Apparently at Mill’s EPD they’re “killing to be promoted”

McClain shooter, Stephen Linfoot, is rewarded by Mills


Seven months ago, when the innocent young Tommy McClain was gunned down in his own front yard, the media, for the most part, gave EPD and Chief Mills a pass. Regular citizens were left horrified and bewildered. We at the Examiner began asking lots of questions. We got some surprising support and a few answers from inside the Department. We found out who the responsible line officer was and have been trying to hold him responsible. Then Mills stunned all of us by promoting that line officer “Sergeant Stephens” to Captain after his incompetent and negligent oversight of the killing of Tommy McClain. That decision is still mind boggling to say the least. It even upset some in local government.

However, Chief Mills thought he could quiet everyone down by having his kangaroo court shooting review board supposedly look at the shooting and call it justified. He continued to dodge the call by the public and the Examiner for a real citizen’s review board by suggesting that the council create a lame “advisory panel” that would report to him. In his propaganda blog, Mills called for a panel “to give oversight, support, and guidance to the Chief of Police for the purpose of improving transparency and fostering stronger relationships with the community.”

Those are great words, but they have no real meaning when you consider the source. Chief Mills is making changes in the department, changes that will have lasting effects for decades, potentially. Not only did Mills promote Stephens to Captain, Now he has promoted another officer involved in the killing………

Officer Linfoot. That’s right. The cop that actually shot Tommy multiple times. This Officer even shot him again even after Tommy was down and mortally wounded on the ground! This cop is now a Field Training Officer. We tried stay focused on the real culprit here, who is “Stephens”. But we can’t shy away for commenting on Mills decision to promote Linfoot to such an important and influential position.   This means new cops, fresh out of the Academy, will be trained by this thug. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise us if Captain Stephens was running the whole damn training program.cop middle figure

This shouldn’t happen in any modern police force. A cop promoted to training new officers in less than a year after fatally killing a hearing impaired young man just standing on his own property?!? A cop who is being sued for wrongful death, now sets the example to be set for new cops in Eureka. Stephens promotion was deplorable, this promotion is scandalous. People of moral conscience in this town, no matter what your politics are, need to question the actions of this Police Chief across the board.

Shame on you Chief Mills, and shame on the City Council that doesn’t demand the City Manger rein you in and create a true citizens review board.

WTF Natalie?


16 thoughts on “Apparently at Mill’s EPD they’re “killing to be promoted”

  1. What is the source for the fuzzy photo of the cop apparently giving someone the finger?


  2. And who is the officer in the fuzzy photo (^good pun credit to JT88^)?


  3. Good guess Tuluwat Examiner. Captain Stephens is running the FTO program. You guys sure do guess right an awful lot…………


  4. I have been waiting, patiently I would say, for Natalie to stand behind her progressive platform and become engaged. It hasn’t happened, and I am starting to regret voting for her. Albin, who’s politics are pretty opposite of mine, actually called out Mills in a few meetings. Natalie….never.

    Bergel seems not well informed and completely enamored by the Chief at meetings. Not much hope there.

    Linda finally seemed like her old self when speaking in favor of the MJ ordinance. But that’s the first time in a long time. As far as her feelings about Mills leadership, who the heck would know?

    Progressive majority is a label the media throws out a lot about this council. I’m not convinced.

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    • I only started watching City Council meetings again recently but I certainly haven’t seen from either Natalie or Kim what I though I would see after they were elected.


    • I’d have to agree. Natalie and Bergel have fallen far short of expectations in dealing with staff, including Chief Mills. Haven’t seen a firm stand on anything meaningfully progressive. Trails and signs are easy. Time to do what we elected you for in dealing with the police chief and the pension mess.


      • We’re finally going to get a Marijuana Dispensary, that’s something.


      • Ej-

        That’s kinda like like supporting medicinal alcohol 2 months before the end of alcohol prohibition. Not so much progressive as accepting the inevitable.

        “We’re finally going to get a Marijuana Dispensary, that’s something.”

        That is something, so you’re right. It’s the least they could do. I mean it. The LEAST they could do. Thanks council. In 20 months we might get a dispensary. Or, the state might move forward with regulation and this progressive step is…..moot.


    • Bergel’s campaign mailers advocated for licensing panhandlers.

      If this were a “progressive” city council, why would they allow the continuation of sending $100,000 each year to the second-richest club in town, (the Eureka Chamber) during “tough economic times”?

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  5. They can promote him and do all this for nothing but they couldn’t give you what you were begging for? and what most the town wanted for this family? He should be in jail, yes “cops are human too” which means if you kill you go to jail, or you die. There was no way this cop was defending himself in anyway, he and his backup were armed as tommy was not, bunch of bullshit lies being fed to save someones ass. Someone’s life was taken and your ONLY thinking of yourself… god will give you what you deserve. If it was your son or daughter the tables would turn, but who cares you know??

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  6. Wake up eureka your tax money is paying for there mistakes, funding the awards ceremonys etc. and most of the officers don’t even live in eureka so why do they care.

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