Has Eureka, as a community, become unlivable?

your nieghborhood

Our community

Nightly house shaking explosions.

Trashcans turned over and scavenged,

Tagging everywhere. Paint over it’s tagged again.

Random people trying to set up camp in your yard.

Random creeps breaking into out-buildings and moving in under houses.

Constant theft of lawn ornaments and plants from your yard.

Theft of hoses, rakes and other tools.

Car break-ins and vandalism.

Break-ins, burglaries and home invasions.

Open theft and trespassing at every local retail store, without consequences.

2 unsolved murders in the last 12 months.

Zombie like people wandering through your neighborhood at all hours of the night.

Your children unable to be left to play in your yard because you never know if some pervert is hiding in the bushes or behind the fence.

In Addition to all the criminals living in all of our deluxe slum lord housing here’s an eye opening example of what’s happening all around Eureka in every green belt, in every vacant lot. Remember this is only one small portion of one location. There are many, many, more.



18 thoughts on “Has Eureka, as a community, become unlivable?

  1. The community you describe is so unlike my daily experience I might as well be reading a dispatch form the moon. The sups are not considering annexing Cutten in the near future. They should. There are more people living in peace here locally than are living in the hellhole you describe.


    • Sounds like West Eureka to me. Take a drive down California Street from one end of town to the other.

      Not sure where you live, but I certainly relate with all of the above.


    • The Supes don’t consider annexation.LAFCO and the City Council do.


    • Watch the April 7 city council meeting where 2 community activists, both strong women, from West Eureka describe their lives. Their testimony will open your eyes. Parts of Eureka are, at this point, unlivable and even if you aren’t directly affected it does affect our entire community. Eureka is the county seat and we have the most medical services yet we’re the only city in the area losing population. Why do you suppose that is?

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  2. I want to sell and move my family but I can’t get my money out of this house without taking a major hit because of all this crime.


  3. It is not so easy to just get up and move when you have work here or a business to run. I think we need to find solutions to make this place better. It is truly a beautiful place to live, but some of the people make living here feel less safe.How can we as a community help?


  4. I live near Ft Humboldt, and nothing..nothing keeps the tweakers out of our yards and away from windows trying to see what they can steal. The junkies get creative too, like knocking on doors to tell you you left your car unlocked (yes that’s happened, and gee dude, how did you know that?). Kids being asked personal questions while playing in OUR OWN yards, and asking to borrow cell phones to make a call to their friend that isn’t answering the door (vacant house across the street–yes this has happened). I have to keep my trash and recycling inside as if I don’t it will be picked clean and trash left all over the yard. I have people pissing on my lawn. I have had drunk people climb my fence and try to steal a kids swingset that weighs several hundred pounds. I have any number of people with expensive cars creeping down streets with lights off at 3am. I have had people sleep on my porch. I have had people jiggle door handles and I see footprints in the back yard that aren’t mine. I have neighbors tweaking all night and starting fights in the alley and threatening other neighbors that just want to stay asleep. There would need to be a National Guard presence to get rid of all the garbage in our neighborhoods, which seems to be damn near everything west of J Street.


    • That is the neighbor where my husband grew up. I believe you. It is has change all around the county just not in every neighborhood. Driving up Harris Street today I saw tagging/graffiti. At Costco today I heard two people talking about people that were setting up camps/turf in residential neighborhoods across from the Bayshore Mall. I didn’t drive by to verify. But, wow!


  5. And to think…..Chief Mills did all of this in just 18 months.


  6. Eureka has always had its problems going way back to when I was growing up here in the fifties. This latest mess is the worst I’ve ever seen and it started really spinning out of control when the Brady Bunch council took office with their anti progressive agenda. Eureka was finally starting to come together to be a real community when they fired the Police Chief! They kept David Tyson on as manager and promoted Murl Harpham.
    Since then it’s been going straight to hell.


  7. Sad that you folks continue to complain, yet when a group planned to help make changes, you ridiculed the group until it folded.
    I’ve read old Tuluwat articles, since I was suspected of being “IT”, in order to understand why I was tagged. All I found is a blog community that flip-flops to both angles just to complain constantly; and never actually has anything positive to say.
    I’ll stay in Crescent City, where the people are more positive. Sad part, I work at the St. Joe’s, so I have to deal with your type daily. It’s a relief every time I cross the county line heading north.
    Good luck with your daily negativity campaigns; apparently they are working wonders to improve your community…..NOT!

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    • So, since I posted what you call a “negative comment”, I’m labelled as “AKA Eureka Citizen”? And, you edited out my true name?
      Wow! You folks must really be paranoid of this “Eureka Citizen” character!


      • Ha! If that was true then any rational person wouldn’t comment again on the blog!! However, you keep coming back for more and spinning your apparent lies. Thou “doth protest too much, methinks”.


  8. “Negativity campaign”?

    “In a world of deceit, the truth is revolutionary”, (Orwell).

    Like many communities today, Eureka is dominated by the deepest pockets and the people that are outside their comfort-zone are NEVER appointed to public offices and will be outspent in nearly every election. And yes, there are rare exceptions.

    The opposition’s complaints will NOT BE HEARD!

    This is why the majority do not vote, they know it’s a corrupt system that cannot be trusted.

    So, the informed complain.

    When complaints become a chorus, people begin to organize, when they begin to organize, their complaints will have an impact.

    It all begins with complaints without which people suffer in quiet desperation, exactly the way petty tyrants like “Eureka Citizen” like it.

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    • You’re absolutely correct. The “leaders” in HumCo don’t really care about the welfare of anyone but themselves. And they sincerely believe that its because they are the “good” deserving people and others are undeserving no account “bums” and “trash”.

      Their first priority is to stay in control, of public money and access to resources. Any project, plan, idea, or development that doesn’t keep them in control is rejected as being “unrealistic”.

      But they don’t have knowledge, skills, or ability to accurately assess viability of projects. So they support projects only if it leaves them in charge. Problem is, because many of those projects really are unrealistic, they never happen. And that’s why there’s economic stagnation.


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