Dismantling Public Safety the Mills way

It looks to us that Chief Mills is using the current City of Eureka budget debacle as an mills not on my watchopportunity to force the changes he been wanting to make.  He has laid out those changes in the past, before the current budget “crisis” but has come up against internal and external resistance.

He has stated in the past he wanted to cut PSO’s, and it looks like he’s getting rid of all but two.

He has come up with a modern version of Murl’s old and failed mail in crime reports disaster. Oddly, the new system is called “CopLogic®”, which is an electronic version of the mail in reports.  This is an excellent way lowering the reported crime rate in Eureka, since many people won’t take the time to file their own police reports since they know nothing will be done.

His new policy on responding to calls almost sounds like, “We will only respond if we want to or it’s going to make headlines!”
The CAD/RMS system will help analyze when to deploy officers, so he can continue to try and make it look like the crime numbers are down.

EPD will longer respond to “non-injury” traffic accidents, so grandma will have to exchange information with the sketchy tweeker who hit her parked car.

Untrained citizens will be forced to deal with hypodermic needles and dispose of them. We guess the neighborhood kids can round them up!

He is going to make it really difficult for sex registrants to register.  Obviously they are so cooperative anyway, so this won’t effect anyone.

The Traffic Division will make money for the department by focusing on vehicle abatement and impounds rather than traffic enforcement.  The city doesn’t get that much revenue from traffic fines, but towing vehicles is a big money maker!

Most of these changes are ones that Mills has talked about in his many appearances on KINS talkshop since he became chief so they really don’t come as a surprise for anyone who been paying attention.  He’s also brought them up in past “reports” to the City Council.  It’s pretty obvious that Mills is using this budget cycle to implement the lower level of service he wanted for EPD all along.


31 thoughts on “Dismantling Public Safety the Mills way

  1. Consider the fact that the City wants to Owst him, I think you are blaming the wrong person(s). In six months I bet we have a new interim Chief. Historical facts support my opinion.


  2. Once measure q passed the city took the funds they used to give epd away. The increase has now become a loss. Check ur facts. Talk to council and stop blaming the wrong person


    • I saw a council meeting where he talked about these changes well before the current budget talks. I will post the link later, but you’re completely wrong. He’s wanted these changes for awhile, and spoke about them in public.

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  3. If Sex Offender Registrants are effectively prevented from registering then good luck ever prosecuting them for not registering. The DA needs to speak up about this. The moment one of those unregistered offenders commits a new crime than Mills will get the City sued by that victim. Registration tells the public where these folks are. BTW his statement we don’t have any predatory folks, seems to be mincing words. Yes all those classified as Sexual Violent Predators are locked up in a state mental hospital. There are plenty of folks (like 300 or so) in Eureka who are convicted of Rape or Lewd Acts on a Child under 14. By definition those crimes are predatory. Continue to believe that you are doing your job by harassing homeless people but if you are not enforcing the law on sex offender registrants than buddy you need to go…and quickly.

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    • From what I read on mill’s blog, there are currently no sex offenders registered, but many have been court ordered to do so. Does that mean that while it’s still easy for them to register, they still haven’t? If you go to a store and it’s closed,you haven’t been “prevented” from shopping. You just come back when they are open. To say that sex offenders are “prevented” from registering” is simply a stupid statement.


      • Ok, the law requires Sex Offenders to register. It is not the “Courts.” For example, a child molester molests a child 20 years ago. They serve their sentence. No longer on parole or probation. They have to register the rest of their life. They have to register every year on their birthday. They have to register every time they move. If homeless they have to register every 30 days. There are 154 of these folks in Eureka. They have 5 days to register. If they don’t, they have committed a crime. If they are charged with a crime, and it is established that EPD failed to allow them to register during those 5 days then the case will be dismissed. Certain crimes the police profile sex offenders and actually make contact with each and every one of them. They depend upon accurate registration records. If you think it is safe and a good idea to go lax on sex offender registration then you are entitled to your opinion. Are you a parent? Most parents would not agree. http://www.meganslaw.ca.gov

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      • So….if a sex offender commits a murder, and they can prove that the EPD “prevented” them from registering, the murder charge is dropped? Yet another stupid statement.


  4. anybody see any coincidences is this serial burglar having his bail reduced and ‘oopsie!’ bonded out.
    A total coincidence I’m sure.
    None of these people in EPD, DA, court know each other, have never met.

    So…big media announcement: dudes is out. Watch Out!!

    ‘Oh Me oh my…whatever should we do?’

    ‘but if you see him looking sketchy, call us.’

    What kind of ‘run boy run’ bullshit stunt is this?

    It’s more like some Texas town in 1915 than California in 2015.

    It’s a win for EPD fearmongering: dude’s out wandering around, probably skanking past my house on the westside right now…

    Then when the hopeful perhaps even vengeful EPD finds him doing something, anything and rearrests him..

    A Big Win for EPD and their ongoing PR adventure.


    a citizen blows him down…another big PR win for EPD..’SEE!!…we need more police, more SWAT, more patrols, more money…’

    “I bet you feel cheated!…Ahaha..”..Johnny Rotten

    well, yeah, and manipulated, but in all the wrong places.

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  5. The thing missing here are alternate suggestions on how to cut the police operating costs. Mills doesn’t control money given to the zoo or chamber of commerce, just his department. since he spoke of cuts before, you think maybe he saw the trainwreck coming, and was one of the few to get his head out of the sand? When you don’t learn from the past, you are doomed to repeat it.


  6. I saw a Eureka police officer walking on C street towards a house from his police car. He was wearing FIVE extra clips of ammo in a military style belt which barely covered his bulging belly.

    Who needs FIVE clips of ammo in the city?

    Not very nice public relations to see someone armed to kill half a block with a uniform on.

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  7. My,my, isn’t grand to live in Eureka! Same old wool over the eyes of the public until it is too late. The city has known what shape their finances long before the last election. They chose to remain silent until after “Q” had past before their cut, slash, and burn approach yet again. I wonder why there has been little or no protest from Eureka’s residents. It is a very sad commentary on all concerned. The silence is deafening.


    • I like living in Eureka just fine as long as I stop listening to the people that are constantly running us down and the only reason I’m ticked off about measure Q is the fact that if they needed more money they should have been honest and made their case for a 1c tax instead of a .5c tax instead of getting all mealy mouthed about it.


  8. Chief Mills seems to be attacked by all sides here. He’s ordered to make the cuts, so he has to make them. I’m sure he would rather have a budget that allows for all positions to be filled, but he is limited by the City Manager.


  9. Sorry eurekajim, the city does not give the Chamber anywhere even close to “more than a half million dollars a year”. Last I heard it was around $110,000 per year from the TOT tax that is collected from tourists.

    Tourists, whose numbers are improved BY the Chamber itself.


  10. John Fullerton leaves little doubt that figures don’t lie, but liar’s sure figure.

    Like most other chambers around the nation, there’s absolutely no evidence that they require public subsidies or rent-free property to provide “tourism services” duplicated by the Humboldt Visitor’s Bureau.

    Fullerton will insist that, in a “free-market”, turning off the welfare-tit generates the creativity and motivation to succeed on your own. Or, was that philosophy just for the little people?

    The Chamber can maintain their “commitment to Eureka” without its grotesque subsidy and they can still be the richest club in town simply by being resourceful and making themselves clearly useful to the 60% of Eureka businesses that are not members, unconvinced by claims of the Chamber’s ludicrous tourism prowess.

    Furthermore, the Chamber has never released the supporting documents showing the detail of where they are spending Eureka taxpayer’s money, and as a private club, they don’t have to! How much is spent on their self-serving booze parties that, apparently, fail to generate new sober members?

    Since its inception, the Transient Occupancy Tax has wasted millions of dollars subsidizing a private club of this county’s wealthiest absentee business owners while Eureka’s children watched their schools close, many kids are homeless, and 25% are living in poverty!

    For radicals like Fullerton, defending the indefensible is reflexive. And disgraceful.

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    • You seem to be intelligent enough “Anonymous” so I have to attribute your lack of manners and class to your immaturity.


      • In John Fullerton’s world, speaking the truth is rude.

        That’s why Mr. Fullerton is the most fair spoken person in the county.

        Speaking of being fair spoken; when do you plan to get around to your promise for you and your legion of supporters to make a fair minimum wage a reality in Humboldt County? (Remember the Measure R election?)

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      • No matter what the numbers are “Just Watching” asked for ways the City could save money to keep more Safety Services Officers on the job and I gave one, if you don’t like people talking about the City taking away your lil “Nose in the Welfare Trough” scam, that’s too bad.

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      • Since the thread was about Mills for his proposed cuts to live within his budget, my question was more about suggestions on how he can stay within budget and not reduce services. Seems like the purse strings are being held by the new council. Time for them to start taking the job serious.


      • In other words you asked a question and didn’t like the answer you got, Right? Yeah, blame the new Council for problems that were there before they took office, typical.

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      • The answer was fine in the context of the overall budget. But how does Mills spend his reduced funds without cutting services? And where did you read that I “blamed” the council? Everyone whined for a progressive council. Now it’s time to hold them accountable. Next time jim, I’ll type slower so you can keep up….


      • If John Fullerton were either mature or intelligent, he wouldn’t need to dodge the intelligent (sober) points that were made.

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  11. And as for the minimum wage….can’t the council raise it on their own, similar to what the Los Angeles council recently did?


    • They could try. Then Mayor Jager could veto it and force a super majority vote on the matter. I doubt if Ciarabelini or Brady would vote to raise the minimum wage.

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      • I don’t believe Jager has veto power. A local follower could probably verify that. At most, jager,might have an equal vote. I’s why Kerrigan wanted no part of the job…..low pay and no power, plus he would have had to move out of his parents basement and get ajob


      • The Mayor has limited veto power. He can be over ridden by a 4/5 vote

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  12. How very sad to have local liberals, unions and republicans call for a higher minimum wage amid a successful nationwide movement, (that locally ushered-in a so-called “progressive” Eureka city council), and nothing happens!

    When popular initiatives like “R” fail, their chances of passing in the next election generally increase. Without the same or similar initiative on the 2016 ballot, there will be a chain of “Albins” ready to reassert their Right of Passage.

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