Our Supervisors apparently can’t be bothered to do their homework

Arcata-Eureka Airport

Guest Post from Mr. Airport Dude:

Letter: Supes — save your money on the airport

Like more and more people in Humboldt County, I have become fed up with
“service” at airport. Much too often, I have missed flights and failed to
arrive in time for business obligations, trips (especially abroad), family
celebrations, and other occasions. The airlines almost always blame the
weather but, I suspect, that is a convenient way of avoiding any
compensation. I think that the smaller commuter airlines, like ours, are
held back so the bigger and more profitable flights (say those between
Frankfurt and Beijing) can have priority. How many of you have missed
flights to and from our airport? It is not at all uncommon to have to stay
in S.F. for several days.
I have stopped taking flights in and out of our airport. I drive to San
Francisco, stay overnight at a hotel, and leave my car there until I get
back. Sure, that costs money, but it’s about the same amount as a
round-trip flight out of here costs. Moreover, I can enjoy listening to
the radio. It takes about six hours each way, but the drive is much more
pleasant than waiting in that crowded and unpleasant SFO, not to mention
being much more certain that I will get where I am going without any
Humboldt supervisors, don’t waste any more dollars on a failed enterprise
that only promises to get worse!
Jack Turner, Arcata


On the same day this letter to the editor was published in the print
edition, half the flights from ACV to SFO were cancelled. SFO to ACV had a
flight cancelled and another over three hours late.

On KINS Talkshop Supervisor Rex Bohn grilled by Brian on Aviation.


Worse yet, our Board can’t be bothered to do their homework. All of the
measure Z applications were clearly explained, and yet…


“I don’t see trees as an essential public safety issue,” 3rd District
Supervisor Mark Lovelace said of the Public Works request.

After 1st District Supervisor Rex Bohn suggested that some of the tax
funds go to the county Assessor’s Office, 2nd District Supervisor Estelle
Fennell said, “I cannot, for the life of me, see what the assessor has to
do with public safety.”

Measure Z was promoted as a way to fund essential public safety services.

Memo to Mark—Trees in what should be the clear zone approach to a runway
are a huge liability. They can shear off a wing, prop or rotor. These
trees can close an airport, which means no aircraft, including air
ambulances, can land or take off.

Memo to Estelle—I believe the role of the assessor is to rake in more funds.

Memo to Rex—You moved to cut rural fire districts on a day when the
drought stricken state of CA came very close to being hammered by an epic
dry lightning storm from a record early Pacific hurricane/tropical storm.

I would suggest that our Governor spend our surplus two billion on
DC10/MD11 aircraft stuck in boneyards on jumbo air attack tankers lined up
on every 10K runway the length of I5. We could sell the State our 50,000
acre-feet to be distributed for firefighting air tanker juice the length
of I5 for a cool one hundred million (I suggest a long term contract at
the rate of $2,000 per acre feet). This water is separate from the BOR
fisheries protection from the Trinity. 50,000 acre-feet, at over 16
billion gallons, is enough for  1.35 million air drops at 12K gallons per.

By skimming the top off, the Board created a political slush fund for
their Districts. That last epic dry lightning storm came early in the fire
season. Now there is no snow pack.


I greatly appreciate the Times-Standard for printing the above letter to
the editor and Will Houston covered Monday’s Board Measure Z goofballs.
Our fire departments can’t handle a single fire without calling in mutual
aid. What happens when numerous fire districts are hammered with fires


Four air tankers requested…




One thought on “Our Supervisors apparently can’t be bothered to do their homework

  1. If the inconvenience of local flying bothers anyone that much they can be in Santa Rosa in a few hours, park, and fly cheaper with fewer hassles.

    Airline services are declining everywhere, costs are going up, and the same is true for every other business with direct dependence upon fossil fuel. Rural areas will always be hit the hardest.

    Instead of informative public-service announcements warning us of the end of cheap oil, public subsidies continue to increase, now at $11/gallon. A trillion dollar annual subsidy to maintain American’s impulsive fantasy-lifestyle remains remarkably unnoticed, even as more schools and hospitals close, bridges collapse, roads fail, police and fire services are continuously cut, and “public” university students graduate into $25K debt! You can learn more today from the elderly that remember a time when tap-water was still safe. No wonder they are effectively sequestered.

    Societies organized to serve the conveniences and sensibilities of a tiny minority of privileged elites, always collapse upon the little people first.


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