended family is often involved in to the GPU. The list is endless and I know all here from JP to Goldie to midnight anon have similar lists.

    The problems we face are huge and wrestling power back from the Inhofes, the Ulanseys, the Bass(s) is going to be difficult and it will take a while.

    I’ll be fighting this lonely battle of one generation against another. Those 5 to 10 to 15 years older than me (47) had so much success early on that they did not notice the repercussions of the culture wars they began and their part in losing the momentum the voices of change had.

    Populism does not uniformly lead to public interest legislation. I think the GPU is a perfect example of this. Peter Childs allied with everyone from the League of Women’s Voters to SoHum’s destitute to the county’s most powerful landowners to change the work of elected officials.

    Civic unrest has it’s role. TE’s opinions are not civic unrest, they can’t even, nor can you, put a public face on who you are.

    This is arm chair politics. It can be destructive. From my perspective it unites the worst of the right (business always does everything best – except for police and fire) with the best intentions of the left and in the end produces the 100% spending on public safety.

    What happens if we need 110%?

    Having said all that, I agree with you more than I don’t and I’ll leave you with the growing list of questions.

    What percentage of the general fund should be spent on public safety?

    What percentage of the electorate did Measure R receive?

    What was more important to the passage of P – left of center people involved in one way or another in a federally illegal trade or left of people people that are not?

    When will we connect our outrageous public safety hazards in Eureka to issues that will not be solved by even higher spending?

    Eureka is the victim currently of a perfect storm of crime. Our entire political structure is welcoming the economics and social effects of a mind-altering substance and all that entails. We are a pleasant and cheap place to live for those that have spent time in the hoosegow. Never forget that we jail way more in this country than we should – by an order of magnitude.

    Check out that graph and when the jump happened from .5 million to 2.5 million. That too, btw, is a direct result of the left conceding power to Reagan and the right by the type of myopic entitlement politics TE is demonstrating in droves. And, maybe, the left is also complicit. Maybe we do want our gated communities, we just want our entire society to be one? That’s the impression I’m getting from these discussions.

    It isn’t Reagan or Bush or Cheney or Arkley or KINS or the right that is responsible for the crazy things they have done, it’s all of us and we have to be smart enough and always have an eye at the big picture so we don’t ever let this happen again. We can’t afford it.

    These are the problems Eureka is facing – as is Baltimore – including many much deeper. These problems won’t be solved by calling Natalie and Kim liars or tweedledee and dum and helping to insure we spend even less and put less faith in civics and government.

    Midnight anon- you haven’t partaken in the politics of destruction that TE has, at least not in this thread. You are participating in the AND politics of the left which I appreciate and love. We do need Verbena, James and R, but we also need the HCDCC. If you can’t see that, then I’m not doing my job as effectively as I should be and it’s back to the drawing board.

    The question no one is asking or answering is how much other cities with 60,000 residents budget for their emergency services and how much additional federal and state assistance it would qualify Eureka for.

    Great question and a great broader point about having carved out Eureka at large. The more you write on this the better because this is completely new to me and thus I’m sure others and no one else seems to be bringing this up.


    • As someone in the age group you mentioned (older than you) it seems to me that it wasn’t so much complacency after early success, but increased funding from the opposition, starting “brush fires” everywhere that diluted our strength and focus. The stampede to the right which occurred in the Carter to Reagan administrations hasn’t been reversed, possibly because a large share of the tax cuts for the rich went into campaign coffers to ensure more of the same. I’m hopeful that the true populism that Bernie Sanders is igniting will start the avalanche we need to bring balance to the socialist/capitalist teeter totter required for economic and social justice in a first world country today.

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      • But they couldn’t have done what they did without our approval.

        Our approval was our inability to come together. We all had that piece of the pie that we wanted and we came together when necessary. I don’t think there is a greater example in my eyes of this than Peter Childs. Keep those myopic, self-interested utopian ideals going, it’s easy when you can’t see but 4 lights from your home at night. That’s the extreme of the illusion we all bought into. I can only control what is within my property line – you all have at the rest, I’m tired.

        Money is everything only if we allow it to be and this is so clear on the local level. We are ceding by not using what little discretionary time we have to given to they type of politics midnight anon is talking about.

        The thing is, to do this en mass, we need to be a group that can work together. We have a way to do this, but for a 150 million reasons people are not participating in a political infrastructure ready to be used. One personal theory is that Americans, including the left, can’t face the fact they can’t have everything they want. Instead of joining a group where one has to work to get heard, they will wait for someone else to do the work.

        Usually that person is paid. That’s where the money comes in and then we go back to your point.

        I’ll be voting for Bernie, and no, he won’t win the primary so we are going to have to back Hillary and make her, with numbers, do the right thing. The politics that matter is not about the next election, it’s about the next 5 and the policies that will last the next 20 to 100

        We have to understand the power of the right was not only money, it was also narrative. It’s a story Rush and friends told 24/7 on all our media. Think of how much that kind of advertising would have cost. It’s mind boggling. We ceded that discussion because … because it bored us and/or we were bullied into submission or apathy.

        The argument we could not support is really simple. The argument is government is good. We gave that up because we rejected authority and thus gave up on government too.


  15. “Midnight anon- you haven’t partaken in the politics of destruction that TE has”.

    By openly disagreeing with the voting record of HDCC candidates, the TE is partaken in the politics of destruction??? Wow, that’s quite a statement LMOB.

    Your comments and support of the never ending wars in the middle east is the true politics of destruction. The TE calling Natalie and Kim out for breaking campaign assurances is called “being honest”. With all due respect, your unwavering support of politicians who claim to be progressive but vote otherwise is strange. Your fixation with the TE’S progressive positions and viewpoints, because they write posts “against” the HDCC endorsed candidates, shows that you are a part of the local problem, not a part of any solution. Grass roots doesn’t start in the deep waters of vastly wealthy and established political parties…movements start at the very bottom, with people howling truths into the wind hoping someone is listening. Obviously, people are listening to the TE’S point of view. Maybe that’s why you’re so negative toward them LMOB…how many times have the powers that be answered questions brought up on your blog???


  16. Once again, asking what % of the budget should go to emergency services is the wrong question because Eureka is not a city of 28,000.

    LMOB might be the last person to be uninformed on this.

    Ask any of the individuals behind the new “Pedestrian Safety Campaign” that just blanketed Eureka with banners desperately pleading with motorists to stop killing record numbers of people in the crosswalks. Eureka’s rural streets were not designed for 60,000 residents and it has always been in the short-term interest of local developers to exceed infrastructure capacity. That’s why they control nearly every elected and appointed office in this county…Poor Peter Childs didn’t succeed in changing anything in this area, Humboldt County, like many U.S. counties, operates of, by and for the largest propertied residents, they hardly needed Child’s input, although, it surely amused them. Or, you can ask Eureka’s mayor. One of his campaign issues was incorporating Cutten. Of course, his developer backers quickly put the kibosh on that, just as they instructed him to un-appoint his selection of Alex Stillman for the NCRA. At least the blogs have begum to occasionally hammer on the reason why so many developers are controlling local politics. Most folks haven’t a clue and don’t have the time to do their own investigative journalism to connect the dots.

    These points illustrate the biggest reason why you can knock on any Eureka door and expect a 70% chance of greeting an eligible non-voter that will gladly inform you that “the system” does not respond to individuals, only to power. The Baltimore insurrection merely reinforces that fact.

    As LMOB knows, (he was one of the many blog-participants), “Mitch” completed his own analysis of the 2014 election numbers and discovered that Measure “R” was instrumental in achieving Eureka’s first non-right wing majority, primarily for the Bergel campaign. The reason is our chronic low turnout rates. Two initiatives easily appealed to enough new voters to turn the political tide for the first time in living memory.

    One of the characteristics of leadership is humility. What we have are lettered political “insiders” with spiffy titles all resisting the obvious benefit of recreating/maintaining the 2014 victory by beginning the 2016 initiatives NOW. But noooo, they are instead allowing themselves the costly luxury of feeling humiliated by a tiny group of people with meager means that took them to school on how to finally alter the political landscape. Pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into campaigns that try to elevate average citizens into winning celebrities has never been enough to win a majority. Ballot initiatives clarify where the candidates stand.

    Thus, all the other political pontificating about state and national politics, the HCDCC, the unions, the “insiders” et al, is mainly sport with little actual impact potential locally…considering the last half century.

    And during that time, NOTING has altered local politics in Humboldt County and its cities, especially Eureka, with the sole exception of Blue Lake, Arcata and Trinidad that have had more progressive councils.

    Finally, there is a glacial difference between the “accountability” of using your real name on the blogs, and the ACCOUNTABILITY of putting it to use at people’s door, in public testimony, at city hall, in various commissions, committees, boards, regulatory agencies, and courts, where change can actually take place.

    These are anonymous blogs worthy of your respect, not ridicule. Or, you can chose not to participate.


    • “As LMOB knows, (he was one of the many blog-participants), “Mitch” completed his own analysis of the 2014 election numbers and discovered that Measure “R” was instrumental in achieving Eureka’s first non-right wing majority, primarily for the Bergel campaign.”

      As I’m sure “Anonymous” knows, I reached no such conclusion. Please stop lying about me to further your own agenda.

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      • “No surprise in the correlations of progressive and conservative votes regarding Measure R. A slim majority of Arroyo voters and a somewhat larger majority of Bergel voters supported it.” (“Mitch”).

        It is reasonable to conclude from your own research and quote that Bergel’s victory would have been unlikely without Measure “R” turnout. And without Bergel’s victory, Eureka’s legacy of right-wing majority city council’s would remain unaltered.

        For the last half-century, the only distinguishing characteristic of the 2014 election, the one that resulted in Eureka’s first non-right wing majority, were 2 progressive ballot measures.

        If I misinterpreted your quote to mean that Bergel could have won without the Measure “R” turnout, my apologies.

        BTW, misinterpretations are not “lies”.


      • George,

        No, not all misinterpretations are lies. I’m increasingly inclined to believe that yours are, though, and I feel sorry for you.

        There is no way anyone could read the quote and honestly conclude I was indicating causation. I have no knowledge — and a great deal of skepticism — that the efforts of the Measure R crew increased turnout. And I’ve stated that in plenty of places that I am sure you read.

        If you have data demonstrating otherwise, I wish you’d present it.


      • I should add that I wanted to find that Measure R had contributed to Bergel’s and Arroyo’s victories. But I didn’t find that.


      • George????

        What is that all about. The commenter has chosen to remain anonymous, hence the name “anonymous”. What is with the blog culture that wants to out every “anonymous” which holds views contrary to one’s own? If anyone was to post Mitch’s address, phone number, or place of work Mitch might appreciate some anonymity. I won’t do that (even though it’s not too difficult to find the info), because I value the uncensored and unfettered views of people who feel more comfortable not using their real names.

        Having said that, I don’t always agree with the views of commenters. In fact, I often get sick reading some of the total bs coming from folks. But I’m glad that all people have a way to post their thoughts..without fearing for retribution.

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      • Thanks JP:

        As you surmised here, Mitch is, in fact, well-known on the blogs for his aggressive public hostility and unbridled ridicule of others that can continue for weeks. If “Mitch” truly “felt sorry” for his real, or imagined nemesis “George” he would have refrained from trying to “out” him, or her.

        I guess that makes “Mitch” a “liar”?

        Oh, the irony…

        In addition to his quote above, “Mitch” published a graph that I very much appreciated. It clearly showed that a large percentage of Arroyo and Bergel supporters had also voted for Measure”R”.

        “Mitch’s” denial of a correlation here, seems to be due to another one of his numerous and tiresome personal beefs.

        It’s a very sad thing to see.

        Despite millions of dollars in unwavering attempts for many decades by the HCDCC and local unions, Eureka finally has its first non-right wing majority city council. The only electoral anomalies in 2014 were the two concurrent progressive ballot measures “R” and “P”.

        A correlation is obvious and logical. Anything that can bring former non-voters to the poles amid 30% turnout rates (since the 1970’s) can easily alter the outcome.

        Everyone that cares about placing Eureka’s political future above their blinding personal bitterness, would want to try that anomaly as a strategy in 2016.

        For half a century, nothing else has worked.


      • Here we go again, Mr. Clark. I did not deny correlation, I pointed it out. I said nothing about causation, because I don’t know anything about causation.

        Seek help, George. You need it.


      • Mitch, just to set the record straight the “Midnight Anonymous” commenter is not George Clark.

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    • Regarding “midnight anonymous,” George Clark, and “tuluwatexaminer,” the only reasonable response is for me not to participate here at all.

      I’ve pretty much stopped commenting here, but felt the need to correct a lie about what I’d said. There have been many, by the same person, who is very concerned about my “ridicule” of others. I’d understood that person to be George Clark. If I’m wrong about that, and if George has not been lying about me, I apologize. But, to be blunt, I don’t believe “tuluwatexaminer” is exactly a reliable source.

      So, I’m gone, like pretty much everyone else, it seems, except for the few of you who apparently like conversing with one another. Good luck.


      • Mitch:

        You made a mistake and got called on it. Join the club.

        I know from personal (like daily) experience it’s not fun to be wrong. That’s the chance we take when we interact with our fellow humans.

        I don’t comment as much as I used to but that’s my deal, not the TE’s. As for others, they seem to come and go.

        If you need a grande finale then fine… I for one will miss you.


      • Liberal jon will miss you.


      • Keep it classy Mitch. Glad to see you taking the high road…


      • The “High Road”?

        He calls me a “liar” based solely on an identity he assigns me, then calls the TE unreliable after disagreeing with him, how low can you go!?

        Isn’t this the same buffoon that tried to minimize climate change recently on the TE by claiming there’s only, “millimeter-size tide increases over the next 1,000 years”?

        This guy demands verifiable facts from others while dishing out self-serving nonsense, innuendo and double-speak.

        He claims above that he “…wanted to find data that Measure ‘R’ contributed to Bergel’s election… but couldn’t…”.

        Of course, this isn’t necessary, no one in their right mind would deny causation for “R” putting Bergel over the top. Her election was extremely close and, thanks to Mitch’s research, we know that over half her supporters also voted for “R”. Every state that had progressive wage, GMO, or MJ initiatives on the ballot also had the highest voter turnout rates in the U.S.

        If he were HONESTLY unsure of causation, why not broaden his data-search to include infrequent and first-time voters compared to the 2010 election, since he’s already spending hours researching and publishing election results!? (Ooops).

        Claiming to have done the research and finding no causation, when causation is obvious, probably has more to do with the disparaging remarks Mitch has published against the Occupy/”R” activists.

        Admitted, or not, this will please the political lairds on the right and the left, a necessary evil if you’re anticipating ascension as a functionary for the “insiders” in the 2016 election.

        They do not appreciate, nor was there much support, for 2014’s successful political end-runs by activist’s initiatives.

        What I see here is another blow from Mitch against our remarkably few progressive achievements in Eureka, not to mention a bizarre, (psychotic?) penchant for the petty tyranny of wanting to reveal anonymous poster’s identity, too ashamed to try to present any proof.

        I would return the childish “Seek help” insult to Mitch, but it is being misdirected. High-functioning psychotics never take their own advise anyway.


  17. If we are to continue the momentum that both the HCDCC and James and Verbena and students from the Roosevelt Institute and people like a guy I don’t know like Mike and a guy I do, George, not to mention all the volunteers for Kim and Natalie not to mention Kim and Natalie… if we are going to continue their good work in Eureka, it is going to have to be the politics of “AND” from the left.

    Midnight, again, you get this, even if you sometimes get distracted, (as do I).

    Midnight anon, my strength is public education. *right-wing roles eyes at the liberal nanny-state propagandist* I’m not the guy who knows people or who is particularly interested or has time to meet people and find people to run in different districts. That just can’t be my role right now for 100 different reasons.

    I can also crunch numbers which is what I’m doing for the HCDCC’s incredibly successful CBTS* as soon as I end this comment.

    I don’t buy into individual leadership. I have as much or more respect for the nurses over the overpaid doctors. When I did my duty in the military I did it enlisted – not as an officer.

    The leaders we on the left are going to find and need to find are going to be people who can be a part of Occupy, but they will also have to be able to know how to talk to Chief Mills or John Fullerton in a way that will earn more voters, not fewer.

    I could crunch numbers AND you could find volunteers to go door to door AND JP could start to look for candidates, it’s going to take team work. The difficult thing is agreeing on where we are going and the policies and governing that will get us there. One great example is the point you are making about greater Eureka.

    I think this is something all of us here on TE would agree on and it’s something that is not even on the table. This is not Kim’s or Natalies or even Linda’s fault. These types of changes don’t happen overnight and we have to understand this city has been under the influence of a small cadre of relatively conservative and relatively insular people for decades.

    We know this largely because of where we are. You can see this prior conservative governance in our political maps centered on Henderson Center, we can see it in our at-large voting, we can see it in the narrative you are introducing to at least myself, and maybe some other younger, newer people to this region.

    I don’t know about this not because of a fault of my own, but because it isn’t repeatedly in our media. It has to be for people like me to get it. People like me are the people whose doors we will be knocking on when we go door to door. I, like those whose doors we would be knocking on, am proud to know what I know, I’d like to know more, but a combination of circumstances – some within our realm of control, most without – have left us all knowing exactly what it is we know now. This is something we should all be comfortable with and move on toward a future with more of us knowing even more – not less – and not only the news that people want us to know.



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    • “they will also have to be able to know how to talk to Chief Mills or John Fullerton in a way that will earn more voters, not fewer.”

      This is the only thing I have trouble with, the fallacy of trying to “talk truth to power”.

      Hard-line opponents already know what they are doing! Trying to convince them of a different, better path isn’t productive when there are 70% of eligible voters that should be approached first, but are routinely ignored.

      ONLY THEN, will the “leaders follow”, (often regardless of their staunch ideologies), when the people finally turnout.

      I agree with most of your viewpoints, especially the failed role of media which redoubles the critical importance of canvassing. I have knocked on thousands of doors in Eureka and Humboldt County over the past generation. And they are typically extremely open to being informed by well-documented data and voting opportunities in their community.

      “Think big, act small”….

      Obviously, it’s tough for the HCDCC to change political traditions despite decades of repeated failures, especially when the successful alternatives are counter-intuitive. Innovation is the hardest thing for mammals, yet, the only source of change that survival requires.

      Again, anyone paying attention should have experienced an epiphany from the tiny minority of people of meager resources that qualified two popular initiatives for the 2014 ballot that altered political history.

      Due to disgracefully low turnouts, these poorly organized, unfunded committees, criticized for everything under the sun, that “failed” to reach out to John Fullerton, delivered a miracle. 6 original “R” organizers and 6 persistent canvassers from the Roosevelt Institute (in the 11th hour) provided a historic political derailment that has eluded the “insiders” forever!

      So far, democratic and union “leaders” show no inclination to learn from other’s successful innovation. But, it’s not necessary…they too will ultimately follow the people’s lead.

      Maybe the “progressive” wing of the HCDCC can reach out to the Roosevelt Institute; young, capable DEMOCRATS eager for leadership roles, to organize the next ballot initiatives which will serve as a wonderful motivator for the next candidates.

      Since you are in the same building, will you ask them?


  18. I agree.

    Unless there are racist or other illegal uses of anonymity, taking on the role of NSA identity Gestapo is anathema to the struggling local progressive movements especially on our anonymous small town blogs. Isn’t that what Mitch was doing just before the Humboldt Herald was abandoned?

    “There is no such thing as immaculate perception” Niche

    Caught in his own muck Mitch is doubling down with more attacks on the TE.

    Fabricating real names for anonymous posts is a transparent deflection from the facts being raised.

    An ugly old tune with new words.


  19. This is where it gets really weird. TE I think if one commenter is clearly using different identities to agree with himself (more than likely), this should be called out. If Janice has the same IP as midnight, I think you should consider revealing her as midnight.

    This is an incredibly tiresome personality conflict (and I see more there) that needs a little bit of transparency to resolve. Or not. We’ll see.


    • TE I think if one commenter is clearly using different identities to agree with himself (more than likely), this should be called out.”
      We do and have called that out or deleted it when it has happens. The Eureka citizen troll is a prime example.
      We can assure you and other readers “Midnite” anonymous’ identity is known to us and a welcomed contributor. MA is not George Clark or Janis. BTW, We would really like George to become a contributor here.

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  20. anon – buffoon? Your anon-label shouldn’t be midnight it should be aMma as we type-worded earlier. anti-Mitch midnight anon.

    You happen to be right about R without going in the weeds on causation vs correlation.

    Without R Kim would not be a City Councilmember. That’s clear and Mitch’s graphs support this.

    Mitch’s amazing graphs speak for themselves. Readers can figure this out for themselves by simply clicking on his site below.

    amma, as far as your identity, real world person George’s own online refutation of you is enough for me. I’m not going to burden someone I know with may or may not be an alter ego. But you should really consider your anonymity and if it is doing more harm than good. Try for once to look at the big picture and not your own selfish interests.

    Gestapo? Really?

    There might be other reasons the local progressive movement is struggling. I think this thread is demonstrating these in droves. Myself not excluded – but I do what I can.


  21. No, I am not “Janice” or those other people and I know how to spell Nietzsche…an excellent and revealing quote, however.

    Anonymity is a right and it’s not up to you or Mitch to invent crimes, demand enforcement, and act as childish vigilantes to which, (depending on his unknown situation or disposition), could have unintended consequences for your “Mr. Clark” or yourselves. A Pandora’s Box of potential abuse. Who will police the identity police?

    Yes, you two should be ashamed!

    You are the ONLY two blubbering such nonsense on the local blogs. It’s an anonymous venue, I recommend getting your own blog where you can play cop!

    I am merely a person that has “debated” Mitch in the past. When Mitch gets cornered, identity trumps content, as indicated again in this string.

    It is clear that Mitch does not forget being shat upon. Having a singular identity to focus his anger avoids the alternative that it could be:

    One of the guests he gratuitously censored on the popular Heraldo blog.

    One of the chemtrail folks he ridiculed for weeks.

    One of the volunteers for the “R” activists he ridiculed before and after the election.

    One of the “R” (or “P”?) volunteers Mitch claims might have had no impact on getting Eureka’s first all-female, non-right wing city council majority elected.

    One of the volunteers present at Mitch’s first and only visit to an Occupy meeting where he abruptly stood up, mocked them, and left.

    One of the volunteers at the Tuluwat he has repeatedly ridiculed, and did so again in this string.

    One of “Those People”, “Sainted Public” and “Child-People” he has called non-voters, (70% of the eligible voters).

    And then he publishes this:

    November 10, 2014 at 7:06 am

    “We get excited about a group of big men who are bought to throw balls in our name, and celebrate when they get the ball to the end of the field more times than people who were bought by someone else. We feel proud because they wore our colors when they did it. We are nuts.”

    At least Mitch is crystal clear about shitting on others:

    May 13, 2014 at 6:24 am

    Anonymous 11:14,
    “I ridicule….those who are incapable of weighing evidence in a way I believe is basic to common sense.”

    Just because someone can focus on election and plastic bag research does not earn them the right to be a serial ridiculer. I thank Mitch for his contributions to progressive change and urge others to condemn the harm he causes, just as we thank the Arkley’s for their donations that also does not earn them the price they extract.

    As we see in these examples, using one’s real name has not resulted in one minutia of accountability for their barrage of ridicule harming others including our local progressive activists that are already marginalized by an entrenched power structure.

    I will continue to ridicule the serial ridiculer anonymously, (or not), as long as he persists, it’s my choice.

    Ballot initiatives can change local politics. Failing to learn from our 2014 experience is as dumb as continuing to frivolously consume resources that are lost forever on our dying planet.


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