The Crime wave “Tipping Point” is here, now

The Crime Wave has gotten so bad recently that The Humboldt Bay Fire Department fire 1has to wait for the Eureka Police to secure the scene for them so that they can begin fire suppression activities or life saving measures! When seconds count, cops may be minutes away and unable to make the scenes safe for Fire and Medical personnel.

This is a theme that we have been reporting on since we started this blog. Now it’s gotten so bad that the authorities who have been in denial, about how bad things have gotten, are being forced to publicly admit it. It was on this morning’s KINS Talkshop that Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Ken Woods made this startling revelation.

fire 4This sudden increase in violence caused Talkshop host Papstein to ask what the hell was going on here and then refer to a book “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference” by Malcolm Gladwell. Woods and Papstien agreed that Eureka was right on the edge of that kind of tipping point. Something we’ve been asserting here for awhile.

Let us break this down for you:

In accidents and health emergencies, minutes make the difference between life and death. So now, if Humboldt Bay Fire Department is delayed in responding because they have to wait for EPD to secure the scene, innocent people (ie. your friends and/or relatives) could succumb to their injuries before aid can be administered.

Then there is the spread of fire. If the initial attack is delayed then there is a real increase of it becoming uncontrollable. Wood’s spoke about a big increase in arson type fires being set as a type of assault on victims.

fire 3

We’ve been sounding the warning for some time now. The iceberg was seen, and the captains of the ship have kept going toward it. Is now the time when the Titanic (City of Eureka) hits the block of ice, sending the city down in flames? Or can the City Council, Manager and Citizens of Eureka take a sobering look at the tip of the iceberg and make a drastic turn away from disaster? We hope is the latter, but fear it’s the former.


11 thoughts on “The Crime wave “Tipping Point” is here, now

  1. I can’t blame the Fire Department. They signed up to help save lives and protect property, not face violent assaults or potentially being injured by people with weapons.

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  2. Wow, your really going for broke aren’t you!! Most of these incidents where police need to secure the scene is in homeless encampments so NO our friends and/or relatives are not in danger.


  3. This is low-quality, sensationalized nonsense that presents a circumstantial scenario as a universal department policy. Your articles lately have made even Hank Sims look like a real journalist.


    • I just followed the link and listened to the interview it’s in the first half of the show.
      It sure sounds to me like Woods is saying it’s policy.
      What’s interesting to me is your dissing the TE when all they did was talk about what was said. Sounds like your disagreement is with the Fire Chief.

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    • Huh? You must not live in West Eureka…It’s clear that things are out of control. I have seen brazen violence in my neighborhood, and it seems to be getting worse. Property crime…who cares anymore? Thefts are so common my neighbors and I don’t even call the cops. We just consider the losses another tax since we chose to live in “the Victorian Seaport”.

      The reported statistics are also getting worse, if you look at the numbers and not just the spin from the police chief.

      On top of that, last year broke records for homicides in Eureka and the county, and this year there’s plenty of carnage taking place on the rural areas yet again.

      If you think Eureka is a safe town, and that the TE is just sensationalizing things, then you must have your head buried deep, very deep, in the sand.

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  4. Listen to Chief Mills detail several items at Talkshop

    ..for better and worse. The worse part is listening to two right wing white guys yukking it up and repeating stupid crap, and guffaws: fk me I hate rw old white guy guffawing, just laugh like other humans please, thank you.

    One good thing was he said they are investing in training and hardware to prevent more shootings, bean bag round shotguns, new tasers (whatever was wrong with the old tasers wasn’t said..) and training to damp down incidents before they escalate…very necessary, and in it’s own way an admittance they needed to improve…as it didn’t sound like ‘going over the same old training again.’…btw.
    So that part sounds good, they are trying to improve..and how effective remains to be seen, and considering Linfoot now being a training officer I sure couldn’t say..

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  5. The tipping point arrives in Redding
    “The doctor who performed the autopsy also wrote that the level of methamphetamine in the victim could be toxic, even in an adult,” Poletski said.
    A search of the Internet shows that Brown posted a message on the gofundme Web site soliciting donations to pay for a headstone for her baby.
    In that appeal for funds, she said any money left over would be donated to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Foundation “to help prevent something happening like that to another family.”
    Investigators also learned Reed was supplying drugs to Brown and knew she was breast-feeding the child, officers said.
    A doctor autopsied the baby on Nov. 5, finding the child died from heroin and methamphetamine addiction and also showed signs of withdrawal, jaundice, dehydration and neglect, Poletski said.

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    • Wow! Poletski did well moving to Redding. He was promoted, after years of being a drug warrior. But does he remember his first hooker friend, who was also the friend of a local Cell Phone franchise owner which was recently sold?
      Poletski’s picture is on the wall of EPD as a hallowed hero…along the likes of Kevin Lawson. Lawson is now in the deep south. Lawson was never prosecuted for the crimes the DA’s office knew about.
      In fact, there’s a new council on board. Why doesn’t that council bring up the name of Kevin Lawson, and ask what the heck happened there…..

      Linda, Natalie, and Kim- Everyone with more than 10 years on at the PD knows what happened back then. They know the truth. Now is the time for victims to finally have some justice. Even if they were “just prostitutes”.


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