Andrew Mills: Cooking the Books and the misdirection side show

Le Avventure di Pinocchio: Eureka Police Andrew Mills

Le Avventure di Pinocchio = Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills

The amazing prevaricator of falsehoods Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills is now reporting that residential burglaries are currently at the lowest level since 2013 (according to his March statistics). In what was ostensibly an informational piece about how burglars operate, Mills sticks up his little selective graphic chart to put a positive spin on his tenure and to bolster his departments flagging public image. What’s our beef?

Because in December and January we were in the middle record breaking residential burglary spree!…….Come on Chief, you really thought you were gonna blow that by us?…… You release information after a seeming lull in the burglaries and take some credit for the illusion of a decline. The fact is you failed to warn people months ago when the burglary crime wave was peaking. Your response was to order your line officers to start only selectively taking reports, which of course frees up some officers, as you stated at the time, but it also skews the numbers so no one can make a meaningful comparison anymore.

We reported last July on the failure to take reports which became official department policy by the end of the year.

We’ve said it before, fellow community members; Chief Mills is the silver tongued Spin Master of subterfuge, with the apparent full support of our Eureka City Council.


9 thoughts on “Andrew Mills: Cooking the Books and the misdirection side show

  1. Good catch TE. I might have missed that little fact if you hadn’t pointed it out. But I guess that was Mills purpose anyway.


  2. If this guy spent half the time he wastes on PR and sucking up to the power elite, he might actually get something done


  3. ‘Taking a report’ and visiting the there a difference?…well, I’d bet there is.

    In summer 2013 it took being put off 5 times and a couple of days before an officer came and walked thru the scene with me and took some clothes he left behind (ick!).

    Don’t actually know if a report was filed that shows in statistics, but a visit may not be a report, and a report may be for ‘petty theft’ instead of residential burglary. We may not get to know that detail I’d guess.
    We have seen reports nationwide of murder statistics and the FBI numbers being jinked as well…I’d say Mill’s didn’t invent the spinning, he seems to be a pretty skilled PR person.


  4. Boy you people at the TE really have a hard on for the chief. Why don’t you spend some of your energy and time trying to help the situation. Constant bashing does no good but then again that is what the lefties do so well. Try to make everyone else look worse than you so you can crow. REALLY TACKY!!!


  5. It should read “he is cooking your goose” , not the books. I lived in a “GOOD” section of town for 22 years and the crime I had to deal with was never ending. My truck stolen, Garage broken into and $15,000 in working tools taken, guy with a 45 running through my yard, gang fight 4 doors down the street, psyco banging on my door at 3am, church down the street vandalized, my neighbors dog poisoned, kicking bums out of my bushes at night many, many times, meth dealer next door. The list is much longer, but you get the point. Oh yes, and regular shop lifting at my store as well as windows shot out or bricks thrown at two am. I had never lived in a city before with the depth of crime that Eureka has. When I was able to retire I moved to a community that has it’s act together. My blood pressure is much lower now. Don’t take my moving for lack of involvement. I was on three boards for many years that had direct potential to change Eureka for the better. I spoke my concerns to Council on a regular basis. However, Eureka is crippled by it’s problems. It is like many cities we see on CNN almost every day now. I wish you all the best of luck dealing with Eureka’s issues, but from my side of the fence you have a huge amount of weeds to pull, and a few hand tools is not going to do the job.


  6. Notice “been There Done That” doesn’t mention where he moved to. A few clicks and you’ll learn that crime is bad everywhere, always has been in Depressions.

    If you live in a poorer neighborhood, it’s worse.

    If you’re homeless, it’s worse still…

    When unaccountable bureaucrats don’t like the statistics, they change the way they’re gathered. Watch Eureka’s horrendous auto accident statistics improve once they stop sending officers when there’s no injury.

    It’s the same with under-reported sewer leaks leading up to the Martin Slough Interceptor fiasco.

    How many at-risk children are there in Eureka? Are the police counting every time they put a child in handcuffs, warehoused in Sempervirons, juvenile hall, solitary? For how long? Then what happens?

    (More self-loathing criminals, job security for a larger police force, and justification for police militarization).


  7. Ann0n. I now live about two miles from small town with a big rural population. Yes, there is crime here but so much less than in Eureka, where its surrounding unincorporated areas have much higher stats than where I am now. I spent a lot of time looking at the stats here before moving. Thank god for the internet, which I should have used before moving to Eureka. Live and learn. Also the government in Eureka seems unable to straighten out its problems. What is coming up now in Eureka is exactly the same issues that were being talked about for the twenty some years I lived there. Here services are addressed when need arises. We have a well staffed police dept, an Olympic outdoor pool , good senior housing, a well equipped playground which they are adding to right now, real neighborhood policing, a council that holds regular informational meetings for the public with real open debate. These meetings a well attended and are in addition to council meetings, no curbside garbage pickup but free dumping at the transfer station. It can be done with a will to do so.


  8. seems like a good place for this link to the story

    “Massachusetts police chief: We’re going to offer addicts treatment, not incarceration”

    I think this a good first step….it surely isn’t everything, but it is a big step for law enforcement to at least try this approach.

    I wonder if he will find support within the police department and related city officials, will he be set up and get fired, will there be an honest attempt at something so different.?


  9. The statistics for crime, health, services, traffic, sewage, et al, in Eureka are skewed due to the unincorporated areas. Nearly 60,000 are using Eureka for all their needs, not 28,000! (Pine Hill, Myrtle Town, Cutten, Humboldt hill, King Salmon, Samoa, Manila, Fair Haven.

    It’s impossible to judge/compare other areas based on cherry-picked attributes of a secret location.

    Generally, you have to live in a place for awhile (20 years? Are you kidding?) before its charm fades and you learn where the skeletons and toxic dumps are buried.


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