Sorry EPD, no weaponized drones for you.

cop with auto distant

According to the LA Times, there will be some new rules governing the distribution of military equipment to police agencies. Below is an excerpt from the story:

“President Obama plans to stop the federal government from distributing some military equipment to law enforcement agencies across the country, trimming back a practice that drew scrutiny amid concerns about the militarization of local police forces.

The decision follows a set of recommendations from a working group Obama set up after the unrest last year in Ferguson, Mo., where police wearing body armor and riding in armored trucks subdued protesters.

granade launcherThe federal government will stop providing weaponized aircraft, bayonets, grenade launchers, large-caliber firearms and armored vehicles that run on tracks, according to White House officials.”

Wow….how will the police ever survive without grenade launchers and weaponized aircraft? Wait, no need to answer. They never really needed them in the first place! This list is a list of the stupid shit that police never should have been provided, given that the mission of police or “peace officers” is not a military one. No one would stand for police blowing up whole city blocks in order to “take out” a suspect, even a very violent one.

The fact that these types of offensive weaponry were ever even considered as a possibility for use by the police is mind boggling, and goes to show how far the “military mindset” has infected police forces nationwide. Police officers are there to protect communities, through safeguarding life and property. Citizens, even poor and uneducated ones, are not the “enemy”. People of color, marginalized citizens, and people who live “alternative lifestyles” are not the “enemy”. Unfortunately, these are groups who are often targeted by police, and are often the ones looking down the barrel of military style weapons when they protest the abuse of their neighbors, family members, and friends.

This is a great PR stunt for President Obama, but here locally we won’t see much, if any difference. Police agencies will still be able to get armored vehicles similar to the MRAP that EPD received. Body armor, sniper rifles, and night vision devices will still be received by our local police. It’s sad, but that is the reality we now live in.

mosquito drone


9 thoughts on “Sorry EPD, no weaponized drones for you.

  1. Too bad I know Mills was really wanting to deploy “taser” drones behind the bayshore mall.


  2. Yet again, we have more Liberal nonsense.
    Why would anyone have a problem with a cop or anyone else for that matter having a bullet proof vest? I have one.
    What problem is there if the cops have night vision goggles or so called sniper rifle? I guess you don’t want the cops to be able to actually hit their target.
    Also, as far as I know, it is illegal for the cops to attach weapons to an aircraft.They can and have shot their standard weapons form aircraft, but that is completely different.


    • Damn “liberals”. Cops should be able to have jet fighters and grenade launchers. Only ignorant “liberals” would have a problem with cops getting tanks, or landmines, or missiles. Duh!!!!!!


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    • The militarization of police forces should be of concern to everyone, short of those with an unfailing belief in benevolent government.

      Much has been written about it elsewhere, but the biggest concern as I see it is the combat mentality it helps develop in local law enforcement. The us vs. them, they’re the enemy attitude we hear of- and sometimes see- nowadays.

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    • Cops can wear bullet proof vests, even liberal cops.


  3. Mill’s blog now says they are keeping 2 PSO’s…wonder who that might be…


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