Mills v. Owsley……Oh ya…it’s on!

This email was forward to us from several sources. We can’t vouch for its authenticity but it seems to be from the infamous Suzie Owsley.

Chief Mills has asked me to relay this important information to the city NW groups regarding Senate Bill AB 718 which would prohibit local jurisdictions from enacting ordinances, which would prohibit local jurisdictions from enacting ordinances, such as prohibiting the sleeping in lawfully parked motor vehicles.  He is requesting your assistance in speaking out against this bill.

 Thank you, Suzie/Neighborhood Watch

suzy o

PSO Suzie Owsley

Soon to be fired (…ahem position cut) PSO Suzie Owsley has forwarded this information, which she attributes to Chief Mills. We were forwarded this email, but our jaws didn’t drop. Why? Because many people in the Victorian Seaport of Eureka view homelessness as a crime. That isn’t a shock, as most of Mills ordinances and marching orders have been directly targeted at this large, and vulnerable group. Homelessness is not a crime. The fact is, as Chief Mills will sometimes state, being homeless makes one more likely to be a victim of crime. The email is another way of drumming up right wing support in the community for Mills, but takes an “un-amended” bill which would have never passed as being on the table. That’s misleading, but not a surprise if it was actually from the “king of spin” Andy the actual bill before the legislature.

As a side note, maybe Mills is onto something. Suzie Owsley, the pride of Murl Harpham and the “Old Guard” at EPD, sued the City when Chief Neilsen tried to get rid of her for incompetence. Dave Tyson oversaw her payout, after firing Chief Neilsen “without cause”. Maybe the only way to get rid of Owsley is to fire the whole lot of PSO’s. Not good for the city, but understandable given Owsley’s horrible presence within the department. In fact, two “volunteers” at EPD, who were brought in by Suzie, ended up being arrested and convicted of charges related to child molestation (we will only use their first names, Dustin and Cole, to protect the victims from knowing that EPD had child molesters working in the station). But if that’s the case, Andy should be just a little worried. Suzie and her friend Dee Dee Wilson can start another blog about this Chief, pull strings with their right wing friends, and things can go back to the good old days when Murl was Chief…yet again!


11 thoughts on “Mills v. Owsley……Oh ya…it’s on!

  1. I wonder why the Department is unable to work with any new out-of-town Chief? Is it a mystery? hardly.

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  2. Homeless is not a crime. It also should not be deemed a condition requiring intervention by the Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel.

    The inmates are fighting over control of Eureka. Meanwhile, taxes keep going up so that expenditures can continue on things like the Humboldt County Department Of Mental HELL, and Humboldt County HELL Department, that have done so much to exacerbate the community’s drug and crime problems. Living wage jobs? Lip service during the last campaigns, not even that since a couple musical chairs were replaced with the same mindsets.

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  3. If you place all your energy and resources and focus on the homeless and then get into political lobbying activities to insure that car sleepers can be prosecuted then you must believe Homelessness is a crime. Chief, why not have the guts to admit it? Other than criminalizing the afflicted what is really being done to combat homelessness? I hope his budget is cut by $1M so he can’t waste precious resources on harassing homeless (oh and don’t forget the bike riders). Wait till the Tommy McLain judgement hits!

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  4. Mills has picked a fight with both sides of the political spectrum. I think he is going to get the crap beat out of him, then he’ll probably move back to San Diego with his wife. All this before the truth about the McClain coverup comes out.

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  5. Spinning the plates….

    so, TE, is this article a way to generate support for Mills then, he is beset by cwazies on both sides so…bla bla bla etc?

    It’s kind of Rovian, really.

    Or are you Chief Mills?..aha!


  6. I watched Suzie putting up yard signs: “no” on Measure “R” (minimum wage increase) and Chet Albin for Eureka city council, both at an H Street house she rents out near Campton.

    The tenants were having a garage sale and I stopped by to ask them about the signs. They said there’s no way they could say “no” to their landlord.

    What people don’t seem to realize is that these folks will do whatever it takes to retain power in right-wing hands, the way it’s been in Eureka forever.

    They don’t give a damn about this city and the results of their policies are obvious to anyone driving into town for the fist time.

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    • real estate, done dirt cheap..

      …..whether they have strategized it or not there seems the old guard has a ‘block breaker’ slum lord mentality..they find a nice neighborhood, rent it to the sketchiest people they can stand, and wait for the neighborhood real estate signs to go up.

      Then when most of the long term tenants on the block are gone they can subdivide the property cutting houses up into smaller and smaller units. The long term tenants would have perhaps resisted except one by one they have cashed out and left.
      It is only area wide organizational and political responses that can slow or reverse this cycle.
      For one thing, the costs of neglect and allowing tenants to run amok needs to be aggressively stopped, starting and certainly not ending with the most high and usual high profile examples.

      Oh, this also a feature from the same people in their day jobs in the city:

      ‘We don’t have any money, we can’t afford the legal bills.’ That’s a feature, the lack of local government response, another advantage going to the rent collector class.

      This is how generally white slumlords developed slums, usually with black populations..they bought up the big old houses like we have here, cut them up, with or without any building department help or permissions, after all, they all are in this together basically…and then they make remarks about ‘those people’ who are so mean to the landlords ‘property’.

      And all the while the renters are maybe getting public assistance form Washington and Sacramento these same people whine about big government, taxes, ‘those’ people and liberals..all the while doing everything they can to bring the prices down so they can reap.

      This is the rent collector mentality in action.

      And here they run the place.

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      • If we had a real public-interest media they could shock local readers with an investigation revealing just how widespread the rental-community has become.

        The Born-Here-Bigs call the shots on development ensuring that their inherited properties get public infrastructure investments for homes most of the public can’t afford. They played their roll in the 1980’s/2000’s housing-greed bubbles and the worldwide economic collapse that followed.

        Many of these “investment-homes” are owned by police and fire department employees and local government executives.

        This is why, despite an appalling 20% home affordability rate, the homes keep selling and the prices are rising again.


      • You are so right. Very few (less than 40%) houses in Eureka are owner occupied. Many are owned by out of county even out of state land lords.


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