Eureka California or Eureka Springs Arkansas……hard to tell

eureka springs

Spend any time in Eureka California you’ll become aware of the racist attitude towards the local indigenous people. Yesterday we had an example of southern style racism in Eureka. The anonymous comments will be loud and strident. A really small minority of (very biased) folks will feel that the Examiner is the blog equivalent of “Chicken Little”. We will hear the cries of “sensationalism” and race baiting, but we are not deterred. Why? Because the statistics, the real life stories, and the lies/misdirection from the powers that be in Eureka confirm what we’re saying. Eureka is circling the drain, and crime is out of control. To top it off is this blatant racism.

Some folks want to say that EPD is doing the best they can, and that crime, race and social standing aren’t a problem. Really??? Here’s information from a post by Kym Kemp about the reality that people walking the streets of Eureka have to face. Notice the blatant racial hate, and the “institutionally racist” lack of real police response:

“A postal worker in Eureka is alleging that he was verbally attacked and then physically assaulted while he was delivering mail on Albee Street Friday, May 1. Phillippe Tipanda said, about 2:50 in the afternoon, he was listening to music with earbuds and sorting mail as he walked when he thought he heard someone say, “Hey, nigger.”

arkansas flag

He says the voice came from a nearby apartment building. He turned towards the building, taking the earbuds out, and asked the person, a woman, to repeat what they’d said. He wanted an apology, he said. But then a man came out of the apartment building.

“A gentleman came out [of the building] first.” he said. Then several women followed. Again, he says, he was called a nigger this time by all of the individuals. Tipanda said he was paying attention to the women when the man punched him on his jaw.

“I dropped my mail and started to defend myself,” he said.”

In the end, EPD took care of business and arrested the violent suspect for a racially motivated assault….Are you F…ing kidding, no freakin way! Well, we guess you were thinking this was a real city, with a modern police force that enforces the law. F…no, this is Eureka! What really happened?

“As of this point, Tipanda said, he does not believe charges have been filed.

However, Brittany Powell of the Eureka Police Department or is it “Alabama State Police” stated that even though there are conflicting statements on who started the incident, the case has been forwarded to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

Later, according to Tipanda, another co-worker told him that he had a similar experience with the same individuals at the same apartment building calling him the same racial epithet. However, Tipanda said, that postal worker chose not to confront the individuals and walked away.”

Ahhhh, a report was sent to the DA so that they can make a decision. Damned if you don’t, and damned if you don’t Maggie! EPD chose not to take the time to investigate or make an arrest with what appears to be a hate crime. It almost looks like EPD intentionally biffed the investigation so there is little for the DA to work with and of course EPD feels that they handled the job well because they wrote a report and sent it off to die in your department. We hope that you will continue to fulfill your promises, and assign this case to a competent investigator to get this case handled.

Has the report been written as of today? Has it been classified under the Uniform Crime Reporting Act as a “Hate Crime”? It might have been now since Kym blew the whistle on this bs. Other cases are shitcanned plain and simple. No press or politics, good luck. Killed in Eureka, the chief might say that you had it coming, even if you were shot in the back.

This is just another bit of anecdotal evidence that shows that being a working person in Eureka, who doesn’t get to a have sit down’s with Mills or go to the Ingomar club, is a pretty dangerous spot to be in.

Just think of how many cases are “documented” and sit on a shelf. At least with this case, because it got some press thanks to Kym, the case might be “reviewed” by the DA’s office. That’s something……….right?

I am with stupid


33 thoughts on “Eureka California or Eureka Springs Arkansas……hard to tell

  1. This would seem to be a job for the USPS postal inspectors as a federal crime.

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  2. “However, Tipanda said, that postal worker chose not to confront the individuals and walked away.”

    Note that the other guy “…chose not to confront the individuals”. I could see how such a thing would raise doubt with police as to who actually started it. Tipanda apparently felt the need to stick around.

    If that doesn’t make sense, how about if I’m walking down the street and someone says, “Just keep on walking, baldy!”. I get pissed, turn and confront the guy. Blows are exchanged. Who threw the first punch? It’s his word against mine, but I got pissed off and approached the guy when I could have kept on walking.

    You got to know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold ’em. Know when to walk away, and know when to run


    • BTW; Unless I’m mistaken, under state law battery is a misdemeanor. I’m pretty sure police can’t arrest for a misdemeanor unless it takes place in their presence. He can, however, file a report with the district attorney and let them decide on action to be taken. That has been done.

      The victim himself could have also placed his alleged assailant under citizen’s arrest. Under state law, the officer would then have to take the alleged assailant into custody, although “custody” doesn’t necessarily mean taken to jail. He could have been cited and released.

      Whether the officer even thought of that, we don’t know.


      • Pretty confident you’re completely wrong Fred. In fact,

        2.2. Penal Code 422.7 PC – “hate crime” penalties for misdemeanors

        Unlike the criminal offense just described above under Penal Code 422.6 PC, Penal Code 422.7 PC is simply a penalty . . . specifically, an additional penalty that is imposed whenever you commit a California misdemeanor that is also a hate crime.17


        You commit and are convicted of a California misdemeanor,The prosecutor proves that this offense meets the legal definition of a hate crime discussed in Section 1 above,The prosecutor proves that you committed the hate crime in order to interfere with the alleged victim’s exercise of his/her legal rights, AND ONE of the following is true:

        a. The misdemeanor either caused an actual physical injury or occurred when you had the present ability to commit a violent injury against the victim,

        b. The misdemeanor caused property damage costing more than nine hundred fifty dollars ($950), OR

        c. You have been previously convicted of a hate crime under Penal Code 422.6 PC (stand-alone hate crime),

        then your misdemeanor hate crime offense will become a wobbler in California law.18 This means that prosecutors may choose to charge it as a felony instead of a misdemeanor.19

        As a felony, the potential penalties for the offense might include:

        Felony (formal) probationSixteen (16) months, two (2) years or three (3) years in prison, and/orA fine of up to ten thousand dollars ($10,000).20

        Example: Trevor, who is black, is charged with the misdemeanor crime of simpleCalifornia assault for throwing rocks at several white men walking through his neighborhood. The men allege that Trevor shouted racial slurs at them before he threw the rocks.

        Trevor has committed a felony.

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      • “Pretty confident you’re completely wrong Fred. In fact,

        I don’t think so, if only because the alleged victim was outnumbered by alleged assailant witnesses. You’ll recall a number of women came out of the building. I’m assuming they were on the alleged assailant’s side.

        So, as a cop, you’re going to believe the sole non- white victim, and arrest a guy on the assumption that the victim is right all the other witnesses are wrong?

        I’m saying the officer did about all he could. He seems to have had only one witness that claims racial slurs- the victim. I’m sure all others probably said that wasn’t true and probably that the “victim” threw the first punch. Not enough there to call it a hate crime, or felony, as I see it. At least from an investigating officer’s viewpoint.


      • Fred said-

        “So, as a cop, you’re going to believe the sole non- white victim,”

        That mentality is very common here, and your words speak volumes about your racist perspective.

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      • Fred is wrong. People get arrested for domestic battery based upon the report of the victim all the time. In effect it is deemed “a private person’s arrest.”

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    • “That mentality is very common here, and your words speak volumes about your racist perspective.

      That was written as a question. You’re expecting the cop to believe some guy just because he’s not white, just as you would? As opposed to however many other witnesses there were that probably told a different story? I should hope the cop wouldn’t.

      It seems to be a case of multiple witnesses on one side- although we have no idea what their story is- as opposed to the alleged victim’s. Not enough to make an arrest. If you’re suggesting using felony powers of arrest because someone allegedly used the word “nigger”, I should hope not.


    • Fred was so worked up into his racist fervor that he had to write a post on his blog about it today. Yet again, he showed his complete intolerance toward people of color and ignorance of the law. He wrote:

      “Much to my surprise and chagrin, the instructor- a senior probation officer with Sacramento County- told me I had advised the officer to violate the law. State law requires that when a peace officer is presented with a citizen’s arrest, the officer is bound by law to effect the arrest, or something along that line.

      He doesn’t have to put him in cuffs and take him to jail. He can cite and release, or whatever, but he has to act.”

      First off, Fred is contending that police officers must accept EVERY citizens arrest (or private person arrest), even if there is no probable cause and the arrest is blatantly false. That is just plain stupid Fred, but it doesn’t surprise me that you would accept such a statement at face value (which your post seems to indicate). Secondly, that is not the law at all. It took me about 5 seconds to find the laws regarding a “private person’s arrest”. I would suggest that you do some research for yourself at some point, but I doubt you would take my advice since you are so knowledgeable from the memories of your “Police Academy” days decades ago. From the California Penal Code:

      849. (a) When an arrest is made without a warrant by a peace officer or private person, the person arrested, if not otherwise released, shall, without unnecessary delay, be taken before the nearest or most accessible magistrate in the county in which the offense is triable, and a complaint stating the charge against the arrested person shall be laid before such magistrate.
      (b) Any peace officer may release from custody, instead of taking such person before a magistrate, any person arrested without a warrant whenever:
      (1) He or she is satisfied that there are insufficient grounds for making a criminal complaint against the person arrested…….

      To dumb it down for you Fred; Johnny makes a private person arrest on Frank because he “know’s” Frank stole his lawnmower. The police arrive and speak with Johnny and Frank. The officer finds out that Johnny’s lawnmower was, in fact, repossessed by the local store due to Johnny’s lack of payment……….

      In Freds world Frank would be arrested and transported to the jail, or else the officer would be arrested. In real life Fred is full of himself, and the officer would tell Johnny to call up the store. If the officer was really nice, he would apologize to Frank for having to waste his time with Johnny’s nonsense.

      Sorry Fred, your argument is false, your lack of knowledge is apparent, and your racism is blatant to anyone who reads your words with a critical mind. But keep up the comments and posts, you’re making the case for progressive thought with every keystroke!!!!

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  3. True story. When Glen Cambpbell played here in 2010 at the Arkley Center he thought he was in Eureka Springs. Third time he said Hellooo Eureka Springs his keyboard play had to correct him. He was a bit drunk, Glen was….


    • Glen Campbell has Alzheimer’s Disease. Not sure how far along he was with it back then.


      • He was drunk. This was wellll before he was diagnosed. Byy the way Fred, why would a postal worker pick a fight? You think he’s bored?


      • Why would someone go out of their way to pick a fight with him? No way of knowing. We have his version, and whatever all the other people’s version is.


  4. Bottom Line – Eureka Springs Arkansas is the most tolerant town in the state. The people there are very open minded. There is a very strong LGBT community in Eureka Springs. This is a horrible comparison IMO and the author of this article obviously has never been to Eureka Springs Arkansas. Eureka Springs AR like Eureka CA is full of artists, pot smokers & Victorian architecture. Probably the most marijuana tolerant city in the South.


    • Really???

      “Some, but not all, Klan groups have ties with Christian Identity, an extremist religious ideology claiming that whites are the chosen people of God and all other races are inferior. Christian Identity adherents believe that non-whites will never achieve salvation and that a race war is imminent. In the Christian Identity millenarian vision, Aryan warriors emerge victorious in a new world devoid of diversity. The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord (CSA), a Christian Identity sect located near Bull Shoals (Marion County), reportedly not only has ties with the Klan but also Aryan Nations and various other militia-style groups.

      Ideas that comprise Christian Identity religious dogma were developed by Gerald L. K. Smith, who moved to Eureka Springs (Carroll County)during the 1960s, where he built a religious theme park, the focal point of which—a seven-story-tall statue of Jesus known as the Christ of the Ozarks—still stands and attracts visitors from across the country. A well-known anti-Semite, Smith had ties with an early Nazi group called the Silver Shirts. He was also instrumental in spreading racist religious doctrine through his trademark “hellfire and brimstone” sermons and political speeches in Arkansas and Louisiana.

      Although not directly associated with Smith, Christian Research Ministries, another Arkansas-based Christian Identity sect, is located in Eureka Springs. Its founder, Gerda Koch, a supporter of Senator Joe McCarthy, gained notoriety during the 1960s when she accused Arnold Rose, a University of Minnesota sociology professor, of having communist ties. Her accusations resulted in a widely publicized libel suit. Prior to her death in 1994, Koch passed the directorship of Christian Research Ministries to her assistant, Dan Gentry, a Christian Identity minister. One of the primary functions of the sect appears to be the sale of customized Bibles and Christian Identity books, pamphlets, and tapes.”

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    • The TE never lets pesky things like facts get in the way of spinning and sensationalizing a story.


  5. Eureka, Cal is making progress…the Confederate Flag in the window by the Blue Heroin Nhotell was taken down last year…by a rock I think.

    It had been there quite a while.

    Nothing says “Welcome To Eureka, Ca.’ like a Confederate Flag hanging in a window right on Broadway.

    And they want us to spend taxpayer money to improve the welcoming look of this place?


  6. I wonder if the postal worker will get written up. It’s against USPS rules to wear earbuds while delivering mail.


  7. Why are you showing an Arkansas flag and photo of Eureka Springs, AR — a place that is definitely NOT rascist — and talking about Eureka, CA?? You are giving the impression that Eureka Springs (a hole in the bible belt) is something it is not!!!


      • LGBT capital of the Ozarks, that’s very cool and they may well be vary race tolerant but going to the link you provided I didn’t see one single person of color.


      • I noticed the same thing HR. I also noticed that Osprey eye failed to mention how tolerant the city was toward people of color. LGBT, marijuana, Victorian houses, are great, but no mention of other widely oppressed groups. Might have just been a slip, but then again…


  8. and Arkansas was mentioned and a novelty/fantasy flag with “Arkansas” in the middle of it are part of this article BECAUSE??? This article was about that state where there are fruits, nuts and assorted vegetables everywhere CALIFORNIA.. If a place is not part of the story then it should NOT me made to appear as such..


    • I wouldn’t say everywhere in California. The nuts are mostly in government in Sacremento, and the fruits are concentrated in San Francisco.


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