Where will the legal homeless camp end up? Probably just a few feet from where the largest illegal one is!!

Despite Arkley’s fever dreams of Trojan House homeless camp on his seriously polluted Balloon Track that’s not going to happen, nor will the City be able to use the two sites it owns, at least not without going through a very lengthy process.

far north end bayshore mall

According to a story by the Times-Standard, the property at the far north end of the Bayshore Mall parking lot is probably the only prospective site that’s zoning rules would allow a temporary legal homeless camp. From the Times-Standard:

“Referencing the four proposed sites’ relative locations to municipal coastal zoning maps available on the city’s website, only one site — the Bayshore Mall lot — has any indication that it could allow a temporary homeless encampment. Labeled as a Community Commercial zone and leased to the mall by the city, the lot site has a vague conditional use of allowing “temporary, short term uses.””

While the Bayshore Mall might not be happy with that use of land, the site actually makes some sense. Firstly, people are already camping in the area and have been for decades. Moving their belongings wouldn’t be such a burden and many of the more able bodied might help clean up the trash from the illegal camps that would be moved. Secondly, that portion of city owned property extends all the way to Vigo Street, which has an already existing walking trail. That would allow people to access the camp, using Vigo Street, from Broadway without interfering with the Mall property.

The City and Chief Mills have been speaking a lot about “rapid re-housing”. That’s a good idea, but where would that take place? What type of building wouldn’t engender the “Not in my neighborhood” type of response? We have and answer for that. Right on the corner of Vigo Street and Broadway! Many readers have seen the dilapidated building which has been “For Lease” for years and years. That building continues to degenerate, and remains empty. The City could use “eminent domain” to convert the building to public use. How convenient would it be to have housing within walking distance of the temporary campground, so that people could transition more smoothly.

cook building

Now we can already hear the cries from some people on the right and left, who would say that the City or County seizing this property and compensating the owner is unfair, and over reach of government, etc., etc. We’re not going into all the facets of “eminent domain”, but the government does have the right to to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation.

This particular property has been sitting for years, unimproved and has been a draw for trespassers. The owner of the property is a slumlord, and an all around despicable human. We can hear the cry “The Examiner hates the owner because he’s rich”. Wrong. It’s because it’s accused child molester Randy Cook. If you want to defend this fake “Christian”, alleged child molester, Ingomar Club Member, and all around slime ball, then go right ahead. But his being rich is not even on the list of why the Examiner doesn’t hold him in high standing. If you want more information about Cook, check out John Chiv’s blog:


Even though most of the time we would quibble with Mr. Chiv, we give a tip of the hat to him for being on top of the deviant Randy Cook stories. This is a hugely important tale for Eureka and Humboldt, and it’s been basically ignored by the “mainstream media”. Good job Chiv!


8 thoughts on “Where will the legal homeless camp end up? Probably just a few feet from where the largest illegal one is!!

  1. This makes me feel sick to my stomach.


  2. That would be a pretty convenient location for transitional housing, if the City/County could find the funds to purchase it. Interesting suggestions TE


  3. Thank you TE for always acknowledging the original source of a scoop whether it may be me or someone else.

    When I wrote about the last case, it went on for months. People said they contacted other media, no one covered it.

    It should be noted by others who criticize me without knowing me, that I exposed a rich long time local businessman, a supposed Christian and a Republican.

    Trust me, my being outspoken does have financial consquences.

    Thank you again TE for your post about this property.

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  4. Another long time dilapidated vacant property , doesn’t this qualify Mr Cook to be appointed to the planning commission ?


  5. Why not utilize the vacant city owned lots on Waterfront Dr., just west of the Warfinger building? They are already fenced and not too far from services for homeless, like the soup kitchen, food bank, and social services. If Eureka is going to spend $$ on a temporary campsite, why not spend the $$ improving these 2 lots? Then, the same lots can be turned over to Parks&Rec as a visitor campground, after the re-homing programs are started and the site is no longer needed as a homeless site. Eureka would get back the investment via overnight fees.


  6. It’s always appropriate to refer to our local corrupt local government.

    Thank you.

    If we had a progressive city council or supervisor majority, eminent domain would be on the table, as well as, plans to convert these blighted properties and flop houses into clean, safe modest apartments.

    This is the only proven solution that works.


  7. yeah, local pillar of the community molester give up the property as repentance of your sin. Mr. Good Christian. Randy Cook should be in prison.


  8. Why isn’t Randy Cook from Randy Cook properties in prison?


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