Honey Oil’s not so sweet side

butane 2

With two “honey oil” operations exploding on the same day, we thought that now is a really good time to open the discussion regarding these clandestine and dangerous operations. The fact is, there is a lot of it going on in Humboldt. Not just in the “big cities”, but out in the countryside as well.

Why is this process so prevalent? Number one, it’s highly profitable. Nuff said. Number 2, this area has been inundated with folks showing up for the green rush. People from back east, the midwest, down south and even from foreign lands have flocked to the area to try and take a piece of the huge money pie. However, many of these folks aren’t very good at farming, and there’s a lot of inferior cannabis being produced by inexperienced and not very smart growers.

What is one to do when you can’t sell your product, even when it’s being produced in Humboldt? Just like the strip miners of the past in California, there’s always a way to turn a nice profit. The side effects are environmental destruction and dangerous conditions……but that can’t get in the way of profit folks!

These explosions happen every so often in the area, but we predict that they will become much more common. After all, with the “psuedo-legalization” going on there will be a huge market for edibles made with the honey oil extracted using butane. Cannabis profiteers know this, and they will produce what the public will pay for.

The only way for this ridiculous behavior to be lowered is to make it less profitable. So, when you’re buying cannabis products take a little time to research whether the producers are using the “best practices”. After all, cannabis may help relieve the pain your experiencing, but it can also make your pain seem meaningless in comparison to our local fish…..

butane 1


7 thoughts on “Honey Oil’s not so sweet side

  1. Great, another hidden environmental cost to the local “medicinal” industry. That oil shit was supposed to be “healthier”, nothing like more combustion to further your groovyness.


  2. How about the cigarette shoppe in the Arcata Uniontown Center next to Post Haste, which stores boxes of bulk butane cartridges right in the front. The Fire Chief was unconcerned, I wonder if the insurer would be so nonchalant?. If rodenticides and sudafed (meth) can be limited, why not bulk butane. After all, what else are they for? Maybe Sac can take a look? Seems the fire chiefs would support limiting bulk sales?

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    • What I don’t like besides people blowing themselves up and endangering everyone around them, is the improper disposal of butane canisters. Illegal dumping is not cool. And it is everywhere around here. Disgusting.

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  3. Do they have to use the little disposable canisters of butane instead of the larger refillable ones in the process?


    • You’re confusing butane with propane. Propane is widely uses and tanks are refillable. The small butane canisters are intended to fuel lighters. Somewhat larger butane containers are sold as fuel for portable stoves, they’re also disposable but not as available and have a different valve than the smaller ones.

      Bottom line, there’s lots of $$ to be made supplying illegal activities, And desire for those easy $$ results in political support for lax law enforcement and is the basis of how illegality corrupted the community.

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      • Thanks, Nan. Is there some reason propane can’t be used?

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      • PJ I don’t know enough about the chemistry of manufacturing pot concentrates to answer your question. It probably depends on whats necessary for THC to dissolve into a solvent. My guess is propane isn’t suitable for the process used by amateurs at home. If it were, it would be used because its lots cheaper.

        Maybe a skilled chemist could develop a process that uses propane and needs only simple homemade equipment. But the danger of fire and explosions would still exist.

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